All ADM Online Casino with 2023 Counate license

Here you will find all the ADM online casinos with a regular Italian license I recommend. In the following list I ordered i ADM casino sites for completeness and quality of the products offered: + + +

List of all more complete ADM online casino

  • 888casino
  • Starcare
  • Betnero
  • Unibet
  • Lattomatic
  • Leovec
  • Snai
  • Starvegas
  • Netbet
  • Bwin
  • cover
  • William Hill
  • eurobet
  • Sisal
  • Admiralbet
  • Mr Green
  • Casinò.com
  • Digital game
  • Betclic
  • betway
  • Want to win

ADM casino ranking

casino Adm License Regulatory body Strengths Safe link
License n. 15014
Top promotions, Numerose slot, Great live casino
License n. 15028
Excellent customer service, App mobile, So many blackjack
License n. 15215
Secure payments, VIP system, Many Provider software
License n. 15216
Screaming design, #1 loyalty program, Faya Ben Assortes
License n. 15011
Slot Park Room, World -renowned brand, Live sector provided
License n. 15228
Mobile compatibility, Top for payments, Top graphics
License n. 15411
Innovative casino, Elegant Design, Variety of games
License n. 15015
Brand multiprodotto, Guaranteed security, Very fast site
License n. 15230
Great for game show, Among the best known brand, Professional dealers
License n. 15016
Roulette among the best, app iOS e Android, Top of the range software
License n. 15231
Excellent Vip Club, Modern Games, Periodic promotions
License n. 15026
RTP alto, Many different products, Leader in the sector
License n. 15038
Top casino for fame, Full playground, Captivating layout
License n. 15155
100% Italian brand, Loyalty program, software Playtech
License n. 15096
Rebranding recente, Excelso live catalog, Varied bonuses
License n. 15024
Note, Payout alti, Games graphically top
License n. 15009
Integrated software, Special incentives, Sito user-friendly
License n. 15202
Among the best software, Exclusive Vip Club, Suitable for beginners
License n. 15243
Great graphic engine, VIP living room, Many slots with jackpot

What is and how the certification for online casino adm works

In the next paragraphs I will speak in depth of the so -called online casino ADM and the official institution in charge of issuing licenses for the best tricolor game portals. We will know this organization better in the subsequent paragraphs in which I will provide you with info on its history and where I will explain its own platform verification activities.

You will find out how to easily recognize an ADM casino by a legally not recognized Gambling platform. All this can only be useful to you when you have to Choose your favorite game home, given the number of online allylibrators currently present in the Italian circuit. Therefore, continue reading this information page!

Tests carried out on casinos

# 1 casino Adm 888casino
Top per PayPal Snai
Great bonus Leovec
▶️ Casinò live ADM betway
Best App Casino App eurobet
RTP alti Want to win
Top per roulette Unibet
#1 per the blackjack Digital game
New entry ADM Netbet

What features must an ADM online casino have to be safe and reliable? To know it, just know in detail the control activity carried out byCustoms and Monopoli agency, as we have seen. First of all, a clarification: you must know that our country is one of the most severe as regards the release of the legal concession.

The guidelines to which the allylibrators have to stick are in fact very rigorous and this can only allow us to sleep peacefully when we come across a game platform with regular concession. In the box below I summarized the main tasks reserved for the customs agency and monopolies relating to the control of casino applicants a license certificate or already assignee of the same.

As you can see by throwing a quick look, ADM deals specifically Check the RNG systems of random numbers generation And that of SSL encryption (Secure Sockets Layer) for the safety of financial transactions as well as regularly inspecting the game platform and the contract stipulated with the user. I add here, for completeness issues, the verification of the percentages of returning to the player (RTP) for single game.

The latter job is particularly important for all national online casinos: percentage rates of winning on recreational items in fact provide important media indications on the product, conditioning the choice of users in a particularly significant way. That’s why these data, exhibited on casino sites for transparency issues and very often calculated by external agencies, must be verified by an institution who makes himself the guarantor of their truthfulness.

