Craps guide online: rules and best sites to play in USA

The craps is one of the most famous and electrifying games that you can find, both in online casinos and in terrestrial casinos. It is a dynamic game, with many possibilities of episode. On this page you will discover everything you need to know about online nuts.

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In the videogame offer of Italian gaming halls, Craps certainly could not be missing. I am happy, therefore, to talk to you about the best sites to play dice online. The goal of this review, in fact, is to tell you Everything you need to know about online craps, where to find the best games and how to win at Craps.

Above all, however, I will shed light on the rules of the game and I will make you better understand how the episodes work. Experts say you can Learn the game in 10 minutes, but I want to go further and make you a professional, in the same period of time. After this guide, playing craps for you will be like drinking a glass of water!

Craps rules: how do you play?

The first thing you need to know is that Craps is a game that revolves around the pass line betnull It starts focusing on the line line, then the player who launches the dice-also called “shooter”-sets the so-called “com-out roll”. The players who focus on the pass win if the dice show 7 or 11 and forgive themselves if they show 2, 3 or 12.

If the nuts propose any other value, that becomes the “point”, to be played without further episodes. Once the shooter has pulled a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 and set up a point (“point” in English), all the episodes placed on the Don’t Pass remain at stake. At the online craps tables, the point will be Always marked with the word “On”.

For example, if the point is 5, the player pulls the dice trying to get a 5. When it happens, everyone passes and begins a new com-out roll. If a 7 emerge at any time, apart from the com-out roll, the shooter loses the turn And all the episodes are declared losers. Don’t worry, I’ll do it simpler!


Do not be intimidated or frightened by the layout of the Craps table, because it takes a few minutes to analyze it. Even if you play online craps for the first time, don’t worry: I’m on purpose. You will notice the “pass line”: it is the episode that rewards Who has bet in favor of the shooter.

The “Don’t Pass Line”, however, is for Who pointed against the shooternull The paradox of online nuts is given, ironically, from the number 7. The “pass” is one of the episodes that make the players think more, because it takes more than one launch before obtaining the final result, and while the 7 is initially A favorable number for everyone, in the end it turns out to be the worst.

The episodes Pass give the house a very low advantage, 1.41%. The “Come” area and the episodes inside are similar to the pass, the only exception is that you use it only when The next episode is a com-outnull For example, if 6 is the active point and you bet on the “how” area, you will win when the shooter gets a 7 or a 11, but you will lose with a 2, a 3 or a 12. The advantage of the house is 1.41 % also on the episode “How”.

The episodes Don’t Pass and Don’t have a advantage of the house of 1.36%, therefore lower. And now the most interesting part of the game: let’s talk about the fact that you can have free opportunities on your episode. When you throw the nut, there are 36 possible combinations: six 7, five combinations of 6 and 8, four combinations of 5 and 9 and three combinations of 4 and 10.

We go down even more in detail: we have six ways of getting a 7 and five to get a 6. In other words, get a 6 before pulling a 7th probability of 6/5, identical to the payout. Here the house does not earn anything, that is, its advantage is 0%!

To do it simple, let’s try with an example. If you points $ 5 on the pass and $ 15 on 4 or on 10, the payout is 2: 1, that is 30 $. $ 20 placed on 9 or 5 bring the reward to 3: 2 and 30 $, and finally, if I had to focus $ 25 on 6 or 8, with probability of 6: 5, you would collect $ 30.

Craps probability and payout

When you place an episode, it’s very important know what to expectnull If you focus on 6 or 8, you must know that the advantage of the house is 1.52%, it is 4% on 5 or 9 and 6.67% on 4 or 10. Obviously, this means that the winning episodes come Pay 7: 6 for a 6 or 8, 7: 5 for a 5 or 9 and 9: 5 for a 4 or 10.

If you focus on 6 and the other player pulls a 5, 4, 12, 3, 9 or 8 nothing happens to your bet. Win if your number comes out and you only lose if the shooter pulls a 7. By the way, one of the reasons why many players often focus on 6 and 8 is that these are the More frequent winning numbers.

Even the so -called “one roll bet”, that is, the episodes in which the dice are launched only once, are part of the Craps table. If you come out two 1 or two 6, and it is an One Roll Bet on 2 or 21, it usually pays 30 to 1. For a payment of 15 to 1, you must get a 11 or a 3, with a 6+5 o A 1+2.

If you do 3+3, i.e. 6, or a 4+4 for a perfect 8, the payout is 10 to 1. Finally, the reward of 8 to 1 takes place when you get a 4 or a perfect 10, that is, respectively with a 2+2 or with a 5+5.

Il field It is made up of a series of equally interesting episodes, given that the winnings are paid on par. In the Field, win if your next shot is a 12, 11, 10, 9, 4, 3 or 2. If you pull a 2 or a 12, the payment is 2 to 1. The “Any Seven” episodes pay 5 a 1 or 4 to 1, a “big 6” or a “big 8” pay 1 to 1 when you pull a 6 or an 8, and the “Any craps” pays 7 to 1.

