Norse slot – Top slot with Norreni heroes real money

le migliori slot norrene sono disponibili in molti casino online, e potete giocarci per tentare di vincere il jackpot. leggete tutti i dettagli su queste Scandinavian theme slot classic, or with jackpot, and don’t forget to collect your Welcome Bonus!

In this blog post, we will also give you information about more popular norrei heroes and places, like Asgard, who inspired the Developer software when there was some slot machines for the Best online casino with slotnull Finally, you will find a list of online slot to the Norse themed, with reviews to some of these. You can go directly to the individual paragraphs thanks to the navigation bar below.

List of the top 10 Nordic theme slots

The different Nordic themed slot machines excel in different areas, which you can find in the following list. From Nordic slot with Alti RTP At the magnificent themes of Scandinavian adventures, we collected a variety of topics. Find the slot machine that seems better and try it!

  1. Asgardian Stones (best RTP percentage)
  2. Vikings Go Berzerk (best bonus Thevel and rewards)
  3. Thunderstruck 2 (excellent nordIc slot for volatIlIty)
  4. AOTG Norse King of Asgard (best Playtech software -based slot)
  5. Thunderstruck (top nordIc theme wIth dIvInIty)
  6. Viking’s Treasure (best scandInavIan adventure theme)
  7. Nordic Heroes (excellent epIsode lImIts)
  8. Viking Hoard (best choIce for hIgh roller players)
  9. North Storm (great functIonalIty free spIn)

How to know, Norse -themed slots are very popular Among the High Roller, but also among beginners. This makes this category one of the most played, talking about video slots, both in online and physical casinos. As you can see, there are many providers software that develop games of this type in continuation. They make them more and more innovative, with ever better features, so we have those who seem to us the most played titles. You can know more in the next paragraphs.

Famous Nordic slots

If you still don’t have a favorite Nordic themed slot, this paragraph is for you. Below you can find some of the more iconic Norreni themes, and a particularly famous slot for each category. Take a look at him, explore the functionality and gameplay of these games, and then you will only have to decide which Welcome Bonus is for you, in Best online casinos.

Theme between the Norse slots Slot Famosa
Nordic deities Thunderstruck 2 – Microgaming
❄️ Viking incursions Vikings Go Berzerk – Yggdrasil
Magic runes Asgardian Stones – NetEnt
️ Nordic adventures Nordic Heroes – IGT
Scandinavi Jackpot Age of the Gods Norse King of Asgard – Ash Gaming

Without a doubt, the Viking themed slot They are the most popular, and also the most numerous, among the Norse slots. You could also find online casino that have more than 50 Viking themed slots, looking for “viking” in the search bar of the related sites. On the other hand, you may find a limited number of Nordic slots with fixed or progressive jackpots.

Asgardian Stones

Instant Play

This is one of the best Nettend -plate videos, and although it was released in 2018, it is still on the growth of the wave today. It has a classic layout of 5 rollers and 3 lines, in which they appear Symbols relating to Nordic mythologynull With 3 Jolly and a special functionality, Asgardian Stones is undoubtedly one of the most iconic Norse slots. A small disadvantage is represented by the lower RTP, which stops at 96.31%, but you can remedy the thing thanks to the medium-low variance of the game.

Vikings Go Berzerk

Instant Play

This Norse -themed slot concerns The journey of an ancient Viking ship Through the seas, where sirens and other mythological creatures will keep you glued to the screen. Viking Go Berzerk is a very popular slot produced by Yggdrasilnull This provider software is one of the best known in modern graphics and very profitable functionality. The slot has a 5 × 4 layout, with only 25 payment lines, but the most important bonus understand the Treasure Chest and the free spin, Jolly symbols and a meter for the Ira Viking bonus.

Thunderstruck 2

Instant Play

The high variance of Thunderstruck 2 makes this slot very well known among the High Roller players. On the other hand, the low episode limits make it suitable also for beginners who don’t want to risk much. That’s why this online Norse slot is one of the most famous in the offer of the micro -like provider software. Thunderstruck 2 offers 243 payment lines and a classic 5 -roller layout and 3 lines, where most of the Special symbols are the Norse deitiesnull Of this slot by Microgaming You will also like the RTP that touches 97%.

