Slot Finn and the Swirly Spin Review – Many Bonus Game with Lepcano

If I chose to write a Finn and the Swirly Spin review review, it is because I am convinced that this Neten game will be able to passionate many of my readers. The product proves to be very particular starting from Square configuration with 5 rollers and 5 lines, which is added a rotation payments and a latest generation video game graphics.

The theme is Ireland and the main character a classic leprecan that sounds traditional music and gives bonuses and special functions during the standard laps. The chances of winning are implemented on a Payline in Valanga pattern inside the spiral that characterizes the interface. The payout is high and the playability is maximum.

Finn and The Swirly Spin
200$ + 100 free giri
Terms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
Slot 4.80/5
Slot: Finn and The Swirly Spin
Rollers and lines 5 rollers, 10 payment lines
Slot payout 96.62%
Type of winning Fixed
Software NetEnt
Play on
Slot simili Lucky Leprechaun, Stacks O’Gold
Bonus slot 200$ + 100 free giri
Release date November 2017
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Here I have inserted a sort of navigation bar that shows you The main topics that will be addressed in the next paragraphs. In this review Finn and the Swirly Spin I decided to enter several data and many info on the regulation. The gameplay is in fact decidedly atypical and the explanation of its functioning is therefore useful both for newbies and professionals.

But obviously there is also much more to follow. You will find the game in the demo version, excellent for exercising and becoming familiar with rollers. By consulting the various tables you will also be able to know the best casinos that chose it. In closing you will also discover alternative slots to try, further suggestions for your game sessions.

Best sites for Finn and the swirly spin slot 2023: list by type

  1. Netbet (Il top per fInn and the swIrly spIn slot)
  2. Unibet (NetEnt partner operator for slots)
  3. 888casino (the assortment of largest Slot jackpot)
  4. Snai (casIno wIth mobIle app for top slot)
  5. Leovec (the sIte wIth the promotIons for the most convenIent slots)
  6. Admiralbet (many types of slot machInes In the catalog)
  7. Digital game (casIno wIth InnovatIve real -tIme slots
  8. Sisal (operator wIth wIde range of bar slot)

Top Casino Finn and the Swirly Spin with real money: recent ranking

Finn and the swirly spin slot real money took hold in USA just after its first distribution, which took place internationally in November 2017. A good number of Italian casinos chose to insert the game in their portfolio because of the gameplay release and for Netent’s absolute reliability, the production house that made it.

You will ask yourself at this point: which Gambling site should I choose to play it? I cannot provide a univocal answer, but simply tools to evaluate the question with knowledge of the fact. In the previous paragraph I added a list of casino focused on main characteristics of the various platforms, to follow a more general ranking.

Below is therefore to find the best Finn and the Swirly spin slot casinos with real money from 2023:

netent casino bonusFree SpinGamesPayoutAssessmentSafe link
200$ + 100 free giri100200+ 97.55%
4.90 ★ are 5
www.netbet.usTerms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
500$ on the first deposit50200+ 97.70%
4.80 ★ are 5
www.unibet.usTerms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
500$ on the first deposit 88100+ 98.20%
4.75 ★ are 5
www.888casino.usTerms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
1.000$ + 10 $ Without deposit N/a 150+ 96.35%
4.70 ★ are 5
www.snai.usTerms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
1.000$ on the first deposit 225200+ 98.40%
4.65 ★ are 5
www.leovegas.usTerms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.

How did I determine the positions of merit in this ranking? Simple, I spent a couple of days to carry out Evaluation and performance test regarding all the services offered by the different platforms. The empirical method allowed me to have a clear vision on the quality of slot online Proposals, the assortment of compatible bonuses and on the safety of gaming houses.

As for the latter factor, I want to specify that I controlled the various numbers of the licenses on the website of the Customs and Monopoli agency (ex AAMS). The operators you find in the box at the top, in addition to proposing Finn and the Swirly spin slot, are therefore safe and reliable as they passed the scrutiny of the Italian regulator body, remote game activities in charge of control.

Finn and the Swirly Spin slot gratis: la demo per sessioni test

I always recommend to all players of test games in demo mode before taking the field. All the more so I have to do it here, considering that the game regulations are worth 99% from that of other machines on the market. By playing on Finn and the Swirly spin slot for free you will also notice how many bonus game they have been inserted by the developer.

Special functions must also be included by the players. Although they run automatically, they still put in front of the player of the decisions to be made on strategies and volume of the current episode. In summary: of reasons to prove the demo there are galore, without considering that You can do it without spending money!

Gioca subito

If you have not yet operated Finn and the Swirly Spin Slot Free, do it immediately by clicking on the central icon you find in the presentation screen at the top. The simulation of the gameplay is made to preserve each function in the real game that is found on the best Italian platforms. You will find the same bonuses, the free spins and the same payment methods.