Table craps payments
Episode name Winning numbers Payout
Come/Pass Line 7 / 11 1:1
Don’t Come/Don’t Pass 2 / 3 / 12 1: 1 / draw with 12
Odds Bet su Pass/Come 4 o 10, 5 o 9, 6 o 8 2;1, 3:2, 6:5
Odds Bet su Don’t Pass/ Don’t Come 4 o 10, 5 o 9, 6 o 8 2:1, 2:3, 5:6
Field Bet 2 or 12 (only one shot) 2: 1 /1: 1 for any other number
Hardways Hard 4, 6, 8, 10 8:1, 10:1, 10:1, 8:1
Any Seven Any 7 4:1
Any Craps Any 2, 3, or 12 7:1
Craps Two 2 30:1
Craps Twelve 12 30:1
Craps Three 3 15:1
Eleven 11 15:1
Big 6/Big 8 6 or 8 (before 7) 1:1

The best matches of Craps Online

When you feel ready to enter the luxurious world of online craps, you will have to discover which games are most asserted younull In online casinos you will not have to worry about waiting for a place to free himself at the table, because you will decide how and when to play, but above all where and how much.

All this, of course, without having to even raise from the armchair of the house, in a safe and controlled environment. In the online casino that I recommend, you can also play without spending big numbers, simply thanks to the really low operating costs. You can also take advantage of generous welcome bonuses and you will have the opportunity to vary between varied episode limits.

You will decide how much to aim, based on your budget, since many online dice matches have limits ranging from $ 0.50 up to $ 2,500. If you don’t remember something, you can always read the rules of craps or ask for help from customer service. In addition, in the demo version of the game you can Learn to play dice online.

The craps tables on Unibet have an exceptional graphics e Many customizable optionsnull First, the episode limits can be adapted to adapt to any type of budget, which you want to spend a little or bet more.

In the options, you can deactivate the warning messages and look at the interactive tutorial, while among other important features you can Activate the easy mode, to change the interface and play on a reduced grid and easier to understand.

Live craps, the variant offered by Leovec, is another example of Game of great quality, made to measure for each type of player. Here too, you can take advantage of the help section, very generous and full of well -organized content, so that anyone can understand how to play craps without making so much effort.

As with any other type of online craps, the Percentage of RTP (Back to the player) It is very high: 98.64%. The 888casino craps is also very similar, given that the games belong to the same provider. This guarantees recognizable mechanics and best optimized gameplay.

As always, trying to try a game produced by a well -known and respected developer is a real delight. The random number generator which determines the results was tested thoroughly, even before the game was proposed to the public.

The winning strategy in the craps

Now that you have learned the foundations and understand the probability, why not take advantage of the advantage of the house so low in your favor? Let’s take a look at some strategy that really works and that you can try yourself in the demo version of the game. Every good strategy starts from the line line, because the advantage of the house becomes smaller while the number of ODDS grows.

When you focus on “pass” and “as” with ODDS combinations, the advantage of the house goes from 1.41% to 0.8%, then 0.6% with two ODDS, 0.4% with three, four or five ODDS and finally even to 0.2% with 10 ODDS. The point of this system is to use a large portion of your episode On practically free ODDS, which have a home of 0.

It is better to follow your bet “pass” 2 or 3 episodes “how”, to have three or more numbers at your disposal. It works perfectly, given the flexibility typical of the episode limits that you can find at the online craps tables:

If you prefer to aim for the person who is pulling the dice, we have the “Don’t Pass” and the “Don’t as”. Remember that these two areas are on the opposite of the “pass” and by the “how”, but they have an advantage of the lowest house, 1.36%, which is even better for you. With a single ODD, as in the example above, the advantage of the house decreases to 0.7%, then it becomes 0.5% with two ODDS, 0.3% with three, four and five and 0.1% with 10.

Tired of waiting for those who launch the dice online to establish a number? Then you can focus on 6 and 8, not only because they are the most popular choices (and who come out more), but because so you are the one who chooses your numbers. Here the advantage of the house is higher: 1.52%.

Remember that two dice have 36 possible combinations: would you like to cover 30 out of 36? In craps you can, with the strategia The Dinner, which includes all numbers except 7, i.e. 30 combinations out of 36.

In the “Field” table, the episodes pay on an equal footing, except the 2 paid 2: 1 and 12 paid 2: 1 or 3: 1. If you points $ 5 and pull a 12, recessed $ 15 or $ 10 if you pull a 2; 7 $ If it comes out 5, 6 or 8 and 5 $ if a 3, 4, 9, 10 or 11 comes out. We are not talking about the 7, because in that case you would lose all your investment.

Bankroll management in online craps

No guide can be defined as complete without a little management of the Bankroll! Or how I like to say: Play better, no more! Think about it in these terms: do you know another casino game that gives you a real chance to win? An advantage of the house less than 1%, what more do you want? If you want to play to win, here’s what you need to do: focus on pass/don’t pass and add the Odds.

There is nothing wrong to play in this way, if your money lasts longer. Placing this type of episode will make you risk only a few euros. If you think you take too long, You can skip the ODDSnull Don’t worry about payouts, if you can’t afford to aim. The truth is that whoever places an episode “pass” and then adds two bets “as”, risks $ 15.

