An introduction to the history of online Gambling

On this page I will find carefully the fundamental stages in the history of online Gambling, starting from the advent of the network and that global network that has forever revolutionized our lives by introducing new forms of entertainment and new business models. In the next paragraphs I will tell you in depth of the first casino on the net, international poker platforms and innovation represented by online betting to focus later on the evolutionary stages of the Italian market, up to the present day. If you continue reading, you will really discover many curious events and you can get to know very interesting information that will lead you to have a more complete picture of the current scenario. Are you true fans? So don’t miss what I’m about to tell you.

Do you know the number of casino and bookmakers who exist today in circulation in USA and abroad? Certainly they were not born from nothing. Knowing the history of online casino and bookmakers will help you know how to recognize the operators who really deserve your trust as well as allowing you to understand why the gambling on the net is now so widespread and popular. From my point of view, I consider that each player – from the beginner to the professional – must be informed about the events that led the gambling to become this immense and florid industry today. That’s why I decided to write an in -depth analysis on this portal!

Online casino: the history of Gambling seen closely

The most important event for the history of online Gambling was certainly the “Free Trade & Processing Act”, a law approved in 1994 in Antigua and in the Barbados which in fact regulated the gambling for the first time in net. In a nutshell, the introduction of this legislative directive allowed the Caribbean nation, first of all, to grant national licenses to each company that intended to start an online casino. In the same year, another fundamental story was the birth of microgaming, the first software dedicated exclusively to casino on the net.

This innovative software platform was the structure of the first real online casino in the world, “The Gaming Club” for the other to date still active on the market, as indeed the same microgaming, current giant of the casino software as well as the supplier of the best recreational catalogs present on the web national and international. Of course, over the years numerous and performing competitors have successfully inserted in this scenario, but it certainly cannot be denying that he was the real pioneer of this business and the lighthouse that guided the Gambling online at his own current developments.

Curiositá #1 The Gaming Club was the first online casino

In 1995, another important actor made his appearance in the world of online azardous: Cryptologic, a computer company capable of processing a cryptic protocol for virtual financial transactions, used for the first time on Intecarcasminò in 1996. The introduction of This encrypted network code at the dawn of the Internet era has certainly constituted an important evolutionary stage of the World Wide Web. Another revolution in practice, which has forever modified the functioning and safety of virtual money transactions.

The spread of casino sites in the world

The history of online Gambling continues quickly. Shortly after the launch of the first casino, given the popularity suffered by the latter, numerous entrepreneurial groups took the field and the sector became extremely competitive in a short time. Each operator tried to stand out from the mass through his own specific corporate strategy, but in most cases to make the difference between the different platforms was the policy adopted by the operators in the bonus field. A wild competition that led several gaming houses to elaborate very attractive and convenient promotional plans for players.

This fierce competition between casino and casino was a harbinger of further positive consequences. The quality of the games and software underwent a very quick evolution, several new functions such as multiplayer were introduced into the games and products such as themed video games with progressive jackpots spread inside this scenario. These last machines gave the definitive boost to Gambling online, thanks to the success they rewritten a few months after their market launch.

The most recent developments of the international market

Going less back in time until we reach the present day, we can list as more or less recent and interesting news of the market, the introduction of games with live croupier and gaming platforms optimized for mobile devices. The launch in the market of Real -time tables with dealer It was possible thanks to the advent and development of streaming technology. Although in the beginning the qualitative level of the audio-video transmission was actually low, the current value achieved by platforms such as Playtech and Evolution Gaming certainly does not regret our best land casinos and this explains the success of these products, more and more popular respect to simple games RNG.

On the other hand, the rise of mobile devices led casino to invest their economic resources in the development of apps for tablets and dedicated smartphones (and adapted to different operating systems) and in the optimization of the game catalogs at the small size of the screens. Also in this field, after a short phase of settlement, a really interesting quality was reached. Today, in fact, the mobile game is widespread and the assortment of casino titles for increasing and tempting portable devices.

The introduction of online betting

The origins of online betting are subsequent to those of casino. The introduction of sports betting on the network was in fact occurred in 1996. The first website that made the Betting available to the public was Interops and from that moment on, as already happened in the Gambling sector, the market is become highly competitive. Numerous bookmakers took the field by offering excellent bonus offers, excellent shares, free bets and further tributes with the aim of grabbing more and more customers.

The real boom in this sector, statistics in hand, however, is recorded at the beginning of the new millennium. In 2002 several online bookmakers introduce live betting on the market, thus giving their customers the opportunity to aim during sporting events. This novelty is to be considered as a further revolution that has definitively decreed the overwhelming superiority of online betting on the traditional ones offered by the lifts of land. The latter still exist today, but it is certainly not possible to deny that their popularity has been in a certain sense reduced by the flourishing market for betting on the net.