  • RNG systemthe acronym rng stands for random number generator and is a fundamental requirement that every legal and safe game platform must possess. we can define it the founding characteristic of an online casino, as it ensures that the software is not made up or tampered with. for this reason adm, before legally authorizing a gambling house through the release of the concession, concerns the actual functioning of the random results on each individual product of the platform. if the numbers generator is characterized by an intact algorithm, the probability of winning the players are protected.
  • The Casino platformin addition to verifying the functioning of the adm game algorithms, it takes care of making a scrupulous check on the entire game platform. in this case, security tests are carried out to supervise any unauthorized access, to inspect the sensitive data transmitted on each individual play and to report any system malfunctions in its entirety. the latter is designed in order to allow adm also to check the results of games already carried out in order to manage any complaints from the user and once again guarantee the protection against any fraudulent activities of a casino.
  • The SSL systemequally important for each player is the correct functioning of the ssl system, an acronym that stands for secure sockets layer, an open protocol that regulates the encrypted exchange of information that occurs electronically. the verification of the adm of the web encryption used by a given casino is a fundamental point for users especially as regards the delicate area of financial transactions. when the control of the ssl system by adm is over, the safety of banking movements within a casino game platform are 100%guaranteed.
  • The game contractall online casinos that want to operate in full compliance with the rules in force in italian territory are subject to the drafting of a game contract with the user. this legal document, in addition to being made public directly on the website of a given casino, is always and in any case controlled by adm in order to verify any imperfections of the same or the rules contained in it that go against the dictates imposed by the italian state on gambling online. particular attention from adm, in this sense, receive the paragraphs dedicated to bonus and promotions regulations.

The license: an indispensable requirement

To avoid misunderstandings, I repeat it once again: to operate within our national territory and in full compliance with the regulations in force regarding the remote game, each operator must possess a valid license certificate Released by the Customs Agency and Monopolies. His concession, as we have seen in previous paragraphs, is subject to overcoming the necessary checks of the Casino platform by Adm.

  1. 500$ bonus
  • verIfIed adm casIno
  • Integrated software
  • mobIle compatIbIlIty

As regards already certified allybrabs, they must remain faithful to the security standards imposed by national legislation even after obtaining the aforementioned certificate, for this reason they are subject to regular checks also and above all in a phase following its obtaining. Only later can it be defined as sure.

How to recognize an ADM Casino

Distinguish Italian legal casinos From the casino without license ADM is not in fact difficult. Certified operators have in fact A series of clearly recognizable characteristicsnull Just know what these specific connotations are to easily realize if you face a libraker with the credentials or not. For this reason I will explain to you in the next paragraphs what you have to go to check on a platform that is of particular interest, before registering on it.

How to understand if a casino has an ADM license
A guide in a few steps to easily identify online casino adm.
Step 1
Open the casino homepage
Type the internet address of the casino website and wait for the page to load.
Step 2
Go to the bottom of the page
Scroll with the mouse wheel until you reach the end of the page (the so -called Footer).
Step 3
Search for the ADM logo
You should find the logo of the Customs and Monopolies Agency, which must be clickable.
Step 4
Check the license number
In addition to the logo, the concession number must also be indicated, made up of 5 digits.
Step 5
It’s done: you can play!
Once all the previous steps have been made, you just have to start playing.

In this way you can protect yourself from all unregulated online casinos that offer games not adhering to safety standards o prohibitive bonus conditions to the limit of legality. The following information is therefore particularly important for your game business. I recommend everyone to continue reading and especially to all those who, approaching only now to the fabulous world of Gambling, necessarily sin of inexperience.

Find the license number on the casino

If the Casino ADM license is the fundamental requirement of each legally recognized platform, it is easily understood that it is ithe first attribute to go looking for on a game site. It is certainly not a treasure hunt: each operator is in fact required by law to show the number of its concession directly on the homepage next to the certification ADM logo.

In most cases it Find Spazio on the Footer of the Home, together with the identification brands of the main payment systems available on the platform and those of the bodies in charge of the safety checks of the same.

Check the list of reliable operators on the ADM website

Clearly the mere fact of finding a number of concession and the logo of the Customs and Monopoli agency it cannot be totally indicative regarding the integrity of the selected platform. In fact, the experience has taught me that sometimes they can find fraudulently space on the web pages of non -legal casinos, which thus try to cheat and grab customs.

For this reason, the State Monopolies have developed a sort of internal engine on their site that allows you to Enter the operator name on the search field In order to check if it is included in the list of legitimate online casino casino. In the following box you can observe the simple steps to be implemented to take this further and very important control procedure.

Other ways to understand if a casino is reliable

The methods that I have previously described to you to verify the integrity of a game platform, do not exhaust the ranks of precautions that you can take before registering at any casino. A more careful eye can in fact recognize the presence of any partnerships with associations for promoting the Responsible game come ““O di Ludopathy contrast programs Elaborated and promoted directly by the casino in question (“Play the right”, “Play responsibly”).