Take advantage of the fact that this trial has no limited features to experiment with some game schemes and for vary from time to time the amount of your betsnull You can do it without thoughts, also aimed very high sums in a single spin, thanks to virtual credit. At the end of the trial heats if you want to switch to a real casino I suggest trying, among all, Admiralbet.

Finn and the swirly spin slot: an introduction to the machine

The Finn and the Swirly Spin Slot version real money is distributed by Netten on the casino circuit in 2017 To compete with Irish themed articles made by rival providers. The starting intent is successfully made and the merit is all in the particular conformation of the machine and in the gameplay.

During the design phase, the technicians of the well -known Swedish software house have given all their creative flair. In addition to having created graphic animations from newly concept video games, the developers are the architects of the spiral structure of the rollers. A well -seasoned unicum with A bonus game myriad and technical functions never seen before.

Namely it is a 5 roller, but the Payline system does not reflect the norm and the principles of the classic machines. On the other hand, the setting of the commands follows the rigid format of the house. The button holder contains the traditional tools proposed by the developer, including Episode levels, Quick Spin and automatic rpm highly customizable from the player.

RTP, symbols and payments system

By checking the value of the Finn and the Swirly spin slot payout, the umpteenth advantage of the product is obtained. The rate is equivalent to 96.62% And it is positioned at the top of a hypothetical performance ranking that contemplates the percentages of returning to the middle player. A good machine normally records 96%, everything else is a further theoretical profit.

The system that allows the winnings contemplates a movement of spiral rollers involving high, medium and low symbols, in addition to Special boxes that trigger the game bonusesnull The payments table starts from the red ruby: with 5 symbols aligned horizontally and vertically obtain 500 tokens, a pingue booty if you opt for the maximum bet.

  • InnovatIve wInnIng system
  • many specIal symbols
  • Bonus game top
  • Tasso payout alto
  • graphIc anImatIons
  • free spIn
  • No jackpot
  • compThex gameplay

More modest, in terms of winnings paid, the other symbols. The acorn offers 120 general tokens With 5 aligned boxes, the horse iron 100. The four -leaf clover, symbol of fortune in the Irish tradition, only 80. The heart and the frieze of spades close the panoramic, both stopped to 50 tokens. But don’t worry: as we will soon see the big money you will do them with the special bonuses.

This is true if two factors occur in conjunction: if you get the right function and at the same time if you are betting the maximum episode. In that case you can bring home a win which is almost a jackpot. A good consolation, given that the prize pool is not contemplated. As for the Bet Range, with episode levels You can play from $ 0.10 up to $ 200.

All special turns and high winnings high

The reconnaissance on bonus sessions begins starting from the most important symbol of the gameplay: that of the key, known in the game as “Free Spins Key”. As the name declares, it It is used to set free laps in motionnull To ensure that this happens the box must run towards the center of the spiral. When it reaches it, it will be able to offer various combo of free shots.

Another fundamental box for the game system is the “Wild” one characterized by a star. When it provides winnings in standard laps it produces a chain effect Destroying herself and adjacent symbols to cause the sliding of other boxes and any new payments, both vertically and horizontally, according to the game protocol.

A particular variant of this “Wild” is represented by the “Sticky Wild” which however occur only in one of the various free spin sessions provided by the machine, in this case the “lav lair free spins”. In this case they always increase the possibilities of winning the player, but they remain fixed to create new combo And therefore he does not self -destruct or disintegrate the adjacent boxes.

During the non -winning laps, the leprecan can intervene by assigning Random winnings and special random functionsnull There are 4 “feature” of these particular “feature” and each is characterized by a particular system of assignment of payments. To learn more about their mechanism, I advise you to take a look at the info section directly on Finn and the swirly spin slot real money.

These “feature” are also associated with a particular category of free spin. As we have seen previously, there are several heats with free shots offered by the gameplay. In each of them you can therefore find a different random function between: “Starfalls Wild”, “Dragon Destroy”, “Irish Luck”, “Magic Transform”null Needless to tell you that during these heats you will accumulate many tokens.

Mobile version: Evaluation of the Responsive Slot Machine

A paragraph dedicated to the compatibility issue is a must, especially by virtue of the fact that most users prefer to bet on-the-go today not only on casino tables but also on slot machines. Obviously the Netten, well aware of the market, immediately made one immediately versione responsive di Finn and the Swirly Spin slot.

By carrying out my usual tests from devices of different workmanship and with the most popular operating systems, I actually been able to find a very high playability. The arrangement of the commands is greatly appreciated and the adaptation to the limited space of the tablets and smartphones. The quality does not worsen by changing casino apps.

