An information page on the responsible game

Anyone of you have already attended land and virtual gaming houses or Slot salt will certainly hear about the problems related to gaming addiction. On this page I will offer you a cross -section as much as possible and lucid on the actual incidence of inconvenience that can be attributed directly to gambling. The main intent of this text is also and above all another: that of promoting the responsible game once again and allowing you to understand if your play on the casino platforms is healthy and free from properly problematic aspects.

In the next paragraphs I will show you how it is possible to independently evaluate your game activity and to understand if it has become a real obsession that conditions your working, emotional and social life. As widely demonstrated by the major Italian and international bodies that deal with promoting responsible game and to contrast all forms of ludopathy, the self-evaluative tools are among the most reliable in order to identify an addiction. In any case, there is nothing to fear: the statistics have shown that only 1% of the national population has a problem with the game and that a good part of them with the right precautionary measures has managed to defeat their addiction in definitive way.

How to prevent game addiction

In this paragraph I will soon face the most clear symptoms that can act as a alarm bell to identify a discomfort linked to playful activity and subsequently I will offer you suggestions to remedy these problems and try to solve them in a concrete and definitive way. First of all, let’s start from the bases: how to understand if we are subject to ludopathy? What are the unequivocal signals of a problem with the game? We start with the description of the discomfort, defining the ludopathy as the inability to manage their resources of time and money, which are both spent for gambling with consequent worsening of working, sentimental, economic and social life. Those suffering from ludopathy also develop obvious psychic symptoms over time such as anxiety and depression and social disorders such as isolation and excessive use of lie. The absence of concentration in any activity different from azzard is considered as a further strong signal that something is wrong. In the subsequent paragraphs we will try to understand in detail how to identify these symptoms and how to behave in the event of their effective identification.

Regular finance control

One of the tools that can be used to understand if you are actually dependent on gambling is the regular control of your Bankroll. Said in a nutshell, this means that in each game session the player defines a maximum amount to be bet passed which will block its activity on the platform avoiding impulsive attitudes. In the event that you cannot manage to manage your finances independently, the problem can be upon us. But it must be said that this, in addition to being a reliable self -assessment tool, can also be used to solve the problem. A constant rationalization of its finances, certainly gets used to the player to have a more logical and less instinctive behavior and to the gradual healing.

The advantages of such management of its economic heritage, in addition to being positive for each player’s finances, can also prove to be very profitable for the emotions related to the game: in order to be appreciated, the gambling must absolutely faithfully be faithful to these basic principles. I remember here once again (because he never hurts) that betting on a casino must always be a pleasant experience, certainly fluctuating as regards the outcomes, but which must give us positive adrenaline sensations linked to risk and never compromise Our life in the general sense. If you give me a personal reflection, I consider that whatever can be harmful if used badly and that on the contrary, every type of experience, if faced with a spirit of maturity (but without stinging at that right dose of unscrupulousness) cannot do Other than enriching our lives. In the event that this does not occur, it is realized that you are not able to manage your playful activity, it is always good to take measures immediately.

The self -limitation tool

If you are not able to regulate your game business or if the attempts to do so have never been successful, there is no need to worry. The most reliable casinos of our peninsula They developed a series of very comfortable tools to use to improve the player’s gaming experience. One of these tools is certainly that of self -heaven. Thanks to it each player, even before starting to bet, can set a monthly predetermined sum or specifically linked to a game in particular to put a limit to any losses of sums of money derived from playful activity. It is also possible, always through the instrumentation of the ADM online casino, insert a time parameter for the duration of the session that prevents you from losing hours and hours behind a game and helping all users to keep track of the daily time spent playing.

A further option that can be very useful is that of the break. In this case, through the platform software, he is allowed to the player to block his game account temporarily in order to recover the lucidity necessary to complete a session in a healthy and balanced way. In all these cases of technical accessories that operators have developed to stimulate the responsible game and prevent problems related to play addiction. Certainly a clear sign that the casino cares about the well -being of his users.


