The best Nexi (CartaSi) casino of 2023 in USA

Welcome to the review dedicated to the Nexi casino, that is, the online gaming halls that accept this payment method.
I will analyze everything, from the ceilings to the commissions to the timing, but also schedules and bonuses, to identify the Migliori casino nexi in USA.

casino nexi Welcome bonus Certifications and collaborations Payout ✅ SAFE LINK
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In this in -depth focus, as online gaming enthusiast who made this passion a profession in the name of objectivity and independence of judgment, I tried to examine the best nexi casinos based on different themes: how to obtain this card , The methods of deposits and withdrawals And much more, including a part concerning safety. In this regard, I immediately want to tell you that every operator I reviewed has regular ADM license, a guarantee that none of these sites is a scam.

How to deposit on online casino Nexi

How do you make a payment with Nexi? In the next lines, the answer: it will be sufficient to obtain the card by filling out the relative online form and, from the chosen operator website, perform a few but crucial actions that will allow you to recharge the game account. The procedure is very simple, just take care not to reverse some passage and follow the instructions, after which you can play on the nexi casinos. Here are the steps to follow:

Deposit in a nexi casino
A 5 -step guide to deposit in the Nexi online casinos
Step 1
Open an account in a nexi casino
Choose only the top online casino nexi to play safely.
Request Nexi paper
Fill out the online request form from the Nexi website
Step 3
Make the deposit with Nexi
Choose Nexi as a payment method and set the top -up figure.
Step 4
Confirms the operation
Enter the OTP (One Time Password) code.
Begins to play
The deposit is instantaneous, you can play immediately.

How to pick up

So much simplicity also reverberates in the steps to be taken when you want to take a sampling on the Nexi casinos? The answer is positive: here too I prepared a point aiming that summarizes all the steps necessary for a procedure that proves to be even easier than that used for payments. Always check about having complied with all the terms and conditions of the promotions that are possibly activated, before carrying out an outgoing transaction (which will take an average of a working day to do).

  1. enter your personal account, InsIde a nexI casIno
  2. log In the payments sectIon, and In that wIthdrawal you choose “nexI” as a methodology
  3. IndIcates the sum you Intend to wIthdraw
  4. select the Icon wIth the word In blue and enter the data of your card
  5. In the fIrst wIthdrawal phase, a control of the IdentIty document Is requested
  6. confIrms the operatIon
  7. waIt a workIng day for the fulfIllment of the operatIon

How to choose the suitable Nexi casino

This paragraph deals with analyzing what are the parameters we have to make use of when we evaluate the best nexi casinos. If you have no idea, this is the right place to find out more: I will specifically analyze the amount of games offered, the bonuses and their characteristics, to establish the real convenience of promotions. In addition, aspects more technically linked to financial transactions, such as the sample and deposit limits (so that, if you are strong players, you would immediately know which operators to choose), commissions and timing and, last but not least, the presence of an app for mobile.

In the next lines I will go to analyze the Top casino connection More and more closely: are they equipped with security certificates? Which? How many games do they have in the schedule? Have compatible applications with this payment system? At the end of this focus, you can say you know everything about this prepaid card!

Safety notes: how to avoid scams

the first question i want to answer in my guide to the best nexi casinos is of primary importance: can we entrust our game to the nexi casinos? is it a scam? definitely not, do not fear: this is a safe method, as evidenced by the many banks that release this card, present for almost 50 years on the market And who recently changed the brand, passing from Cartai to Nexi. Not only that: this system offers us an OTP (One Time Password) code associated with each transaction, so as to be able to personally authorize any payment. In addition, the RNG of the operators who accept it is constantly tested, while the ADM license and the certificates for the responsible game attest to the full lawfulness of the game operations. In short, an iron barrel!

Nexi casino safe AAMS license Payout Report Responsible game Other certificates Acknowledgment Link
ecograpp Play without exaggerating
EGR Italy awards 2018
ecograpp Play responsible
EGR Awards 2013

The operators I selected who use this system are extremely safe: they have certificates that confirm their commitment for the protection of health to safety e truly effective self -exclusion tools not to fall into the compulsive gamenull They are all in accordance with the law and all have the fundamental seal of the Customs and Monopolies Agency. In addition, they obtained very prestigious awards such as Egr Awards. Given the great choice, it was not easy to choose the Best Nexi casino in USA, but I did it!

