Slot Ozzy Osbourne review – A tribute to the king of Heavy Metal

This Slot Ozzy Osbourne review is dedicated to all those who have loved the music of one of the greatest performers of heavy rock ever existed. But the in -depth analysis can be useful even more generically to high roller. The gameplay of this Hound 5 piechellets It is suited precisely to the most experienced players.

It happens rarely to discover so lively videos. The regulation does not follow classic patterns and offers a disproportionate number of Functions and bonuses with important winningsnull Even the free spin sessions are characterized by particular “feature”, while the main spins propose the “Bonus Bet”, a bet that ensures high volatility.

Ozzy Osbourne
200$ + 100 free giri
Terms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
Slot 5.00/5
Slot: Ozzy Osbourne
Rollers and lines 5 rollers, 20 payment lines
Slot payout 96.30%
Type of winning Fixed
Software NetEnt
Play on
Slot simili Motorhead, Guns N’ Roses
Bonus slot 200$ + 100 free giri
Release date November 2019
Page content:

The technical connotations of the car are little asserted to beginners. To have a mastery of the game, a medium-high experience is required because too many functions are active that the novice players could confuse. I will explain all The rules and mechanisms of the bonus game In a large dedicated section, lower.

But in this review Slot Ozzy Osbourne will also have the opportunity to stretch your bones with the demo version, which I added to allow you to practice directly on the rollers. The review also contains A top list of official sites where you can find the game with real money. I classified them for overall qualities and also cataloged for specific characteristics.

Best sites for Ozzy Osbourne Slot 2023

  1. Netbet (the recommended platform for the Ozzy Osbourne slot)
  2. Unibet (top casIno for players who love neenth games)
  3. 888casino (operator wIth the best slot portfolIo for professIonals)
  4. Snai (ItalIan sIte full of classIc slot machInes)
  5. Leovec (casIno wIth bonus offers for best slots)
  6. Admiralbet (platform wIth slot assortment from the excellent rtp)
  7. Sisal (one of the best slot apps In cIrculatIon)
  8. Starcare (casIno wIth rIch assortment of begInners)

General classification of the Ozzy Osbourne Top Casino with real money

Several operators associated with Netent acquired Ozzy Osbourne Slot immediately after the commercial launch, which took place at the end of November 2019. The offer obviously expanded over time and today the machine is very easily found on an unknown number of Gambling platforms , all Legal and 100% reliable.

Since the sites certified by the Customs Agency and Monopolies are of excellent caliber, it seemed useful to me to make a sorting of the numerous proposals. After a series of tests with performance in comparison on different evaluation parameters, I came to draw up a reliable ranking of the platforms who have the car in the catalog.

Below are the best Ozzy Osbourne casino with real money from 2023:

netent casino bonusFree SpinGamesPayoutAssessmentSafe link
200$ + 100 free giri100200+ 97.55%
4.90 ★ are 5
www.netbet.usTerms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
500$ on the first deposit50200+ 97.70%
4.80 ★ are 5
www.unibet.usTerms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
500$ on the first deposit 88100+ 98.20%
4.75 ★ are 5
www.888casino.usTerms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
1.000$ + 10 $ Without deposit N/a 150+ 96.35%
4.70 ★ are 5
www.snai.usTerms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
1.000$ on the first deposit 225200+ 98.40%
4.65 ★ are 5
www.leovegas.usTerms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.

For the classification of the various operators I had to cross the results of my tests and give an overall evaluation of their services. An important weight on the final outcome of the ranking certainly had the assortment of slot online on the various portfolio. The most differentiated catalogs e with a high -level average payout have been awarded.

But an even more influential role on the final judgment played promotional offers. In the Table Indicate The main features of the various Welcome packages, which however I analyzed by carefully reading the terms and conditions of the regulations. In all these cases, the welcome bonus is applicable on Ozzy Osbourne Slot and, more generally, on many other machines.

Ozzy Osbourne slot gratis: l’instant player per allenarvi

On Gambling sites, in addition to the original product, you will also find the Ozzy Osbourne Slot for free, a demo with fake money useful to compare yourself with the game dynamics without spending money. Sometimes the free version is available (even without registration) on the specific platform, but some operators require an account, so Take advantage of the insult player below!

Since I personally tested both the car with real money and the one with virtual credit, I can certify that the latter simulates the official gameplay perfectlynull In the trial you will find everything: from bonuses to multipliers, from free spin to special symbols. All with the advantage of being able to use an unlimited Monte Gettoni.

