The best high stakes casino for high roller and vip players – the top of 2023

I searched, tested and analyzed for you The best Italian High Stakes casinos as payment. To start playing with high episode limits, choose one of the casino sites for high roller below: + + +

The best casino for High Rollerin Italia

  1.  Starcasino✪ (the best high roller casino ever)
  2.  Snai✪ (the top for High Stakes Gambling also from Mobile)
  3. William Hill ✪ (High Stakes Slot at the highest level)
  4.  888Casino ✪ (the top casino at the top for promotions) 
  5.  Levegas✪ (High Roller casino perfect also live) 
  6. Unibet ✪ (Single selection of slot at high limits) 
  7.  Eurobet✪ (the best for live games without limits) 
  8.  Netbet ✪ (excellent bonuses for high roller players) 
  9.  BETWAAY✪ (abundance of Blackjack High Stakes tables) 
  10.  Digital Game✪ (the best for Roulette High Stakes) 

ITopcasino High rolleronlineitaliani dell’2022

High Rollercasino bonus Max episode. Assessment
Starcare  100 free spin + cashback 200$ + 200 free spin 5.000$ 4.80
Snai $ 1,000+ 10 $ no deposit 1.000$ 4.70
888casino 500 $ on the first deposit 2.000$ 4.65
William Hill  1,000 $ first deposit 5.000$ 4.60
Leovec 1.000$ + 225 free spin 5.000$ 4.60
Unibet 500 $ on the first deposit 2.000$ 4.60
eurobet Up to $ 1,000 on the first deposit + $ 10 immediately 5.000$ 4.55
Netbet 200$ + 100 free spin 2.000$ 4.55
betway $ 300 on the first three deposits 2.000$ 4.50 
Digital game  500 $ on the first deposit 5.000$ 4.50

High Stakes casino: the top casino high roller aams of August2022

casino High Stakes High roller bonus Max episode. roulette Max scope. blackjack Puntata max. slot Assessment Safe link
Up to $ 200+ 200 free spin 5.000$ 300$ 300$
4.80 ★ are 5.00
1.000$ + 10 $ Without deposit 1.000$ 5.000$ 1.000$
4.70 ★ are 5.00
500$ on the first deposit 2.000$ 2.000$ 300$
4.65 ★ are 5.00
1.000$e 200 free spin 5.000$ 5.000$ 2.000$
4.60 ★ are 5.00
1.000$ + 225 Free spin 5.000$ 2.000$ 2.000$
4.60 ★ are 5.00
500$ on the first deposit 2.000$ 2.000$ 300$
4.60 ★ are 5.00
200$ on the first deposit 5.000$ 2.000$ 300$
4.55 ★ are 5.00
1.015$ + 30 free spin 2.000$ 2.000$ 2.000$
4.55 ★ are 5.00
300$ 3 bonus package 2.000$ 1.000$ 300$
4.50 ★ are 5.00
500$ + 350 Free spin 5.000$ 5.000$ 300$
4.50 ★ are 5.00

If unlike the Best Low Roller casino We want to practice a game activity at most and if the intent is to bet high figures on casino articles, there are actually several aspects to know. In addition to the betting limits for each individual product in the portfolio, those of sampling and charging are also to be evaluated, The presence of any commissions for transactions telematic, the elaboration times of the latter and the availability of games for high roller on mobile devices.

The best online casino high stakes per category

Best High Stakes casino Starcare
Migliori Slot High Stakes William Hill
Best High Stakes roulette Digital game
️ Best Blackjack High Stakes casino betway
Best High Roller Live casino Leovec
Best High Roller Mobile casino Snai

In the next paragraphs I will address all the issues that I have previously announced to you from games with high episode limits, which will be divided by categories and types: from slot machines to different board games, to live products. I will suggest you specifically how to behave and How to place games with high amounts in the safest way possible. Don’t miss what I’m about to tell you!

High Stakes games for episodes with high limits

The beauty of playing on a casino is to be able to focus as much as you want. In this sense, several gaming houses offer episode limits so high that they are adapted to very different types of players as regards the practice and strategy. Often the same casino applies different policies depending on the game taken into consideration, for example offering products Online Slot real money With high episode limits and roulette tables that instead do not allow to place high games. In subsequent paragraphs I will offer you an overview of the best products on online casinos where it is possible to focus quite important sums.

Slot with high episode limits

Slot machines are Among the favorite games of our compatriot Gambler, this is a fact that are ascertained and consolidated by the statistics of recent years. In the High Stakes casinos that I selected for you there are numerous roller machines that allow you to aim for the maximum.

