The highest win to win online slots – Top 5 slots in which to try luck

Those who are game expert online, whether to videos or jackpot slots, know that these can pay dizzying amounts. For example, do you know that Mega Molah beat the record in this ranking, thanks to a fabulous win of 21.7 million dollars won in 2018? Well, there was also a higher win, A jackpot of 24 million dollarsnull Continue reading to find out more details on the winning Machine winnings.

You can use the navigation bar that you find below to move quickly within ours Post on the major online slot winningsnull However, we recommend reading the entire article, to know the 5 highest winnings ever.

We have included important details on the games that paid very high amounts, and also of Useful tips to play better to online slot machines. Let’s start!

The 5 highest online slot winnings

Without further delay, here is the 5 best slots to win online. They are known for paying very large winnings in the past, and we will focus on this. All the following 5 slots were developed by world -renowned software house.

This means that they provide the best possible gaming experience to those who use them. From high quality graphics to an immersive soundtrack, passing through tons of special features, these are definitely Best online slot to win, in an online casino.

If you want to play these online slots, you should be aware of methods to exploit all the benefits and privileges that the online casino offers. It starts from Welcome Bonus designed for new users, but there are also regular promotions, competitions and special tournaments based on slots, loyalty programs, demo games, etc.

Also for these reasons, i casino that we recommend are also the Best operators to win at slotsnull Now, let’s take a look at the 5 record winnings for each of these slots.

Mega Fortuna Slot – $ 24 millions

Instant Play

Mega Fortune is one of the most popular slots created by Netent, and was developed in 2009. The prospects of winning are large, with a layout from the fairly classic game area, 5 rollers and 3 linesnull Some symbols can pay up to 10,000 times the mail.

The highest payout is insured by the yacht symbol, while 3 scatters or champagne symbols on the rollers start a Functionality with very profitable free spinnull Playing this video slot is very funny, but you should know that progressive jackpot is the most attractive functionality of this slot.

In 2013, in fact, the Mega Fortune Jackpot reached $ 11.7 million, won by a Norwegian player. Estimates indicate that its value was about 24 million dollars, which makes him jump at the top of the largest winnings of online slots of all time.

Mega Moolah Slot – $ 21.7 Million

Instant Play

Without a doubt, the slot with jackpot Mega Molah is the most famous in the world, among the best online slots winnings. Mega Molah’s jackpot has been won many times over the years, making several players exult.

However, the highest jackpot was won in 2018, and was $ 18,910,668.01, which was worth around 21.7 million dollars. Mega Molah is to date one of the most popular games to win an online jackpot. Other huge jackpots of Mega Molah were won in 2015 and 2019, and amounted to respectively to 20 million and 14.8 million dollarsnull They were won in the UK and USA.

Simply, Mega Molah’s jackpot pays well, and does it frequently. That’s why High Roller bettors from all over the world love this online slot. It could not be otherwise, for this Game created by the famous MICROGAMING Provider software, which offers 5 rollers and 3 lines, with an captivating theme: a safari in Africa.

Arabian Nights Slot – $17.3 Milioni

Arabian Nights is another slot created by Netent with a progressive jackpot. The symbol that pays the most offers one Maximum winning that is worth 10,000 times the mail, while the episode limits are very low. This makes this slot one of the favorite games from Low Roller players, among the Best online casino with slot.

A 96.25% RTP guarantees a fairly good margin of victory, but as regards the major online slot winnings, Arabian Nights enters the record book. In 2011, in fact, another Norwegian player won a jackpot that amounted to More than 17 million dollarsnull The latter was also greater than the 10,000x which ensures the symbol that pays the most.

Goblins Cave Slot – RTP 99.32%

This video slot created by Playtech does not have a progressive jackpot, but the symbols that are worth the more, on the rollers, are enough to be able to carry out a large online win. This slot has a smaller game area, only 3 rollers and 3 lines, and there are only 3 payment lines.

However, the simplified and retro style of Goblin Cave hides An impressive RTP of 99.32%null This makes this game the slot with the highest payout of all time.

Buffalo Blitz Slot – Best Variance/RTP

Buffalo Blitz is another popular Playtech slot, which has an unconventional game area of 6 rollers and 4 lines, while the payment lines are 4096. What makes this game attractive, from the point of view of the great winnings to online slot is the combination, unique in the panorama, of a Alto RTP (95.96%) and a very high volatility.

The RTP is an indicator of when it will pay the slot in the long term, while volatility is The index of how much the RTP percentage will vary, for a number of games played. The higher the volatility, the more unbalanced the payout.

Best online slot winnings with Jackpot

In the following table we highlighted i Best 10 casinos with slot we recommend, if you try to make large winnings with jackpot slots. Each of these has many slots, and in their schedule there are also the 5 of which we talked to you.

siti slot online Slot Bonus Total lock Mobile slot Jackpot Casino slot vote Safe link
500$ + 20 $ FREE 519 513 63
5.00 ★ are 5
100% up to 500$ + 350 Free spin 1.045 1.045 26
4.95 ★ are 5
1.000$ + 10 $ Without deposit 812 745 151
4.90 ★ are 5
1.015$ + 30 free spin 237 208 77
4.85 ★ are 5>
1.000$ + 225 Free spin 599 603 13
4.80 ★ are 5
500$ on the first deposit 415 419 5
4.75 ★ are 5
300$ 3 bonus package 100 160 0
4.70 ★ are 5
200$ + 200 free spin 1.597 1.570 81
4.65 ★ are 5
1.000$ e 200 giri free 196 196 66
4.60 ★ are 5
500$ + 50 Free Spins 1.976 1.953 65
4.55 ★ are 5

Most bettors believe that the Best strategy to win big sums The slots are playing to win the jackpot. If you choose to do this, you must learn to discern between a progressive jackpot and the other regular slot jackpots.