Age of the Gods Norse King of Asgard

Ash Gaming created this video slot only a few years ago, and quickly became one of the most recognizable of the serious Aotg. The layout is a 6 × 4, and has only 50 payment lines. However, the symbols relate to the Norse mythology and the Nordic kings of Asgardnull So you will like it a lot, if you love the online Norse slots. The medium-low variance makes it adequate to any type of player. Among other things, there is also a progressive jackpot.


Instant Play

The original slot thunderstruck was created by microgaming and is, without a doubt, highly recommended when it comes to Norse slot machines. Has for symbols the Popular legends and Scandinavian deities, while the Old-School graphics and the animations add a touch of quality. Thunderstruck is quite simplified, and easy to play. As regards the bonuses and special features, you can expect JOLLY Multipliers and adjustable payment lines, as well as Free Spin.

Viking’s Treasure

Instant Play

Netten has developed another famous Nordic heroi slot with a 5 × 3 game area, and an Old-School design. The symbols on the rollers are, of course, dedicated to Heroes Norreni and the Miti Viking, while special features include free spin, modifiable multipliers and payment lines. As you can see, this is a slightly dated slot machine, but it is exactly what makes it easy to play, as well as the favorite of many bettors.

Nordic Heroes

This video slot Igt It will impress you for the wide variety of special features that are activated even when you start playing with the talented arms of Thora. The 5 × 3 standard game area of this Norse -themed slot offers only 30 fixed payment lines, and a series of bonus levels. The Battle Bonus entitles you to free spin, while the option to switch to Ragnar is another appreciable feature. The Sea of Glory level offers more attractive features than the basic game. With an RTP of 94.68%, Nordic Heroes has become one of the favorite slots by beginners.

Viking Hoard

Instant Play

Developed by Core Gaming, this video slot offers a simple storyline with Norse heroes, while the game area includes 6 rollers and 4 lines. Perhaps, the most interesting functionality is the large number of payment lines: 4096. Viking Hoard also offers free spin in the bonus level, while the base game is truly classic, and provides Jolly and Scatter symbols. The unique combination of high payout and high variance makes this core gaming slot The best choice for each high roller player.

North Storm

Instant Play

The latest game on our online Norse list was developed by Rabcat in 2019, and what makes it unique are the abstract symbols on the rollers. They seem to be connected to the mythology and Scandinavian legends about the frozen lands and the Nordic deities. The slot has 25 payment lines and a classic layout, while the great variety of betting adapts to perfection both to a high stake player and to a beginner. Apart from the standard symbols 10, J, Q and K, there are also the wolf, bronze, silver and gold amulets. These They are also the most profitable symbols.

Complete list of online Norse slots

At the end of our post, we would like to present you the complete list of Nordic themed slot machines that you can find in online casinos. We put all the types of Nordic themed slots. In the list we also included the software of each game. Incidentally, you can find everything, from the classic slots such as PAF Nordic Vikings, to newer titles, such as Asgardian Stones, of Netten. Therefore, If you are looking for Norse slot online, this list is for you!

  • vIkIngs – netent
  • vIkIng hoard – core gamIng
  • vIkIngs go berzerk – yggdrasIl
  • vIkIngs go wIld – yggdrasIl
  • vIkIngs go to hell – yggdrasIl
  • vIkIng’s treasure – netent
  • volatIle vIkIngs – relax gamIng
  • story of vIkIngs – spInomenal
  • vIkIngs fortune: hold and wIn – playson
  • vIkIngs and gods 2 – spInomenal
  • vIkIngs unleashed megaways – blueprInt
  • book of vIkIngs – pragmatIc play
  • vIkIngs and gods 2 15 lInes – spInomenal
  • nordIc vIkIngs – paf
  • nordIc summer – paf
  • thunderstruck 2 – mIcrogamIng
  • thunderstruck – mIcrogamIng
  • rIse of the vIkIngs – leander
  • the vIkIngs – endrophIna
  • vIkIngs – genesIs
  • scandInavIan babes – play’n go
  • scandInavIan hunks – play’n go
  • nordIc heroes – Igt
  • nordIc wIld – genII
  • nordIc spIrIt – wms
  • nordIc saga – dream tech
  • nordIc quest – multIshot
  • nordIc queen – fIve men games
  • nordIc gold – wIld streak gamIng
  • age of the gods norse kIng of asgard – ash gamIng
  • asgardIan stones – netent
  • age of the gods norse: book of dwarves – playtech orIgIns
  • age of the gods: norse – ways of thunder – playtech orIgIns
  • age of the gods norse gods and gIants – playtech orIgIns
  • norse queen – ct gamIng
  • norse fortune – probabIlIty gamIng
  • nersemen – mobIle
  • North Storm – Rabcat
  • northern delIght – merkur
  • northern sky – quIckspIn

