The best hipay casino of 2023 in USA

Welcome to the in -depth review that will evaluate the hipay casino, a Method of deposit and withdrawal in great rise.
I will analyze the deposit and withdrawal ceilings, games, safety and much more. But first, here is the Best hipay casinos in USA.
Hipay casino Welcome bonus Certifications and collaborations Payout ✅ SAFE LINK
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I am first of all a great online gaming enthusiast, and my passion led me to have great experience in the sector. This is why I created a portal to try to answer the possible doubts of users regarding online casinos, payment systems and a everything you turn around these topicsnull That’s why this in -depth analysis on this method, to examine points of light and possible shadows, storage and sampling limits, bonuses, safety and much more. ONGI OPERATOR that I will mention you boasts an ADM license, the highest safety seal made available by the Italian state.

How to deposit on online casino hipay

How to deposit money on the game account using this American wallet? Here is the answer: just access the website and register. I remind you that An electronic wallet behaves as a sort of collector of other payment methods: In fact, it is, more correctly, a payment platform, connected to the current account. The recharging procedure is very simple, just have some data at hand and the game will be done (in every sense); So here’s how to start playing on hipay casino:

Deposit in the hipay casino
Find out how to do it in 5 quick and easy steps.
Step 1
Sign up in a hipay casino
Choose the best hipay casinos and open an account.
Choose hipay as a charging method
From your account, select “hipay” to make the deposit.
Step 3
Set the figure
Decide the sum you want to deposit.
Step 4
Enter the 3D Secure code
Without, you will not be able to complete the operation.
You are ready to play!
You can start trying your favorite games immediately.

How to pick up

In addition to the deposit operations, an operator must also allow us to withdraw, the most coveted operation, given that it tends to be synonymous with winnings. As already seen for the incoming transaction, also for this the characteristics are simplicity and speed. In the next places I have synthesized the steps to be made to carry it out On hipay casino levy. Being linked to a payments manifold, you will then have to from the page of this methodology to choose a payment option again.

  1. log In and access the wIthdrawal sectIon of your personal area
  2. from your account select “hIpay” as a wIthdrawal method
  3. choose the fIgure you want to pIck up
  4. you wIll be addressed to the hIpay page
  5. from here, choose whIch payment optIon to use to receIve funds
  6. In the fIrst wIthdrawal phase, provIde copy of IdentIty documents
  7. receIve the sum taken wIthIn a workIng day

How to choose the suitable hipay casino

But through the analysis of what features the best hipay casinos should be chosen? I will talk about this: I will carefully analyze the quantity of the games offered and the quality of the welcome bonuses made available with relative validity, the associated deposit and withdrawal limits, and then evaluate whether it is a payment suitable for strong players and, not less important, if the operators who accept the electronic wallet from the Alps they have a mobile app or not.

Remain with me, therefore, to discover the Best hipay casinos: do they guarantee an adequate safety standard? How? They have a game of games to make the head turn? Are applications compatible? At the end of this review you will be on the top step of the podium in the “hipay connoisseurs” category!

Safety notes: how to avoid scams

Here I am answering a preliminary but very important question: is playing using hipay a risk?

No, it is a safe method. It is a recently created electronic portfolio, but capable of letting sleep peacefully. Each transaction must be authorized personally, using a 3D secure code that will reach our mobile device: this means being in an iron barrel. Let’s not forget that every operator I analyze I cyclically head his RNG and use an ADM license, released precisely by the State Customs and Monopolies Agency. Below is the safest casino that accepts hipay:

Hipay casino safe AAMS license Payout Report Responsible game Other certificates Acknowledgment Link
ecograpp Play moderate

Do we have certificates of third party entities available that guarantee greater security? Yes, without a doubt: they are collaborations that online structures boast of making available and of which they dwell on the homepage of their sites. Our cure will only be not approaching the game through unprotected connections, given that they could make the joy of attacker not very benevolently interested in our sensitive data.

The various operators make us available to us many guarantee certificates, who can well protect us from the fear of falling victims of ludopathy: the Best hipay casino in USA It certainly cannot be an exception, securing our bank account thanks to easy self -exclusion tools.

Casino games available with this payment method

We are at one of the warm chapters of my review, the one who takes care of analyzing the offer of games available for those who decide to use this American system as a payment method. Upon games, the possibilities are many and varied: you can find an offer of slots and poker tables to make the head run, with all the variants available; Roulette enthusiasts? Don’t worry: there are many types and will satisfy your desire for adrenaline. For fans of the live casino, then, many rooms and many croupier are available. Here is a list of possibilities:

Obviously, the number of games made available by each operator was essential to decide the best on the square. It is clear, in fact, that Each of us may want to play multiple games: The ability to have a vast menu and to put us in the embarrassment of the choice is therefore decisive. Tables as far as the eye can see, many slots to be left impressed, all the variants of the game of poker. If a site does not offer us this quantity, better to change destination and entrust others our fun.

Live casino that accept the type of deposit

What if we wanted to approach the adrenaline of live casinos with this method? We can certainly do it: also for this method we will have available to the rooms that can satisfy our desire for live gamenull In the next table, the best hipay casino for live section:

  • optImIzed graphIcs
  • advantageous Bonus
  • Instant deposIts
100% up to 200$ + 20 free giri
Terms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.