In this regard, they lead in the box below the best mobile Finn and the Swirly spin slot casino:

100% on the first deposit 1.000$ Bonus + 10 $ FREE
  • mobIle welcome bonus
  • Tante slot on-the-go
  • per devIce Ios e androId
Terms and conditions are applied. Click on “Go to the site” to find out more about the bonus.

In principle, today most of the responsive games are made with all the trappings and this certainly improves the experience of the players. On the other hand, casino platforms have also implemented on-the-go solutions with Browser software or highly respectable nativesnull This is to reassure you whether to bet from smartphones and tablets.

It must be said, however, that the Snai Mobile App He has shown that he has more cards on the table of the competition. In addition to proposing a performing web app, they are present on the site Various applications downloadable for Androidnull For Apple products the same can be downloaded directly to the store. The historic Italian brand also offers Promo Top Level compatible with all the catalog slots. Therefore, several reasons, all valid, to choose it.

Conclusion, suggestions and other info

By sharing with you this Slot Finn and the Swirly Spin review I had the opportunity to introduce you to a product that It is actually difficult to summarize in a single web pagenull The special characteristics of the slot are many, such as bonus functions. This is why I suggest you deepen them using the excellent description of the regulation on the info section of the machine.

Having said that, going to the salient characteristics, I would like to remember The structure of the spiral rollersnull A configuration that positively affects your Bankroll as the paying symbols self -destruct cause the scrolling of the adjacent boxes and the consequent winning sessions in sequence. Also to remember the graphics with animations and the excellent payout.

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Play on:
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Play on:

The classic advice I give to my readers is that of continuously vary Slot machinenull This type of conduct, in addition to being used above all by experts, offers more statistical possibilities to come across a winning algorithmic session. Therefore, never gets incapable of winning on a game just because he did not produce the desired results.

As a consequence of this universal advice, I propose you in the pits above other slots made by well -known providers. Already from a first glance you can see that they are very different by setting the theme, reading the reviews you will discover a swarm of interesting technical characteristics. Do that, as always, I chose them from the sites of the Best AAMS casinos (today ADM), platforms with system TLS encryption system.

Frequent questions

Before definitively concluding the present here review Slot Finn and the Swirly Spin I would like to review Some frequent questions about the gamenull I chose important topics from the various requests for clarification that I came via email. Read my answers carefully to have a more complete picture of the situation. In case of other doubts, write me also to the mail address.

✅ In which casinos can I play at the Finn and the Swirly Spin slot?

The Nettent coil game It is widely available on the Italian web spacenull You will find it only and exclusively on platforms verified by the Customs Agency and Monopolies as Netent does not establish partnerships of any kind with illegal market sites. To make a prudent choice I recommend you consider the ranking of Best Finn and the Swirly Spin casinos that I cared with care after a while a lot of tests and checks.

❓ How much is the RTP rate of the Finn and the Swirly Spin slot worth?

I positively evaluated the value of the Finn and the Swirly Spin slot payout And I couldn’t have done otherwise since we are talking about A rate that touches 97%null The percentage of returning to the player is very indicative of the convenience of a particular game, but it should not be relying only on it. It is a “theoretical” statistical figure that cannot guarantee winning sessions, but only to give an idea of the average algorithmic operation.

La slot Finn and the Swirly Spin dispone di giri bonus?

Among the essential characteristics of this innovative Netent article, special functions and high -end heats are certainly high. The variety of giri bonus su Finn and the Swirly Spin slot It is very wide. In addition to the conventional free shots there are some Random “feature” that are activated randomly Both on the standard and on the heat with free spins. To all this is also added the system of sliding winnings that allows you to spot a thread of payments.

⭐ What are the best Finn and the Swirly Spin casinos on the square?

Choosing the right platform is never simple as they must be evaluated not only the overall qualities of a gambling house, but also the most specific characteristicsnull These must also relate to the style of the episodes made by the player or other needs that the user has as absolute priority. That’s why I developed a list of top siti di slot con Finn and the Swirly Spin which distinguishes them by strengths. All you have to do is consult it!

Which provider developed the Finn and the Swirly Spin online slot?

Il Software Netent Installed on Finn and the swirly spin slot real money is clear about the origin of the game. The homonymous stable, award -winning Danish company, has overcome herself with this machine. It is An absolutely unique article in the market, both for its structure and for the functions. But moreover the provider has accustomed us well over the years. It is no coincidence that he has won numerous prizes during his commercial career.

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As far as 500$ + 300 free spin
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100% up to 500$ on the first deposit
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As far as 300$ 3 bonus package
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100 free spin + cashback 200$ + 200 free spin
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Triple Welcome Bonus Casino 20 $ immediately + 1000 $ + 200 free spin to verification
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Bonus up to 500$ Welcome offer
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