Casino games available with this payment method

I now move on to a more technical and more playful aspect of my guide to the NEXI casin, or the amount of games available if we choose this method of payment: The possibilities are manynull All slot titles of the moment and those that have made the history of the online casino, different variants of poker, as many different roulette and the possibility of accessing the magical world of the live casino that gives us the experience of a real casino being comfortably seated on the sofa at home. Here is the list of possibilities for you:

It goes without saying that we will have to pay close attention to the offer of the games before choosing our favorite online casino: not only will he have to have many titles and juicy news, but he will also have to give us the opportunity to range among the offers; In fact, we could be fans of several games, e It would be better for the casino to have a wide carnet of allnull Roulette as much as I can, different variants of poker and a list of slots to lose our heads could be excellent indicators of the great offer of an operator.

Live casino that accept the type of deposit

And for the section dedicated to the game in real time? What is the best live casino for those who decide to play in this compelling mode using online casino nexi? In this paragraph I will shed light on this issue. I will analyze the welcome bonuses, the operation of the section and much morenull I start immediately with a comfortable table, so as to have all the useful information at a glance:

  • guaranteed securIty
  • many games avaIlable
  • unbeatable lIve sectIon
100 free spin + cashback Up to $ 200+ Up to 200 Free spin
Terms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.

Don’t you know what live casinos are? Don’t worry, I’ll explain it to you immediately: this kind of chance offers us The experience of a real casino without moving from homenull You will almost want to wear your best dress, because real Croupier will distribute the cards or turn the ball on the roulette, pronouncing all the ritual phrases. Filmed by different cameras, they will know how to make you feel at the center of the action! Also for this section I tried to select only the best: the Best Italy Live Casino Casino On the Italian square!


The backbone of a discussion like that of this page is the section concerning the bonuses: what are the bonuses made available for those who decide to use this card? Are they convenient? How do the Nexi bonus casino work? In this section I will examine in a table, the offers, the players and the validity of all the bonuses offered by the operators who accept this Italian method and we will discover the first position:

casino nexi Welcome offer Terms and conditions Playthrough Validity
100 free spin + cashback Up to 200$ + Up to 200 free spin
Terms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
40 volte 10 days
Up to $ 300 on the first 3 deposits
Terms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
50 volte 30 days

Only a detail to always keep in mind: before approaching any operator, Read carefully the section dedicated to terms and conditionsnull In fact, they could make last minute changes and you may not be able to access the bonuses described above. I will try to monitor everything constantly, reporting changes, changes and the Best offers, but sending the terms and conditions of the Nexi casino in memory would be a good practice.

Deposit and withdrawal limits

But what are the storage and withdrawal limits available with this all -Italian method? I find myself in a truly determining point: the limits are one of those factors that could push us to want to operate with another system. If the times for deposits are too long, in fact, the desire to deposit could escape, since we cannot be immediately in the heart of the game. With Nexi, don’t worry: the deposits are immediate, just wait a few seconds so that the bank authorizes the transaction. The maximum deposit limits depend only on the bank of the bank itself, making this good payment for the high roller players only in some cases.

In the next element, all the useful details on the nexi casino levy:

casino nexi Deposit limits Sampling limits Storage times Withdrawal times
10 $ – Maximum paper limit 10$ – 10.000$ Immediate 2/3 working days
15$ – 4.000$ 10$ – 4.000 Immediate 2/3 working days

As already mentioned, the limits of deposit on online casino Nexi are often tied by the ceiling granted by the bank to our card. It could therefore, in the best of cases, deal with a High Roller casinonull As for the sampling limits, The maximum limit found in the casino analyzed is that of 10,000 euros, with processing times of two or three working days. As always, however, I recommend viewing the terms and conditions of each operator section.