In the case of problems related to the highly significant gambling that really affect the daily quality of life, leading to a future dependence, there is a further tool, decidedly more drastic than those described in the previous paragraph: self -exclusion. When the player decides to self -exclude the casino blocks access to all accounts and returns to the player the residual amount on his gaming account. Usually you can choose the temporal duration of this self -exclusion, at the end of which, however, the game account will not be restored automatically. In fact, it is necessary, if you intend to resume the activity on the same platform, the casino directly. After a careful assessment of the case, the operators of the house will decide to do with extreme competence and professionalism.

The Italian body to protect the responsible game: ADM

The Autonomous Administration of the State Monopolies with its 2,400 employees distributed in five different central directions, deals with regulating the Italian game sector, through the control of the guidelines to which each dealer and operator present in the Italian territory is subject to compliance with law. The aim is to contrast the illegal game and the promotion of a playful activity responsible and regulated by national regulations. In addition to tracing the directives that each stitter is required to comply to develop its business in an absolutely legal way, this entity, assisted by Guardia di Finanza, State Police, Siae and Carabinieri, acts in order to guarantee the State its tax revenue , avoiding any tax evasion phenomenon.

The activity of the Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies starts from the assumption that the game is a tool for social integration that can encourage communication and communicative exchange between individuals. For this reason, starting from this high consideration attributed to the playful experience, this national body moves in such a way as to guarantee all users a pleasant and simple use of the games developed by national dealers. The need to establish a commercial context in accordance with the law has brought AAMS, which for some years has for the truth assumed the name of ADM, to establish some guidelines for all national operators. They, which can be consulted directly from the website, contribute to providing allylibrators with the information necessary for the request for certification and allow them to become aware of the regulatory criteria to be followed to operate on the national territory in a legal way. This regulatory role by the Body follows the subsequent verification of the actual adaptation to the standards of all those operators who have requested and obtained the national license.

Programs and associations to combat ludopathy

In addition to the Autonomous Administration of the State Monopolies, various bodies to combat pathological and promotion of the legal and responsible game are present in Italian territory. Sometimes the same operators have developed national programs in order to warn the players in USA by any problems related to the compulsive game. In the next paragraphs, we will consider the main ones, summarizing the most important aspects.

Play the right and play without exaggerating

One of the programs relating to the responsible game of our territory was conceived by a purely Italian registrator who operates exclusively only within our national borders: we are talking about Sisal And of his program “Play the right”. Through the elaboration of a manifesto, this dealer becomes a spokesperson and promoter of a conscious and balanced gaming activity, based mainly on the fun and the total ban on the same to minors of 18 years. This program is totally in line with the international directives dictated by the “European Responsible Standars” promoted by the European Lotterias and puts its attention on sociological research related to the game, risk analysis in the future of games, ludopathy prevention, assistance and support For each problematic player.

Like Sisal, too Lattomatic For its part, a similar program has developed to protect the player’s interests and health. We are also talking in this case of a historic Italian stitter, present for some time on our territory and to date still active only and exclusively in USA. The program to combat Lottomatica’s ludopathy is called “Play without exaggerating” and was developed in collaboration with the Customs and Monopolies Agency with the main purpose of regulating the entertainment of the players on its game platform and in line more General to educate the Italian public to a peaceful and disciplined recreational activity, in accordance with all the guidelines of the international body “Global Gambling Guidance Group” (G4).

Anonymous players: the association

We have seen in previous paragraphs that the protection of the player in our territory is guaranteed by institutional bodies and programs sponsored by legal operators. To all this are added private organizations such as “Anonimi Italy players”, actually composed of the same problematic players and by the declared purpose of putting their subjective experiences together in order to solve the problem of compulsive game. The association has numerous offices throughout the national territory and allows the problematic players themselves to meet weekly in an anonymous way.

The need to manage the game in a balanced way

Once at the end of this page linked to the delicate theme of the responsible game and minor protection, I can only underline once again the importance that is for each player a healthy and balanced management of his business. For this reason I always recommend to all my readers to read as much as possible regarding the prevention of the compulsive game, before devoting themselves to the actual play. An in -depth knowledge of the subject may allow players to identify in advance of alarm signals that can report a compulsive game principle. In the same way, an instructed player will immediately be able in case of need to adopt the right remedies to fight and defeat him before his actual occurrence.

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