Obviously, this Nordic slot list It may not be complete, since it is one of the most loved categories, in casino games. There are dozens of world -renowned software developers working in the field, and they could develop Norse slots that could easily enter our list. The most important thing to do is to choose the slot you prefer.

Best Norse Themed slot bonuses

If you haven’t started playing yet, you will have the privilege of being able to choose the Welcome Bonus. This is a bonus that entitles you to special benefits, so you can better enjoy the experience of Nordic heroes slots. Then, try to casino online that make available Very attractive welcome bonusnull You can discover the richest bonuses on our page relating to Best online casino bonusesnull You should also remember that some operators require a deposit when you record.

As you may have understood, these online casino with Norreni Hero Slot They offer really generous Welcome bonusnull These welcome bonuses could positively encourage your gaming experience, especially if you play for online slot machines for the first time. Once you get used to the gameplay and the basic rules of your favorite games, you may want to try the best real money slots. We talk about it in the next paragraph.

Top casino with Norse slots real money

A good online casino real money requires some requirements. For example, high storage limits, safe transactions, large episode limits for Norse -themed slot machines, and of course, a succulent Welcome Bonus. In our dedicated pages you can find only online casino with a combination of all these and other important criteria. So look for the best online casino with Nordic themed slots where you can play real money.

What you need to know, before playing your favorite Nordic heroes slot is that you will point real money. A good advice that we can give you is to explore the features, bonus levels, winning combinations and payment tables, before starting Playing real money on slotsnull When you feel ready to do the first deposit and start playing real money, make sure that your favorite payment method is available in the online casino you have chosen.

Nowadays, many casinos offer one Wide range of payments optionsnull However, often not all payment methods are valid for the purposes of the Welcome Bonus, so you always read the terms and conditions, before registering. This could happen even if the casino is on our list for the best bonuses.

FAQ on the Norse slots

In conclusion of our post, we will now answer some frequent questions that have been received by email. If we have left something on this page, or there are unclear topics, please us! Our team is always at your disposal.

1️⃣ What are the best Nordic themed slots?

If you are looking for recommendations, in List of the best Nordic slots We included the 9 Best Norse Themed slots in our opinion. Next to each name, we also inserted the reason why we considered these titles for the purposes of our ranking. Let us know if you agree with us, and what you would change.

2️⃣ Where can you play Norreni Hero Slot with a bonus?

You can find a small list of Bonus to be used on Norse slots, offered by some online casinos that we recommend. The common trait is that these operators They offer excellent Welcome Bonus to attract new players. Choose the one that best suits you and, if you want, register and take advantage of your favorite welcome bonus.

3️⃣ What are the best casinos to play Nordic slots for real money?

We have collected some best casinos where you can play at Norse slots for real moneynull These also offer very attractive Welcome bonuses, but require a deposit. In fact, you can play the best video slots with real money only after making the first deposit. So be careful of the payment methods offered by the operator, and choose the one you prefer. Remember that the best Nordic slots have Large episode limits and remunerative bonus levels.

4️⃣ What are the most famous Norse slots themes?

The Most popular Norse Themed slots they include Scandinavian divinities and ancient Viking locations, as well as Runes, runes and other Nordic adventuresnull You can find famous titles for each of these themes. Categories include Slot with classic jackpot, progressive jackpot and video slots.

5️⃣ How many online Norse slots exist?

In online casinos, you can find Dozen and dozen Nordic hero slotsnull You can find a fairly complete list in the paragraph relating to the List of all Nordic slots Available in online casinos. Between slot with classic and progressive jackpot and the brand new Viking themed slots, we inserted the most famous titles on the panorama.

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