Casinò Mobile Nexi

All operators allow you to approach games and offers from mobile, but there is a big difference between those that offer a simple browser version of their site and those that provide a native appliance: Having an application means allowing its users an advanced gaming quality, as much as possible without lag and suitable for the screens of the mobile device. The accessibility to the games, the payments section and the fluidity of the game are unparalleled, if the app is well studied and cyclically updated. No lag, tranquility in payments, practical and fast actions, slender game and without impediments: these are the characteristics of the best nexi casino for mobile. In the next lines, the best:

Casinò Mobile Nexi Welcome bonus Slot mobile Roulette Mobile Blackjack mobile App vote Link
100 free spin + cashback Up to $ 200 + Up to 200 Free spin 180 6 4
5.00 ★ are 5 Terms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
As far as 300$ on the first 3 deposits 150 5 4
4.50 ★ are 5 Terms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.

A truly champion casino: a well -studied, constantly updated app that provides us with all the possibilities we have playing from a computer. Agile, fast and light (so it will not take up much memory on the smartphone) it has clear and compelling graphics And it allows us to carry out the important deposit and withdrawal operations without nuisance. This Mobile Casino Nexi app is really perfect.

A fundamental point that defines i Best mobile casino It is the constant updating of the application: this factor makes the game more fluid and fun, preventing us from dealing with cumbersome procedures and delays in viewingnull I discarded the heaviest and most cumbersome applications. All slot machines, the tables of the best card games and the live casino, all about the mobile screen: not joking, right?

The advantages

At this point, via a summary relating to the advantages, in my examination of the Nexi online casino: what are the points in favor of this method of payment? Hacker proof safety, but also widespread diffusion, which allows you to choose our favorite operator with ample margin. So let’s see, thanks to a comfortable list, the major strengths of this system:

  • relIabIlIty and safety
  • great solIdIty
  • excellent customer servIce
  • accepted by the major oPerators

All recommended casinos

At the beginning of this focus you can find all the useful results of my analyzes on Migliori casino online Nexinull But it does not end here: when in the future new casino will be added to the choice, in all probability they will allow us to use this method of payment. From time to time I will tester them and, if necessary, I will update the ranking of the nexi casino levy. For the moment, there are already many alternative options:

I will talk about it more widely later, but if you think that this method does not for you, you can always take a look at the Best Italian casinos Able to accept other payment methods, it is widespread as this, be less known: perhaps you are more familiar with the common credit cards, or you would like to use an electronic wallet like PayPal. Choose calmly after analyzing all the possibilities.

How to start paying with Nexi

In this paragraph of my analysis on the nexi casino I want to talk about a very practical aspect: how to get a Nexi card. Just fill in the online request form, directly from the website How? You will have to enter the ABI code of your current account and the name of your banking institution: obviously you will have to be of age, possess an Italian account, do not be protested and have a documentable income.

The card will be sent directly to you at home and you can follow the approval and shipping procedure step by step. Once obtained, it will be ready to be used, because you will find all the codes you will need to proceed with the first deposit on the website of your reference operator. You will have to access the payments page, select Nexi as a method, Choose the figure to be deposited and enter the OTP code: At this point, the game is done, given that the figure will be paid instantly on the gaming account. Very easy.

The disadvantages

As is obvious, there is no perfect payment method, given that everyone has peculiarities that can more or less fit with our style of play or with the budget in our possession. Nexi also has its weaknesses And in this section I will deal with their analysis; I start from a practical list:

  • not suItable for strong players
  • not all operators accept the wIthdrawal
  • maxImalI not always hIgh
  • not unIversally accepted

Unfortunately I found that some operators do not accept this payment method, or that some do not allow the withdrawal using this card. I recommend you to always be scrupulous when you approach the sections and conditions of the best nexi casinos, so as not to risk being disappointed recently pleasant surprises in the future.