In addition to this, the presence on the website of Collaborations with famous financial institutions able to offer users payment systems such as Paypal, Skrill o Postepay They can be further indicators of the integrity of the gambling house. In the last instance, any sponsorship agreements of the Adm casino in question with football teams or famous sports teams must be evaluated as highly positive signals.

The list of all the most complete online casino

Now that you should have the clearest ideas about what an ADM casino is and how to recognize it, I thought it was a good idea to offer you a list that would understand all the online casino that received approval from the agency Customs and monopolies. As you can see, the choice is quite large and varied. Opt for the game room you prefer, aware that playing on these operators, the risks are zero. Here All ADM casino recommended at the moment:

  • 888casIno
  • Starcare
  • Betnero
  • unIbet
  • lattomatIc
  • Theovec
  • snaI
  • Starvegas
  • Netbet
  • bwIn
  • cover
  • wIllIam hIll
  • Eurobet
  • sIsal
  • admIralbet
  • Mr Green
  • dIgItal game
  • betclIc
  • Betway
  • want to wIn

The story of ADM in summary

The Customs and Monopoli agency (at the time of the State Monopolies) was created at the end of 1927 through the decree-law n.2258null Originally and until the late eighties, its function was to operate the import monopoly, sale and production of salts and tobacco. In 1988 the foundations were laid for the definitive transformation of this institution: in the same year ADM acquired the control of the national lotteries, six years after the management of the lot and all the struggles of an instantaneous nature, up to the administration of the bingo at the dawn of the New millennium.

Between 2001 and 2002 he was then entrusted to him the coordination of the most recent types of game that constitute the variety of the current portfolio under management. We have already seen, moreover, what are the main tasks of him in the field of gamble, I limit myself here to repeat the ultimate goal to which he tends to be the incessant activity of him: to guarantee our national players A legal game atmosphere, regulated and in step with the times.

Conclusions: always play on a certified casino

Reached the end of this information page concerning the ADM online casinos and the control and regulatory regulation activity that the agency applies on all Italian online casinos and on Online Slot sites with real money, I can’t help but recommend you to Follow all the instructions that I previously provided you in order to avoid fraud or unpleasant situations.

  1. 500$ bonus
  • many lIve games
  • perIodIc promotIons
  • Impeccable graphIcs

In principle, what I am again recommending to you is of Specifically check the license on the operator’s website that you have chosen and to check directly on the website of the Customs Agency and Monopoli the presence of the same casino within the list that includes legally registered operators. In short, before making any registration, be sure to choose only and exclusively ADM casino and then, of course, always play responsibly.


We have reached the end of this in -depth analysis on the ADM casinos, but the time has not yet come to greet us. First, let me summarize the most important concepts here, taking advantage of the answers to more frequent questions on the topics I have dealt with.

❓ How do you recognize an ADM online casino?

To recognize an ADM online casino, the first thing to do is Make sure there is the license, that is, the logo of the Customs and Monopolies Agency. This is only the first, and more important, among the various distinctive characteristics which I also summarized in a comfortable mirror that can be easily consulted.

What is the ADM license?

The ADM license It is the system conceived by the Customs and Monopolies Agency for distinguish legitimate casinos From those who, however, do not have the requirements to make legally in the Italian territory. If you come across an unparalleled casino, go further: the risks are really too many, even from a criminal point of view.

What is and what is the Customs and Monopolies Agency?

The ADM, previously known as Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies (AAMS), it’s a organ founded in 1927null For over 60 years, its focus has been on the import monopoly, sale and production of tobacco and salts, then becoming the reference point in the lotterial sector in 1988. At the beginning of the new millennium, the body began to deal with the most modern games.

How are casino checked?

The ADM makes a series of periodic tests who have as their purpose to make sure that the game rooms continue to respect quality and safety standardsnull For example, the ADM controls RNG (Random Number Generator) software, i.e. the tools that are used to make sure that the results of the games are completely random.

Where do I find all the ADM online casinos?

The virtual gambling hall market in USA is very large, but if you are interested in playing in the Adm Casino, I prepared a List of operators with licensenull You can choose according to your needs, knowing well that you will find only controlled and legitimate environmentsnull You can sleep the proverbial sounds quiet.

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