Slot Street Fighter 2 review – A dip in the nineties

Do you want to go back in time? With this review Slot Street Fighter 2 you will be catapulted instantly in the afternoons of youth spent with friends with the perhaps most popular video game ever. The machine, superb in my opinion, perfectly resumes all its stylistic criteria and The retro charm of the low definition.

Graphics, fighting and sound effects are here, however, combined with a 5×5 coil grid that They give winnings with the “Cluster Pays” systemnull Therefore, no payline, but only groups of paying symbols, starting from 4 boxes piled together. Lots of additional and free spin bonuses with high winnings enrich the exciting gameplay.

Street Fighter 2
200$ + 100 free giri
Terms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
Slot 4.67/5
slot Street Fighter 2
Rollers and payment line 5 rolls, cluster peers
Slot payout 96.06%
Type of winning Fixed
Software NetEnt
Top slot casino
Slot simili The Mask, Top Gun
Bonus slot 200$ + 100 free giri
Release date Maggio 2020
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The navigation bar at the top lists, but does not run out, the topic and data shared in this review Street Fighter 2. As you can see, in the next paragraphs you will also find The trial version of the game to train properly. The first step is to know the gameplay, then there is time to study game dynamics and functions well.

It is no coincidence that the blocking of content dedicated to the regulation is the most full -bodied (and interesting) hub of the review. Considering the innovative system of winnings and the unusual type of game bonus I think it is also definitely necessary. The in -depth study also contemplates precious suggestions on Top sites that offer the machine and on the mobile app to choose.

Best sites for street fighter 2 slot 2023

  1. Netbet (the top for street fIghter 2 slot)
  2. Unibet (hIstorIcal partner of the netten for slot machInes)
  3. 888casino (dedIcated platform for slot machInes wIth jackpot)
  4. Snai (vast assortment of classIc slot machInes)
  5. Leovec (promo InterestIng for slot))
  6. Starcare (excellent platform for medIum payout of slot machInes)
  7. Admiralbet (casIno wIth safe slots and tested regularly)
  8. Sisal (the best androId androId slot app)

Top Casino Street Fighter 2 with real money: ranking

The Software House Netent had already announced the design of a slot Dedicated to the famous Capcom Arcade video gamenull The Italian players who grew up in the eighties and nineties were therefore fervent waiting for this title. They were not disappointed by Street Fighter 2 Slot at the time of his launch to the public in 2020.

Given the great “hype” that had been created before its distribution, Gambling sites made false cards to have itnull Therefore, many platforms have taken the game, in most cases it was a casino already partner of the Netten. The availability of the machine is therefore not a problem, if anything it becomes difficult (given the range of options) to choose the right operator.

Below are the best street fighter 2 casinos with real money from 2023:

netent casino bonusFree SpinGamesPayoutAssessmentSafe link
200$ + 100 free giri100200+ 97.55%
4.90 ★ are 5
www.netbet.usTerms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
500$ on the first deposit50200+ 97.70%
4.80 ★ are 5
www.unibet.usTerms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
500$ on the first deposit 88100+ 98.20%
4.75 ★ are 5
www.888casino.usTerms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
1.000$ + 10 $ Without deposit N/a 150+ 96.35%
4.70 ★ are 5
www.snai.usTerms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
1.000$ on the first deposit 225200+ 98.40%
4.65 ★ are 5
www.leovegas.usTerms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.

Equipped with the usual patience and a lot of passion I have thoroughly analyzed the gaming houses they offer on their Street Fighter 2 portfolio in addition to Best online slotnull With my checks I also compared the services of the individual sites on important issues such as those concerning the safety of payments, user data protection and assistance.

The bonus factor is another element that has had much importance in determining the ranking. The positioning in the ranking examined the sum offered by the various allybraters but also the compatibility of the promo with Street Fighter 2 slots and the contribution rate. It should be noted that the machines almost always They make 100% contribution to Playthrough!

Street Fighter 2 free slot: here’s how to train you

On most casino sites highlighted on previous lists and rankings, The demo of the game is also very often foundnull The test version is present next to that with real money and it is easy to use, unless (as sometimes it happens) it is necessary to access the platform selected from time to time.

In summary, some operators require a user profile and a log-in to be able to use Street Fighter 2 free slots. To remedy this inconvenience I offer you the trial directly belownull I suggest to everyone, regardless of the level of experience, to use the machine with fake money, even just to understand if you like the play rules or not.