I am almost at the end of the analysis of this Italian payment system and it is possible that you have discovered that it is not for you, since you may prefer to have a little higher limits, or play on many operators e with a method that is universally acceptednull What are the alternatives that are right for you, then? What possibility do you have? In the next table I will try to analyze some of them:

alternative of a nexi Type Privacy bank data Deposit limits Sampling limits
E-wallet Yup 5 $ – None $ 10 – None
Credit card no 5 $ – None 5 $ – None
Credit card no $ 10 – None 5 $ – None
E-wallet Yup 10$ – 100.000$ $ 10 – None
Debit card no 10$ – 99.000$ 5$ – 100.000

Each payment has its peculiarities And it will be up to us to choose what best suits our skills and preferences: are we interested that payments are anonymous? Here we could choose an electronic wallet, such as Paypal or Skrill. If, on the other hand, our worry is that the method is accepted by all operators, we could rely on the most famous credit cards, such as Mastercard or Visa. Choose carefully. To be in step with the times, we could rely on Apple Pay.

Nexi: information on the company

Originally there was CartaSi: for decades it was the most popular brand on credit cards with Italian emission. Brand owned by the Institute of Italian Popular Banks that had the Christmas back in 1939 and then evolved, in 2017, by Nexi: From this year, in fact, that credit cards with the CartaSi logo are no longer issued. A change that was both nominal and substantial, because the credit institution has made available some innovations, tailor -made for the new needs of a world that runs and certainly has no intention of stopping.

Company name: Nexi
Foundation year: 1932
Founders: ABI
iOS App: Yup
Android App: Yup
Currencies accepted: Euro, dollars, pounds
Validity: Italy, UK, USA, Germany and another 100
Quoted at the stock exchange: Yup

This company manages a amazing number of payment cards in different ways: there are 41.3 million, for 2.7 billion transitions. I also remember that from 16 April 2019 it is listed on the stock exchange, present in the FTSE MIB index, therefore synonymous with a very stable company. A highly successful Italian story, which will certainly still go very far.


Before concluding, I want to answer some of the questions that on the net have appeared more frequently about the best Nexi casinos: if you still had some doubts to dissolve, I am at your disposal to answer all the questions. Take a look at these answers, meanwhile, hoping to be already helpful:

What are the best online casino nexi?

Best casino nexi They are the selected ones, then storcasino and Betway: make the highest bonuses available, the best conditions for those wishing to pay with this method of payment and a truly remarkable quantity of games. Always be connected to get updates, because if other operators decide to insert this system in those available, I will analyze them in detail.

Is it sure to transfer money with Nexi to online casinos?

Yup, Nexi and security They are practically synonymous: safety is that of a classic credit card, so you will have a one time code to be inserted for each transaction, combined with that and that. Only you, therefore, can authorize a paymentnull In addition, everything will be traceable, allowing you to always have the pulse of the situation. Not only that: operators who accept this payment method are very attentive to data and make us safe from any hacker attacks through very efficient encrypting data encryption systems.

What are the best alternatives to Nexi to deposit on casino sites?

The alternative of a nexi They are manifold and each offers pros and cons pechiage: I think of the safety of a common bank transfer: without a doubt it is a system that is universally accepted, but the other side of the medal is that it is not a very slender and fast method null Instead, if we want to protect personal data and anonymity, PayPal could be a valid alternativenull The major credit cards are also universally accepted, while very effective but still not widespread methods, such as Apple Pay or Klarna are about to be put within everyone’s reach. Alternatives in great evolution, therefore: remain connected!

What are the timing of deposit and sampling on the Nexi casinos?

I Deposit times and withdrawal Nexi They are soon analyzed: as regards the deposit, in fact, a few seconds need: it depends on the confirmation times of our banking institution. As for the withdrawal, which I remember being available for the best casinos analyzed in this focus, they can be a little more cumbersome, since They will need an average of two or three working days to have the money on the card available.

Other interesting pages on the topic

I hope that the lines contained in this review of the best nexi casinos are useful to you. If so, I invite you to stay on this portal for the other insights on the various methods accepted by online casinos. Many useful focus on the best bonuses for each payment system, on safety and on the storage and withdrawal limits await you in other pages of this site. My analyzes will always be updated and modified according to the variation of the provisions. Carefully browse!

125% up to 500$ on the first deposit
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