The most popular High Stakes slots
35slot per high roller
Choose them for:

Among the most interesting high stakes slots it must be mentioned for example the beautiful Neon Reels, produced by Isoftbet for Starcasino and which allows A maximum episode for Spin equal to 250 $null It must be said, among other things, that it is a simple but with progressive jackpot. In fact, the latter further stimulate our players as they allow you to win truly stratospheric sums. Some names? Always on Starcasin the famous Lucky Leprechaun, not to mention Great Blue, in the catalog on the William Hill casino website and the famous Top Gun, also present in the playful proposal of the British operator.

High stakes roulette

Roulette games with high episode limits on the Italian regulated market, if compared to those of international allylibrators, are slightly less unscrupulous. However, they also exist in our parts of the most adventurous products that are able to satisfy the appetites of so -called High Roller users. We are still talking about conventional tables, or operated by the automatic software of the site And not of live games with Croupier in flesh and blood: we will deal with those later within this page.

The Italian High Stakes Roulette table that I have chosen for you is the one called “American roulette” that you will find on the Starcasino portal: in it It is possible to place up to $ 5,000, a truly competitive figure, if you compare it on a general level to the maximum amounts allowed on the green rugs of national game homes. In addition, the graphic and technical quality of the game is excellent, so the advice is certainly to make us a jump.

High stakes blackjack

Another great casino classic very popular by the Italian public is the Blackjack online real moneynull There are many fans, but They are not as many conventional tables where it is possible to place bets with several zeros offered to Italian Gambler. As usual, even in this case I took the briga to patrol the Safe online casino, looking for a product that can meet these requirements.

After a careful observation of the different catalogs I found the high stakes blackjack top on the game carnet of our dear Snai: a “black surrender” which in addition to passionate about it with its particular regulation, allows us to point sums up to $ 5,000null An amount that compared to what can be placed on foreign sites is probably low, but that in principle I think it can also satisfy Italian VIP players.

New casino for Italian High Roller

In this guide I am dealing with the best online high roller casinos on the Italian market. I remember that even among the New online casinos We can find particularly suitable for “strong” players. Many users prefer to stay on known platforms, fearful to have little familiarity with the new operators or not to feel “at home”.

New High Roller casinos bonus All the games Mobile games Maximum episodes Safe link
100 free spin + cashback 200$ + up to 200 rpm for free 800+ 300+
  • Roulette:5.000$
  • Blackjack:300$
  • Slot:300$
As far as500$ + 20 $ Registration 500+ 200+
  • Roulette:2.000$
  • Blackjack:2.000$
  • Slot:300$
As far as 1.000$ + 225 Free spin 700+ 400+
  • Roulette:5.000$
  • Blackjack:2.000$
  • Slot:2.000$

However, I can assure you that, by choosing one of the most recent operators on the Italian market, you will find yourself in front of a pleasant surprise. As long as you only choose only operators in possession of a regular AAMS license (today ADM), you can play on the highest quality platforms. As with the new online casino in the table above.

Live High Stakes casino: tables and limits

The speech certainly becomes different when we talk about Live Stakes Live Casino. Live online play platforms on Italian territory In fact, they offer a series of different products by type with maximum placed on average higher than those that can be found in the same products in conventional version.

Casinò live high roller High stakes bonus Max episode. Live Roulette Puntata max. live blackjack Tavoli high stakes Assessment Safe link
As far as 500$ + 20 $ Registration 200.000$ 1.000$ 99
4.95 ★ are 5
As far as 500$ on the first deposit 10.000$ 5.000$ 45
4.85 ★ are 5
As far as 300$ on the first three deposits 10.000$ 5.000$ 10
4.80 ★ are 5
10 $ immediately + up to 1.000$ e 200 free spin 20.000$ 10.000$ 15
4.75 ★ are 5
As far as 1.000$ + 10 $ now 5.000$ 2.000$ 70
4.70 ★ are 5

From my point of view, all this has a motivation in a certain sense caution in favor of users as aiming thousands and thousands of euros against an algorithm is certainly not the same as you do if you have a croupier in flesh and blood. The human factor represented by the Mazziere obviously provides each player a feeling of credibility greater than that of a machine, although all the automatic games of our ADM casinos are regularly tested by external verification associations.

Returning to the main topic of this paragraph, some live products with high episode limits present on ours are led casino with real money: I would like to point out the “Classic roulette the partage” of Starcasino that allows you to bet up to $ 75,000, while Snai’s “Blackjack Unlimited” of Snai does not go beyond the threshold of $ 2,000.

Further real -time games are available on casino for high roller that I selected for you. Among them deserve a mention on the “Baccarat Control Squeeze” by 888Casino with its 1,000 $ of maximum episode, as well as the little widespread but not for this less exciting “Banco Punto” and the “Caribbean Stud” of Starcasino, both with a maximum episode certainly not explosive but still interesting for those who want to risk more in every game session.