Gioca subito

You will have noticed that on Ozzy Osbourne Slot Free you can act on the episode in different ways. To increase the lap bet you can increase the value of the tokens, the level of the placed or take advantage of the “Bonus Bet” that It also increases the volatility of the algorithmnull Try them all until you have found your favorite modus operandi.

You will have noticed that the game is not very simple. Even if it goes automatically and does not force particular moves it is good to know thoroughly the operation of all special laps before making real episodes on casinos with real money. When you feel ready, you can choose one or more proposals from my ranking or go straight to number one, represented by Netbet.

Ozzy Osbourne: the overview of the game

Ozzy Osbourne Slot real money is a musical theme game dedicated to the famous Black Sabbath singer. On the rollers there are bats, crows and all the imagination of the “prince of darkness”. The symbols move on a classic 5 -rollers structure with 10 payment lines, but overall special heats totally high volatility.

The most full -bodied winnings, especially if you use the particular “feature” so -called “bonus bet”, accumulate during the course of Bonus sessions including Free Spin and Re-Spinsnull Both rather complex in their mechanisms and in any case also embellished with the presence of other special boxes and multiplier winnings worthy of note.

The graphic interface was made with great care of the detail, the sound is not very present during the conventional laps, while scratching with disgust during free and winning spins. The distribution of the commands follows the usual rules of the Netten Protocol. The tools offered are Autospin, Quick Spin and several episode selectors.

Winning and payout symbols

Despite a rather high volatility – which means a few but very substantial winnings – the machine offers a good return rate to the player. The card accompanied by Nettend itself and verified by various testing agency informs us that the Ozzy Osbourne Slot Payout It is firm at 96.30%null A positive statistics for the games in its category.

As I said previously, the most full -bodied part of payments is received during the bonus heat. However, it must be said that even the standard laps can sometimes make discrete sums collect, thanks to the high winning symbols. Let’s see what they are starting from the top, or the box with the image of Ozzy on red background. Finding 5 on one or more payline, 1,000 tokens are totaled!

  • free spIn specIalI
  • manche re-spIns
  • wInnIng multIplIer
  • good RTP tasso
  • engagIng sound
  • software NetEnt
  • suItable for professIonals
  • Jackpot absent

When the rocker appears instead on a box with orange background at least 5 times on a winning lap, There are 400 the stenchings in prizenull The figure drops to 300 with the singer on a green background and complete with a microphone in hand. The collection leads to 250 with the last figure representing him, this time on a blue background.

Ozzy Osbourne Slot is an article that I consider suitable for experts and top roller. While not having a fixed or progressive prize pool, the gameplay gives special heat heats with payments of thousands of euros. To achieve results with several zeros, however, you must be a little reckless or in any case have a good Bankroll available. Also because the Bet Range starts from 0.40 $ and reaches $ 100 for the round.

Winnings in the bonus heat and with special symbols

The first “feature” that I go to describe is linked to the bet and consequently affects the winnings. I’m talking about the special episode, as well as optional, “Bonus Bet”. When the player activates it the free spins become more frequent, The winning multiplier salt of altitude, but 40 tokens are put on the plate by betting level.

In summary, they increase the possibility of winning and amazing amounts, but they venture a little more for each single spin. Among the functions of the standard game, they immediately lead the one called “Re-Spins”. It It is activated automatically with only 2 “scatter” And in turn it can operate the free laps in particular conditions and at the end of the heat.

The free laps of Ozzy Osbourne Slot real money, activated by 3 “Scatter”, are particularly complex. In addition to the 5 rollers of the game, two lateral spinners appear in the interface (one on the right, the other on the left). The first defines a rewarded symbol for each lap, the second reports the “feature” that is applied to all the symbols displayed (including the multiplier).

The spinner in practice behave like tools that “prepare” the rollers before the actual free lap. They dispense symbols and multipliers and then assign the winning winnings to the end of the lapnull To understand everything well, I recommend doing some tests. After various attempts, the logic of the algorithm are clearly understood.

The sessions of free shots are particularly generous in terms of payments also because in the spinners of the “feature” they can also be displayed “coin win”, the “Wild” and the “upgrade” boxes. The former provide directly in the tokens, the latter increase the possible payines, the latest on the list they transform in agreement with the winning lines.

Mobile version: a judgment

The game is widely available on mobile devices. It is not to be surprised also because we know well that most of the bets now happen from smartphones and tablets. However, you must always check if The quality of the responsive version is high And it must be done even more so in this case.

The complexity of the gameplay on small screens could theoretically compromise the “readability” of the game heats. But they reassure you immediately because, in the practical act, all this has not occurred. I tested Ozzy Osbourne Slot both on tablets and on iOS and Android smartphones, as well as on different platforms, with Perfect results and great satisfaction.