Online poker: chronicle of a success

Curiositá #2The first platform with live Croupier was launched by the Playtech

In addition to casino and online bets, the late nineties was a harbinger of the birth of poker rooms on the net. The history of online poker starts in 1998 with the introduction into the Planet Poker market. Being the dawn of the World Wide Web, the low speed of data transmission (for those who do not remember it, we are talking about the notorious 56k era) this poker room did not always work perfectly. The game was often interrupted by technical problems and was sometimes quite difficult to reach the same poker room for days and days. In the following years, fortunately, several competitors appeared on the market that led to a decisive leap forward in the sector.

The first real competitor of Planet Poker, capable of definitively supplanted it, was Paradise Poker, launched on the market in 1999 already equipped with different variations of the game such as “Texas Hold’em”, “Seven-Card Stud”, “Five-Card Draw “,” Omaha Hi/Lo “and” 2-7 Triple Draw “. The variety of its offer truly attracted an impressive number of players and allowed him to acquire a truly impressive popularity for the time.

However, the event decisive in decreasing a real boom in the sector was undoubtedly the victory of a certain Chris Moneymaker at the World Series of Poker in 2003. This lucky and talented poker player managed to win the incredible figure of 2 , 5 million dollars thus influencing an impressive number of players in search of the same success.

History of online casinos in USA

The history of online casino in USA is certainly more recent and begins in 2011 with the first real legalization of online gambling under the Berlusconi government (the so -called “August 15th decree”). Think that in the six months following this legislative turning point, 5 billion euros were billed, although the licenses had been granted to betting sites and online casinos limited to board games and lotteries and not real money slot sitesnull The market operators therefore had to wait a year to have the opportunity to introduce the slots inside their game platforms, although the bar roller machines had long been legal for a long time in our country.

In the following years, this legalization process led to the spread of many online casinos. Several operators active in the lotteries sector took the field (think of Lattomatic, Snai e Sisal) and above all the Italian market has been invaded by international alibrators who have decided to develop their business on our territory by creating ad hoc platforms for exclusive use of our national players. In this sense, it is possible to mention dealers such as betway, bidder, Unibet e 888casino, just to name names. In all these cases of casino highly certified casinos to operate in USA through the concession issued by ADM.

At the same time, the leading Italian Aliberals arose who placed really interesting and quite competitive platforms on the market of the game catalogs. A name of all that I cannot do without here to mention is that of the great gambling house that you can read in ours Starcasino review, currently one of the Best Italian casinos from all points of view.

The future scenario of Gambling

Online casinos are nowadays more and more popular, thanks to an interesting development of technologies that has allowed the production of recreational items that do not let the dear old physical casinos regret. The safety of financial transactions on the net has equally improved and several fans, once wary, have finally decided to get involved and try the best legal platforms of the current scenario. In the next paragraphs, at the conclusion of this interesting page, I will specifically face the future developments of the industry by analyzing the potential of our market and the international one in two distinct blocks of text to facilitate your understanding.

How will Gambling evolve in USA?

Despite having started clearly from the other European markets, for mere legislative issues, the current Gambling business in our country has quickly recovered land towards the other long -lived international markets. The game platforms have adapted qualitatively to the innovations of the contemporaneity in a decidedly short period of time, nevertheless there are still different allybrators in slight technological delay that do not offer important services such as live tables or dedicated apps for portable devices. However, it is assumed that this gap will be filled soon in a definitive way. Just the recent seasons have recorded huge rates of increase in profits in our area, placing the Italian Gambling market in second position as regards turnover. Of course, the European market is still dominated by the United Kingdom, but there is little to be surprised: the legalization of casinos in the UK has in fact occurred in 2001, 10 years earlier the Italian legislative decree.

The future of Gambling in the rest of the world

After talking about the future developments of the business in USA, I am going to the latter paragraph to speak more generally about the progress that online gambling will be able to do in the coming years thanks to new technologies. In fact, the advent of increasingly sophisticated technical instruments and the experimentation of virtual reality and augmented reality in numerous areas, suggests the application of such technologies also in this sector. If this should happen, we should therefore prepare for a new revolution and a scenario that will be characterized by increasingly engaging games and increasingly immersive platforms. In short, according to actually plausible predictions, the distance between a real casino and a virtual casino will be shortened even more and this will be without a shadow of a doubt a further benefit for all fans of this fascinating world.

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