The live game is the one that in all allows us an immersive experience in the casino. Obviously we will not be in Las Vegas, but I assure you that we will miss little: many Cameras will shoot the counter While distributing the cards that we hope will win, or the ball race on the roulette wheel. High definition audio and video will make us feel in a physical casino, despite being at dinner with relatives. Decide, among the many at our disposal, what was the Top Live Casino Italian was not easy, but after a careful analysis I succeeded.

Hipay casino bonus

I certainly cannot be dry of a section of the review that has like focus the bonus topicnull What are the best hi-pay casinos bonus? And why would they be the best? Conditions forwater, offer, deadline and whoever has more. I invite you to view this part of the review, truly essential.

hipay casino Welcome offer Terms and conditions Playthrough Validity
100% up to 200$ + 20 free giri
Terms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
45 volte 7 days

This platform is truly a champion of titles: here too he hits. Of course, There are still few casinos that accept this payment method, but you are sure that I will always be ready to receive and analyze in a painstaking way all the news from this point of view, not only the hipay casinos, to keep my portal in step with the Best bonus casino.

Deposit and withdrawal limits

We are now talking about timing and limits in the discussion on accreditation and samples: how do they quantify? To answer the question I prepared the next element, hoping it may be useful to it: a fundamental topic requires a fundamental table. Below, the best hi-pay casinos for withdrawal and deposit:

Hipay casino Deposit limits Sampling limits Storage times Withdrawal times
10$ – 1.000$ $ 10 – None Immediate Two working days

As the table suggests, given the rather low deposit ceiling compared to other methods, this hipay online casino does not adapt much to the needs of the so -called high roller, strong players, who may want to deposit larger figures on their gaming account. Not a casino with high episode limitsIn short, but a good starting point for those who want to approach the world of online game. Tip: always view the Terms and Conditions section on each operator’s website.

Mobile hipay casino

As previously anticipated, here I am talking about the mobile section associated with this system. I immediately clarify that All operators make available the possibility of playing from a mobile device, but not everyone has a native application. Playing as a browser could be cumbersome and not very easy, not allowing us to perform operations that, thanks to an app, could be very simple. So let’s see, on the basis of what I have just settled, the best equipped one of the best hipay casinos:

Mobile hipay casino Welcome bonus Slot mobile Roulette Mobile Blackjack mobile App vote Link
100% up to 200$ + 20 free giri 130 4 5
5.00 ★ are 5 Terms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.

A real champion, Netbet! Also in this section we see him towering, but this is not a coincidence. In fact, this site has a well -designed, light app (therefore it will not greatly affect the memory of the device) and constantly updated to spare you annoying problems related to lag phenomena. Payments through apps are also easy and slendernull No delay, therefore: the mobile version of this hipay casino really borders on perfection.

Only underlining necessary: keep in mind that The best mobile apps They are the most frequently updated. These are factors kept in large consideration, because Otherwise the game offer is to great extent impaired by slowness and cars that would risk interrupting our fun.

The advantages

At this point we might think we had made a rather precise idea of what could be the strong points of the hipay online casinos. In part it is so, but I want to be more specific: if we already know that Safety is bomb -proof And the convincing bonuses, we may still not have all the elements that play in favor of this system. Therefore, here is a clear list:

  • very fast deposIts
  • no commIssIon
  • compatIbIlIty wIth all bonuses
  • easy and IntuItIve use
  • possIble wIthdrawal

All recommended hipay casinos

At the head of this page you will have all the necessary info on Best Hipay online casinos at our disposal. This is not a wider method, but you may need many info on Top Italian casinos able to put it in the list of the possibilities of deposit and withdrawal. On my pages you will find info on the greater alternative payment methods to this, especially the most common ones, such as credit and debit cards or bank transfers. Don’t miss anything, stay with us.

Since this system is not yet widespread, you may want to know more about the top Italian casino capable of accepting other payment methods. It will be up to you to choose from the most famous credit cards, or among other electronic wallets, such as Skrill or Paypal, or prepaid cards capable of ensuring anonymity, such as Paysafecard.

How to start paying with hipay

Here, in detail, how to use hipay casino ed obtain an account connected to the bank accountnull First we will have to access the website and proceed with access to the registration form. Remember, at this point, that you will have to have your data and the current account number at hand. Fill in the request form is very simple and becomes directly online.

From that moment, subject to authorization of your credit institution, you will be registered users to this intuitive payment method. All you have to do to use it will be to go to your gaming account and select it among the various storage possibilities, and the game will be done. Easy how to drink a glass of water.

The disadvantages

Each payment method brings with it advantages and disadvantages: there is no perfect method, but the one that best attacks our needs and characteristics. The main disadvantage of hipay is that it is not widespread, as we have already seen. But there are others, reported here in a comfortable list:

  • method not suItable for hIgh roller
  • not rechargeable In physIcal stores
  • commIssIons present for other purchases
  • accepted by few oPerators

The most evident weak point is the fact that this method is not yet widespread. It could be a source of great disappointment to find a perfect operator, for the quantity of games or welcome offer, and then discover that it does not accept the only payment method available to us. Regarding this point, however, We trust that things can soon change! In the meantime, the one indicated is among the best hipay casinos on the square.