Gioca subito

Street Fighter 2 free slot does not differ from a single comma from the authentic model that is available on Italian casino Aams (today ADM). We will see shortly that The game is full of special functions, high winning symbols, game bonus and much more. All these features recur punctually also on the demo with virtual credit.

The unsigned (but evident) purpose of the Netten is to allow the player to acclimatize with the gameplay and above all to make him live a realistic experiencenull For this reason, the system that generates random results is also regulated so as not to do not pay out of turn -up winnings. Street Fighter 2 will make you want to go up Netbet to bet sonant money.

Street Fighter 2: the overview of the game

The clamor aroused by the exit of Street Fighter 2 Slot real money was more than justified by the game. The graphic reproduction of the immortal video game to which it is inspired is perfect, as well as unchanged the background, the characters and the sound effects remained. All attributes that are combined with a 5×5 structure and with the “Cluster Pays” innovative winning system.

The groupings of symbols can bring some very high payments also on the main game, while bonus rounds and special sessions allow the collections to rise even more, with a pinch of luck. The machine also offers very large episode limits and therefore easily adapts to beginners and professionals.

The interface maintains the usual characteristics prepared by the software house. Usability in first place, clarity of the icons that represent the tools, wealth of tools to customize bets and make the game sessions more pleasant. I point out in this area The possibility of operating fast and automatic turns And to set the space on the keyboard as a spin button.

Winning symbols and theoretical payout rate

The return to the player communicated by Netent did not surprise me particularly, but I didn’t expect more from a medium-high volatility slot machine. The value of the Street Fighter 2 Slot Payout, marked on the game card, is fixed at 96.06%, while all volatility is partially modular depending on the wrestler you choose before starting the game.

This means that the algorithm has been scheduled to offer random results always different from character to characternull Honestly I found this an original way to replicate the difference in characteristics between the fighters, much more evident in the video game. On the other hand, when they group in clusters they have the same importance in terms of payments paid.

  • vIntage top graphIcs
  • sIstema cluster pays
  • free spIn
  • large lImIted lImIts
  • wIld functIons
  • vIncIta multIplIer
  • No jackpot
  • rtp can be Improved

In fact, the high winning symbols are distinguished only between “Victory” and “Defeat” boxes. In the first case, these are the icons that portray the winning faces of all the characters present in the gameplay; In the second case, their “defeats” and swelling versions. “Victory” symbols offer payments that range from $ 150 to $ 9,000, the “Defeat” move in a range between $ 75 and $ 6,000.

Street Fighter 2 Slot real money does not promise prize pool because it does not have a progressive jackpot, but as we have seen in a normal spin, with a cluster of 16 identical figures can assign high winnings already on the standard game. The Bet Range is incredibly large: the amateur can point even $ 0.20, the professional without hesitation too 700 $ per lap.

The unique characteristics of the machine

At the beginning of the game you will be required to choose, as in the official video game, your character. Find the wrestlers in beautiful posts aligned on the screen. Below a legend indicates from the left to the right “low winnings” or “high winnings”, in a gradation of volatility associated with the various fightersnull By choosing lower payments, these will happen more often, of course.

The struggle is obviously simulated. Whenever a winning combo occurs one of the two characters, it lashes a shot on the roller grid destroying the clusters and assigning the winnings anywaynull Above, in the meantime, an indicator reports the energies of the two fighters according to the “Victory” or “Defeat” symbols that appeared on the groupings of Caselle.

At the end of the race, if you have winning the “Beat The Boss” Free Spin are operated. If you are losing, you are still paying homage to the “Car Smash Bonus Game”. The “beat the boss” is structured in 4 levels with several 2x multipliers to 10xnull During this heat it is also possible to perform lateral bets using the “Insert Coin” function.

The “car smash bonus game” session replies that of the video game and allows you to accumulate sums that The episode range from 5 to 15 timesnull Returning to the standard laps, on the other hand, the Cossal 2×2 boxes (which act as mini-cluster) and the “Wild” calculator must be reported. The latter, when filled, allows the character to activate his special function and to add random grilled “Wild”.

Mobile version: a judgment

Despite the Arcade graphics and the deliberately retro look, Street Fighter 2 technology is adequate for modernity. If you open the game directly from your mobile device, whether it is tablet or smartphone nothing changes, the coil grid will automatically adapt to the screennull It is a 2020 slot, therefore it is logical that responives are also available.