Casinò mobile high stakes

With the spread of portable appliances and the consequent optimization of games, increasingly adapted to the small size of the screens of smartphones and tablets, you can have the pleasure of pointing large sums even if you are not at home. In principle, Not all gaming houses allow high roller to find bread for their teeth also on portable devices.

The apps developed by the Mobile High Stakes casinos that I selected for you are certainly very performing in this regard. They contemplate a large number of games and above all The products with live Croupier do not exclude from the catalog Which, as we have seen, are notoriously those who allow the high roller greater freedom of movement in terms of high episodes.

Casino bonus for High Roller and other VIP privileges

If it is true that compared to land casinos, playing online is convenient for the presence of welcome bonuses absent in the physical gaming halls of our territory, it is equally true that High Roller players have even more chances to win rich prizes and VIP concessionsnull The promo loyalty of casino, which serve to maintain and pamper users who play more constancy on their platform are a clear example of effective convenience inextricably linked to a game activity characterized by high betting volumes.

I had already mentioned it in the Page dedicated to Italian casino bonuses: The more you put on the table, the more it is possible to take advantage of the confidential privileges that the house offers. An example in this sense is offered to us once again by the excellent Starcasino and its Vip Club. The latter offers its most prestigious players a series of advantages ranging from bonuses to specific VIP promotions, up to the invitation to events and special evenings and todedicated assistance of a personal account manager.

Deposit and withdrawal limits for those who love high stakes gambling

A further aspect to consider when playing with real money and put on the table large sums of money, it is the carnet of financial methods that each ADM Casinò offers. To be more precise, it is the good to be evaluated Financial transactions safetynull Italian casinos reassure us, having narrowly important partnerships with the major national and international institutions that take care of managing money movements. By taking a look at the internal bank of your favorite online casinos you will not be able to do without classics such as Visa and Mastercard, but also the innovative e-wallet Paypal, Neteller, Skrill and prepaid them like Paysafecard.

casino High Stakes Deposits with Visa Deposits with paypal Deposits with Neteller Deposits with postepay
10$ – 2.000$ 10$ – 2.000$ 10$ – 2.000$ 10$ – 2.000$
15$ – 1.250$ 15$ – 1.250$ Unavailable 15$ – 1.250$
10$ – n.d. 10$ – n.d. 10$ – n.d. 10$ – n.d.
10$ – 99.000$ 10$ – 8.000$ 10$ – 30.000$ 5$ – 99.000$
10$ – 5.000$ 10$ – 10.000$ 10$ – 10.000$ 10$ – 5.000$
10$ – 13.000$ 10$ – 10.000$ 10$ – 13.000$ 10$ – 13.000$
10$ – 1.000$ 10$ – 1.000$ 10$ – 1.000$ 10$ – 1.000$
10$ – n.d. 10$ – n.d. 10$ – n.d. 10$ – n.d.
10$ – n.d. 10$ – n.d. 10$ – n.d. Unavailable
5$ – 1.000$ 10$ – 500$ 10$ – 1.000$ 10$ – 70.000$

To be taken into consideration, when choosing a particular payment method, are the speed of transactions and the possibility of Make top -ups with high sums of money or to withdraw large winnings, if we look at everything from a high roller perspective. By consulting the table at the top you can learn about the maximum storage limits on the casino that I recommended on this page. These values are obviously to be taken with springs. In fact, I have already mentioned that the VIP players of a given platform can benefit from a special treatment: well, among the privileges there is also the possibility of depositing and taking major sums from those pre -established.

Are there online casinos without episode limits, storage or withdrawal?

In this paragraph I will allow myself to refute one of the most common metropolitan legends, i.e. the presence of online casino (ex aams) casino without episode limits. In fact, this rumor is not supported by any concrete data nor by law. If he wants to exercise in compliance with the regulation provided for by the State, in fact, Each game house must set up a maximum roof for the episodes on its products.

In the event that some of you had dealt with online casino that do not foresee this limitation, it can be sure that they have played with a non -legal operator. Absolutely you have to Avoid recording at non -guaranteed dealers and ADM, if you don’t want to find yourself in front of unpleasant inconveniences. Casino without limits then? You are in the wrong place and you should go straight else. On a license with license, to be precise.

Why choose casino with high episode limits

Playing on a High Stakes casino is certainly the most compelling way of spending your hours of play. You can win a lot and for sure By raising the stakes you can try stronger emotionsnull But the advantages for a High Roller are also others. I summarized them in the box below. In it you can find the reasons why playing on these casinos is convenient.