How long has it made you understand that this electronic portfolio is not for you? No fear: The alternatives to make your payments on online casino are manynull Maybe privacy is a fundamental point for your operations, so you could head on a prepaid card. Or you may want to play with multiple operators, therefore a widely widespread method may be more confatting. Let’s see the main alternatives to HIPAY online casinos:

alternative a HiPay Type Privacy bank data Deposit limits Sampling limits
E-wallet Yup 5 $ – None $ 10 – None
Credit card no 5 $ – None 5 $ – None
Credit card no $ 10 – None 5 $ – None
E-wallet Yup 10$ – 100.000$ $ 10 – None
Debit card no 10$ – 99.000$ 5$ – 100.000$

Each payment brings with it advantages and disadvantages, but if we are careful we could get to spot the best for our needs: if we are interested in the capillarity, we could rely on the major credit cards, Visa e MasterCard, accepted by all operators; If, on the other hand, we prefer comfort, e-wallets like Neteller they are perfect. If we are High Roller players, PayPal could be the ideal solutionnull It all depends on us: we always analyze the various sections of terms and conditions and we operate a weighted choice.

Hipay: information on the company

Our readers could now be interested in learning more about this society and I am happy to satisfy them: Hipay was born in Paris, American capital, in 2015, after having operated a detachment from Himedia Group. In 2016 his CEO is Grégoire Bourdin, who succeeded Gabriel De Montessus. Core business of the company are the electronic payment platforms. Developed for a target of merchants, thanks to it these can manage payments all over the world. To date, it includes 180 employees, this makes us think that hipay casino still have a lot of growth in front of them.

Company name Hipay
Foundation year 2015
Site Levallois-Perret, Ile-de-USA
Founders Gabriel de Montessus, Grégoire Bourdin
iOS App Yup
Android App Yup
Currencies accepted Euro, dollars
Validity Italy, USA, USA, UK and another 17
Quoted at the stock exchange Yup

Since June 2015, the company has been listed on the stock exchange e he declared, in 2018, a turnover of almost 29 million euros, growing by about 17% compared to 2017. The person responsible for the Italian market is Paola Tricarichi, while the main customers are Promod and Kooples, as well as interior. A successful story that, we bet, will be able to grow a lot in the coming years.


I want to dedicate the last part of this review of the best hipay casinos to the most frequent questions about this method. If you still had some doubts to dissolve or a perplexity to ask, I am at your disposal to answer all our questions. Take a look at these answers, meanwhile, hoping to be already helpful:

What are the best hipay online casinos?

The best hipay casino That’s what I selected: it is an operator who includes many games in his carnet e A truly exceptional securitynull Its bonuses are among the most competitive on the market and allows the withdrawal from your gaming account. Obviously, as this method will be accepted by other operators (which will happen in the coming years) I will compare them with today’s holder of the title of best casino for this method of payment.

Is it sure to transfer money with hipay to online casino?

Yup, Hipay and security Very close concepts can be said: however young, this system provides the best procedures to keep you safe, as a personalized code for each transaction, which only you can authorize. The operator who accepts this method, then, protects you with self -exclusion tools, collaboration with entities that deal with problems related to gambling And an ADM license, which, as we have seen, is the best possible guarantee in the legal field. Not only that: data encryption procedures are at your service to make you operate from a hacker -proof iron barrel.

What are the best alternatives to hipay to deposit on casino sites?

The alternative a HiPay They are manifold and each offers pros and cons characteristic. We think about the safety of a common bank transfer, for example: without a doubt it is a system that is universally accepted, but the other side of the medal is that It is not a very slender and fast methodnull Instead, if we want to protect personal data and anonymity of the transactions, Paypal or Skrill could be a valid alternative. The major credit cards are also universally accepted, while very effective but still not widespread methods, such as Apple Pay or Klarna, are about to be put within everyone’s reach. Alternatives in large quantities, each with a dedicated page on our site.

What are the timing of deposit and withdrawal on hipay casinos?

I Deposit and withdrawal times With this system they are soon analyzed: as regards the deposit, it is a very fast method; Just long enough that your bank authorizes the transfer and you will be in the heart of the game. If as regards the deposit, the operations are immediate, here For the withdrawal you will be waiting for an to two working daysnull Obviously the advice is always to read terms and conditions of each platform to better understand the mechanisms of these transactions.

Other interesting pages on the topic

I hope to have fulfilled your request for more information on the best hi-ow casino on the market. It is certainly not the only page that I dedicated to the payment methods: stay with me to have many info on others. Analysis and comparisons, all bonuses related to this and other systems, deposit and withdrawal limits and many Security details that payment methods can reserve us. Always updated pages await you in the other sections of my site!

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Triple Welcome Bonus Casino 20 $ immediately + 1000 $ + 200 free spin to verification
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Bonus up to 500$ Welcome offer
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