Powering on 6 or 8, or on both, is one of the most common ways of playing craps. If you choose to focus on both numbers, your investment will be double. Finally, you can focus on the pass and then on 6 and 8: this is the perfect situation for those who love place multiple episodes.

The ideal would be to bet on the line and pay attention to the number that becomes the “point”, and then add an episode on another number (6 or 8). To mitigate the risk, you can take advantage of The advantage of free ODDS, but play responsibly and remember: regardless of the combination, your RTP will be 98%greater!

Who creates the best dice games online?

I could not mention those companies, bright innovative, who made it possible to transition the most famous dice game from terrestrial casinos to the best online operators, also giving us some nice variant of the craps. Evolution Gaming, Microgaming e playtech They are the three most popular developers in online gaming halls.

The best Craps developers Online
  • Microgaming software allows us to play online since 1994. Speaking of online craps, players have requested it and the company has implemented it. The software ground microgaming it is suitable for all types of players and its products are impeccable. the game screen is user-friendly and from there you can access the instructions at any time. what makes special microgaming craps is the layout of the table and the “win” and “lose” areas. to facilitate the episodes, the lower part of the game screen has options to cancel or repeat the bets. you can also customize your gaming experience and enjoy the best online craps with the advantage of the lowest house.
  • Playing comfortably from your home involves a series of advantages, and being able to deal with it on the best software in circulation is one of the most important ever. playtech an excellent reputation was made by developing some of the most sophisticated industry casino software, capable of respecting the highest standards. and with the craps game it was no less. excellent odds and incredible level graphics are the strengths of this provider, which developed craps with the usual maniacal attention to detail. you can change gameplay and design to your liking, to enjoy the unique 100%playtech craps experience.
  • founded in the now distant 2006, evolution gaming has set the goal of revolutionizing the live casino platforms first, and then the mobile ones; missions that, i have to admit, managed to do brilliantly. during its history, the company has produced some of the most clicked and loved games by online gambling enthusiasts. its version of the live craps is a small jewel set in a themed television study, capable of remembering a real casino. among the goodies, the possibility of constantly viewing the dynamic statistics, which summarize the episodes of the players. the game is accessible to everyone, thanks to the very simple user interface to navigate.

There is no doubt: Craps is one of the most dynamic and quick games games there are. The dice never stop, so you have to be very effective in pointing within a few seconds. If you had to play in a terrestrial casino, you will feel like feeling a little strange, typical of craps. Here is a table to use as a reference.

The jargon of the craps
1 “Natural Winner!” When the Comeout Roll is a 7 or 11
2 “Puppy Paws!” Due 5
3 “Center Field!” When the shooter pulls a 9
4 “Skinny Dougan!” When a player loses on 7
5 “Skate and Donate!” When an 8 comes out
6 “Jimmy Hicks!” When a 6 comes out
7 “Little Joe!” When a 4 made up of 1 and 3 comes out
8 “Boxcars!” When someone does double 6
9 “Snake Eyes!” When a double 1 comes out
10 “C and E Craps!” When a 11 comes out
11 “Yo-life!” Another way to call 11
12 “Craps!” 2,3 o 12

Craps Online, the modern version of the most famous dice game

Microgaming, Playtech and Evolution Gaming found the recipe for success: to take a game loved by the public and make it online. Without frills: only advantageous shares and favorable RTP. I Best Italian online casinos They offer online craps suitable for all types of players (and their pockets), as well as a generous welcome bonus.

By playing online you can enjoy all the advantages of the platforms that I recommend, without giving up the comfort of your home. You like mobile game? Even better! The Casino app, developed for Android and iOS devices, are optimized to perfection and host all your favorite games.

Returning to Craps online, let me summarize you how much I explained to you in this guide. Remember that Everything runs around the Pass Linenull The game starts with a dice launch (the Come-Out Roll). Did you focus on the line? Win if you get a 7 or 11 and lose if you get a 2, 3 or 12. The other numbers become the so -called “point”.

For example, a 6 comes out: that becomes the point. You will win if you pull a 6 and you will lose if you pull a 7. Then you start again and you have two options: play in a simpler way or use strategies that I illustrated you in this guide. Online dice have one of the advantages of the lowest house ever, but a good alternative can be the blackjack online.

Craps online, le FAQ

This section is dedicated to readers who have Some questions againnull It is normal to demand dry responses, which go straight to the point, and that is why I am ready to give them. Below you can find the most common questions, with annexed answers, based on my professional knowledge and, obviously, on my personal experience of the game.

What is craps?

Craps is a board game, which is played with the dice. It is completely based on luck and this is the most fascinating element. Craps boasts numerous different episodes, for this you have to familiarize yourself with the table and with Craps rules, before starting to play.

How do you play craps?

After learning the rules and different episodes, all you have to do is play. When all players have aimed, the “shooter” comes into action: he will launch the nut and, according to the result, the players can win, lose or continue the game.

Where can I play Craps online?

Finding a casino that respects all your expectations can be difficult. You have to check the licenses, the certificates, the bonuses, the playground, the mobile compatibility and so on. To help you, I put together a short list of Best casino for online craps, where you can enjoy impeccable game and services.

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