  • High winnings It is clear: pointing very high figures you can get higher winnings. At a quick look this seems to be the real advantage of a casino for High Roller. However, beyond this easy deduction, it is necessary to point out that the same sum of money does not have the same value for a high roller and for a low roller. A very high win for a low roller, for a high roller is probably ordinary. High Stakes casinos, therefore, rather than offering the possibility of winning greater sums, allow the more experts win more suitable figures for their economic band departure. do not think that this is a small aspect: indeed, it is a consideration that must be carefully evaluated.
  • Premium contentLet’s start with a fundamental prerequisite: there is no real High Stakes casino dedicated only to games with high episode limits. However, some high -end casino casino contemplates a greater number of products for High Roller are present inside our Panorama Gambling. It is easy to guess that these articles are purely dedicated to users with greater financial resources and that they are more cared for from a qualitative point of viewnull we are talking about graphics, audio and video effects, fluidity of play but also (in the case of live games) of luxurious scenography and croupier of excellence.
  • VIP promotions The exclusive casinos that contemplate a large number of products for High Roller in their game catalog, in addition to providing a more electrifying gaming experience and decidedly higher quality articles, prove to be advantageous for high -end users also for a Another reason: The amount of VIP promotions that reserve for their faithful and wealthy usersnull we are talking about particular advantages such as special bonuses corresponding to sums of money that are credited to the user’s account when the latter makes a fairly significant deposit or in any case after the same has reached a large volume of bet on the platform.
  • Un “Personal Trainer” ad hocIn the box alongside we mentioned the particular bonus promotions reserved for high -end customers of the well -stocked casinos of high roller products. In addition to them, a further privilege granted only and exclusively to the most prestigious users, is characterized by the dedicated personal assistance of an account manager. This means, in this case, that each VIP customer will have at its complete disposal a person of trusted internal to the casino with whom to consult regarding game strategies or to request any other form of personal advice. in short, a real game assistant who, knowing the user in person always knows what to recommend.

As you have certainly had the opportunity to see, The privileges of the high stakes players present in the box above are quite exclusivenull In fact, some of them had already been mentioned in previous paragraphs, but I think you will now have much clearer ideas about it or at least I hope it is so since we get closer to the end of this interesting and in -depth page dedicated to High Roller casino online null

Playing on a High Stakes casino: a truly adrenaline experience!

After recommending the ten casino that best adapt to the needs of high roller, having evaluated the episode limits of the games and specified the maximum sums of deposit and withdrawal, I showed you in detail the real conveniences for a High Roller. The privileges granted to this category of player do not make up a sufficient reason to start aiming large sums of money by changing their game strategy.

Bet responsibly commissioning the figures put on the plate to your real financial resources and emotional needsnull Without a doubt the casino for “strong” players and in general the High Stakes Gambling will provide you more adrenaline and higher winnings, but if you have a minimum of experience you know that you must never take the longest step of the leg, as indeed, Give me, even in life. Good luck to all!


Before drawing the final conclusions on the High Roller casino, here are some domande frequenti relative all’high stakes gambling that are often placed by you readers or that I find on the web.

What are the best Italian High Stakes casinos?

Large signatures of the panorama of Italian online game rooms such as Starcasino, Snai, 888Casino and William Hill make up the top 10 of Best High Roller casino in USA: these are operators who they combine high episode limits with particularly suitable promotions, games and methodologies to “strong” players.

❓ What does “High Roller casino” mean?

High Roller casino are those online game rooms characterized by a very suitable proposal to those enthusiasts who have the opportunity to invest large sums for their pastime, and which therefore must include high episode limits for roulette, blackjack and all the products in their schedule. There are many Advantages in playing on High Roller casinos, including the presence of VIP promotions and a personal game assistant.

What is the maximum episode on a High Stakes Roulette?

We have verified that the highest sum that can be focused in USA on one roulette high stakes it is $ 5,000, and refers to A product present on the Starcasino platformnull The sums that can be played in USA are significantly lower than those poinable on English online casinos, for example, but they can still be more than enough for our “strong” players.

⚖️ Are Blackjack casino sites with High Stakes in USA?

Of course! This game is one of the most appreciated by the Tricolor High Roller, and therefore the BLACKJACK High Stakes online cannot be missing in the schedules of online casino. We found that Some tables allow to point sums up to $ 5,000.

Are there bonuses for High Roller?

Not only are there, but it should be noted that “strong” players have the opportunity to receive exclusive promotions: real VIP concessions that also include exclusive benefits such as invitations to gala or even The assistance of a personal consultant to the game.

125% up to 500$ on the first deposit
Terms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
As far as 500$ + 300 free spin
Terms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
1st deposit up to 1.000$ + 10 $ Without deposit
Terms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
1st deposit up to 1.000$ + 10 $ per deposit
Terms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
1st deposit up to 1.000$ + 225 Free spin
Terms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
100% up to 500$ on the first deposit
Terms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
As far as 300$ 3 bonus package
Terms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
100 free spin + cashback 200$ + 200 free spin
Terms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
Triple Welcome Bonus Casino 20 $ immediately + 1000 $ + 200 free spin to verification
Terms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
Bonus up to 500$ Welcome offer
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