Below is the best mobile casino Ozzy Osbourne:

100% on the first deposit 1.050$ Bonus + 5 $ FREE
  • browser and natIve app
  • Slot top assortment
  • bonus compatIble wIth mobIle
Terms and conditions are applied. Click on “Go to the site” to find out more about the bonus.

Today the sophisticated level of portable technology is under everyone’s eyes and the casino brands have adapted to the scenario, proposing Dedicated software with excellent general performancenull The report I made in this box above is therefore only a tip: very valid for heaven’s sake, but also choosing one of the other operators suggested on this page you will still be on the safe side.

However, I want to explain to you why in my opinion the app mobile Sisal It is more convenient. Certainly the commercial history of the company has weighed in my judgment, among the first in USA to invest in responsive platforms and games. But there is also to say that too The excellent downloadable app influenced me. It is actually very comfortable!

Conclusion and other top slots

Thanks to the Slot Ozzy Osbourne review I had the opportunity to present an exciting game mainly designed for the top roller and expertsnull The gameplay is not very easy to deal with and it takes a little familiarity with managing betting. But once the hand took, the heats prove more than exciting.

The game unfortunately does not offer a progressive or fixed prize pool, but by making the “bonus” episodes It is possible to increase the volatility of the machine And therefore the amount of payments. You will certainly not win every lap, but by catching the free spin sessions, the collections will live up to your more rosy expectations.

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Since this page is mainly dedicated to high roller, it is taken for granted that readers are interested in the slots that I propose on the pits above. Why should they? Because the top players are not limited to betting on a single game, but in rotation they place episodes on different machines To try to catch the right algorithm, a bit like surfers with the waves.

I therefore recommend to patrol the corresponding reviews: at the top you will find the links that will give you access to my analyzes and a little preliminary info on the various games. As you can see, they were made by well -known developers and found space on Best AAMS casinos (today ADM)null As for technical characteristics, there is something for all tastes.

Frequent questions

The final contents of this Slot Ozzy Osbourne review focus on A short list of frequent questions relating to the game and commented on by myself. Based on a criterion of relevance and interest, I chose 5 from the “clump” of requests that I received in the dedicated email. The intent of this sort of faq is to shed light on some issues that can still be unclear.

✅ Which casino offer the Ozzy Osbourne slot?

The game is widespread, as it is highly appreciated by professionals. You find it for sure ON ALL YOUR GRAFFED SITS FROM INTENT PRODUCTnull Normally on the portfolio of machines present in the legal platforms, the names of the providers are indicated in clear letters. If, on the other hand, you don’t want to be late at your date with fun, go straight to the ranking of Best Ozzy Osbourne casinosnull You can create accounts on one or more platforms at your discretion.

❓ How much is the RTP% of the Ozzy Osbourne slot?

The value reported by the parent company, relating toOzzy Osbourne slot payout It is decidedly advantageous, also because we are talking about a high volatility machine. The latter type of cooker articles, in fact, usually records statistical values between 94-95%. The return rate to the player proposed by our dear Ozzy is instead 96.30%. The feedback is clearly theoretical and does not ensure winning returns, but one can only consider an excellent preliminary sign.

The Ozzy Osbourne slot offers several bonus laps?

Regarding the giri bonus su Ozzy Osbourne slot There is essentially two to mention: the free spins and the re-Spins, however very similar and sometimes offered to the player without continuity. However, the most marked section of the game is, however, the refluve of special functions that find a place within these particular heats. Between Upgrade symbols, tokens, multipliers It is an incessant stimulation. A pleasant experience also embellished with winnings that can also reach many zeros.

⭐ What are the best Ozzy Osbourne casino for top players?

Starting from the clear assumption that the machine is mainly dedicated to high roller, let’s say that you are already in the middle of the work. What is certain is that if you want to change the game after a series of games, the platform you have chosen must offer a certain assortment of slots for professionalsnull In the list of to the city of the crowds orzybatow At the beginning of the page, however I seem to have reported the best site with the Ozzy Osbourne slot for the top players. Consult it!

Who produced the Ozzy Osbourne online slot?

Ozzy Osbourne Slot real money is equipped with a Software Netent, of course of the homonymous provider. The developer logo appears clearly as an intro to the game, also in the demo. Needless to list the prizes won by the brand during its twenty years of sector. If you are reading this page you will already be aware of its prestige and certain of an international reliability guaranteed also by Collaborations with responsible gaming promotion bodies come Begambleaware.

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