So, go back to the slot page of your favorite online casino e Look for the amount of the progressive jackpot of the game you like most. it may happen that you have to wait more than a month because a succuthent jackpot is formed. the Methods of collection of online casinoFurthermore, they are different when it comes to jackpot, so you should look for these details before starting to play. Now, let’s continue our post with some useful tips, which you can use if you have decided to play slot machines to try to win a good prize.

Advice for online winning winnings

First of all, Don’t take these tips as magical formulas Because, after all, online casinos are based on gambling. You can use these tips to try to maximize your possibilities to win, but the result depends on luck.

Then, one might think that the easiest way of winning great sums to the slots is to play those with the highest payouts. A better idea could be the use of a strategy or a combination of advice and betting systemsnull In the table below you can find some useful tips that you can use for your games at slot machines.

Advise Description
⭐ Look for special features For major slots winnings, choose games with special features, such as multipliers, Jolly symbols, and bonus games. You can also play bonuses operated by the scatters, or choose a bonus with free spin.
⌛ Wait for a big jackpot to form If in online casinos choose the slots with progressive jackpot, make sure you wait for a great jackpot to form. In fact, this type of prize pool depends on the games of all players, and accumulates over time.
Choose real money slots Choose only the Best online slot real money, for higher payouts. They have the best special features and bonus levels, as well as the perfect combination of RTP and variance.
⚡ Select Slot with Alti RTP A high RTP offers more chance to enjoy great victories, based on high payouts. A payout is analyzed by independent test agencies, so we can trust.
Try the slots with high variance You should prefer video slots with high variance, rather than medium or low variance games. A high variance, in fact, means that the slot payout is unbalanced. That is, when he pays, he pays a lot.
Look for the symbols that pay a lot When you play online slots, you should analyze the payment tables before starting. There are only a few video slots that have joker and/or scatter symbols that pay the mail 50,000 times.
Play the slots developed by Top Provider Software Choose to play the online slots developed by the largest software providers in the world, such as Playtech, Microgaming and Netent, among others.

Use these tips the next time you play video slot or those with Jackpot, and you may have greater expectations than a full -bodied win. Of course, the slots with 5 rollers are more common, and they are also the Favoring online casino players.

On the other hand, the classic 3 rollers are loved by Old School players, who are looking for a Simplified gameplay and less special featuresnull So, choose the game you like best and try to beat the current records, making a great win to win online.

Final thoughts

Lastly, you should always remember that there are many options to get a big win. Apart from your luck, there are other factors you should count on. You also have to consider that The big winnings are not guaranteed, and you can only win at certified slots and produced by the best Provider software, distributed to the online casino on ADM license.

If you choose to play, know that the slots on legal online betting sites have RTP calculated and certified by independent agencies, come THE ed ecograpp, among others.

The authorization and certification of an operator are very important, for the purposes of the safety and transparency of slot machines. So, you should look for the stamps and license numbers in the Footers of the various casino online, issued by the certification agencies, like the ADM. All these factors are important, so that you can try to make big winnings in peace.


In the queue of our article we provide you A short section of FAQ, on the big winnings for online slot machines. If you know nothing about this topic, the following questions and answers are the one for you.

1️⃣ What are the greatest winnings of the most famous slot machines?

There are many online slots with large prize pools, and the highest are those of the progressive jackpot slots. These are, for example, Mega Molah and Mega Fortune. There were two very high winnings on these two slots. A, from $ 21.7 million playing mega Molah, and one more bigger thanks to mega fortunes.

2️⃣ What are the best online slots to win?

In our blog, you can find one List of 5 best online slots to win A jackpot, or a significant prize. These video slots were developed by the best provider software in the world, and are already part of the record book, thanks to their impressive payouts.

3️⃣ What are the best online slots to win a jackpot?

By reading our blog you can find one List of online casino that have slots with jackpot where the largest winnings of all time have been made. The 5 slot con jackpot progressivo They offer some of the largest prizes that can be found in online casinos. However, you must know that if winning a jackpot, it could have special withdrawal rules.

4️⃣ Are there useful tips to win a jackpot at online slots?

Yes, you can use some Useful advice To maximize your possibilities, when you play at the best online slot machines. There are simple ones, like playing slots with high RTP, as there are more complex advice. For example, search which game offers i Symbols with higher payouts.

5️⃣ The great slots winnings make up?

No, they are not made up, as long as you play with slots produced by Certified Providers Software, in Legal Online Casinonull As you can read in Conclusions of our post, it seems clear enough that you can try your luck only if you follow this simple, but very important rule.

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