For excess of zeal I chose to test it on various devices. Mainly I used it on device with common operating systems such as iOS and Android, updates set up to recent versions. All these checks have given favorable results regarding the smoothness of the game (no freeze or bug) and the location of the interface tools.

Below you will find the best mobile Street Fighter 2 mobile casino:

100% on the first deposit 1.050$ Bonus + 5 $ FREE
  • top natIve app
  • mobIle slot assortment
  • Bonus on on-the-go games
Terms and conditions are applied. Click on “Go to the site” to find out more about the bonus.

I must admit that the performance of the various casinos on mobile are now quite similar at a qualitative level. When the allylibrators understood the trendy and the future line of the Gambling, huge resources were invested in the development of dedicated software and platforms to the on-the-go sector. However, some names have done better than others.

And now I’ll explain to you what, in my opinion, the app mobile Sisal overcomes the competition. We are talking about an operator who was among the first to spend to innovate the portable gambling, as well as perhaps the first ever to develop some native software to play slotsnull These are still present and increasingly listed for medium quality and general assortment of machines.

Conclusion and more info

I am absolutely certain that this Slot Street Fighter 2 review will have touched the strings of many of you, nostalgic of the days spent fighting virtually with your friends. The machine in this sense is exemplary because the graphics are perfectly identical to that of the Arcade video game, as well as presentation and sound.

But loyalty to the past is not enough: to it are added bonus game of all kinds, Multipliers, “Wild” counts, colossal symbolsnull The slot is also noteworthy because it allows you to set volatility at will and for a very large episode regime, which opens the doors to professionals as to beginners.

Developed by:
Play on:
William Hill
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Play on:
Developed by:
Play on:

In addition to presenting you an inimitable game, in this review I want to propose three very valid alternatives in the catalog on Best Italian gaming housesnull On the pits above you will find the names of the machines, the developers who made them and The link to my evaluationnull Reading the insights you will see that these are varied articles for characteristics.

In addition to being produced by different software house and presenting completely dissimilar graphics from each other, these slots offer a sample of Quite different gameplay for functions and bonusesnull Knowing the activity of the Gambler I already know that many of you, intrigued, will try to bet on it with great satisfaction.

Frequent questions

The latest paragraphs of this Slot Street Fighter 2 review are dedicated to frequent questions that refer to the game analyzednull I believe that this FAQ section is necessary and very useful to definitively clarify every detail of the article in coils. For further clarifications, however, I stay available and able at my dedicated mail address.

✅ Where can I play at the Street Fighter 2 slot?

The success of the machine was already biased given the honors reserved in the nineties to the video game from which it was born. Here because It is easy to find it around on Italian legal platforms: it is in great demand! To find top lifts you can still use my ranking relating to Best Street Fighter 2 casinos, the result of in -depth inspections carried out on local gaming houses.

❓ How much is the RTP% of the Street Fighter 2 slot?

The return rate to the player is not statistically very relevant but is part of the average, as orbit around 96%null On the other hand, volatility is manageable and modifiable according to the choice of the various characters. Ultimately I want to emphasize that the statistics relating to Street Fighter 2 slot payout It shows a theoretical RTP and therefore should not be taken as a fundamental parameter that ensures winnings.

The Slot Street Fighter 2 offers a good number of bonuses?

The car gameplay is very lively and fit perfectly by brush with the arcade video game from which it draws inspiration. There are two giri bonus su Street Fighter 2 slotnull The first is the “beat the boss” that manifests itself in the free spin organized in 4 levels and operates if the player beats the antagonist wrestler. In the event that it comes against defeated The “Car Smash Bonus Game” is automatically operatednull On the gameplay there are also special functions such as the moves of the 4×4 colossal fighters and symbols.

⭐ What are the best Street Fighter 2 casinos for High Roller?

The primary data is that the game already allows its episode with very high amounts, which already says it long on the casinos they host it. However, professionals suggest a further verification: try to understand if the slot catalog offers many articles with jackpot or With Bet Range suitable for your expectationsnull These are important strengths that I have not coincidentally highlighted in the list of Best Slot Street Fighter 2 sites.

Which provider made the Street Fighter 2 online slot?

The car mounts an excellent as standard Software Netent Developers’ work under the homonymous software house of the same name. Their brand already appears from the presentation screen, but the quality of the gameplay is further proof of this. The dominant position that the provider occupies in the checkerboard of world gambling, for 20 years and passes, is not at all. Further credentials are the certifications obtained by enti come Malta Gaming Authority e Gambling Commission UK.

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