Slot The Wolf’s Bane Slot Review – The Lenice of the werewolf

Do they passionate about horror stories? Then do not miss this review Slot The Wolf’s Bane dedicated to the legendary stories on the werewolves, fearsome full moon creatures. The graphic theme is created precisely. The atmosphere is spectral and well accompanied by A high voltage sound complete with ululates at regular intervals.

From a strictly technical point of view, the game it winds on 5 rollers and provides 10 payment lines. But in the face of this austere configuration, the gameplay is liven up by a vast repertoire of special symbols, high winning functions and unexpected bonuses. This explains well the high rate of the car of the machine, one of its main strengths.

The Wolf’s Bane
200$ + 100 free giri
Terms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
Slot 4.88/5
Slot: The Wolf’s Bane
Rollers and lines 5 rollers, 10 payment lines
Slot payout 96.87%
Type of winning Fixed
Software NetEnt
Play on
Slot simili Nightmare on Elm Street, Paranormal Activity
Bonus slot 200$ + 100 free giri
Release date October 2019
Page content:

The next paragraphs of this Slot The Wolf’s Bane review contain all the information necessary to bet with a criteria and mastery of the gameplay. A large part of the deepening is dedicated precisely to the special rules and clearly explains what they are The most convenient symbols and functions of the car.

Following There is also the trial version with fake money, so don’t be afraid if the regulation will not be immediately clear to you: you can try directly to play and without any economic risk. Further tools at your disposal here are the ranking of top operators who offer The Wolf’s Bane Slot and their cataloging for specific characteristics.

Best sites for The Wolf’s Bane Slot 2023

  1. Netbet (best casIno for the wolf’s bane slot)
  2. Unibet (the rIght choIce for fans of netent slot)
  3. 888casino (casIno wIth the most InterestIng jackpot slots)
  4. Snai (the mobIle app for slot to choose)
  5. Leovec (top casIno for promotIons compatIble wIth slots)

Ranking of the top casino The Wolf’s Bane with real money

As for the spread of the slot on Italian sites there is a wide choice between different platforms. In this review But I chose only the best From a rather large rose of gaming rooms with articles of the Software House Netent in the catalog. To restrict the field clearly I had to make quality checks.

Meanwhile, to avoid misunderstandings, I want to clarify that all operators are legally recognized by the customs agency and monopolies. But certifications aside, the brands in the table at the bottom have distinguished themselves for a high profile service regarding Games, security protocols, performance of mobile apps.

Here are the best casino The Wolf’s Bane with real money from 2023:

netent casino bonusFree SpinGamesPayoutAssessmentSafe link
200$ + 100 free giri100200+ 97.55%
4.90 ★ are 5
www.netbet.usTerms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
500$ on the first deposit50200+ 97.70%
4.80 ★ are 5
www.unibet.usTerms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
500$ on the first deposit 88100+ 98.20%
4.75 ★ are 5
www.888casino.usTerms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
1.000$ + 10 $ Without deposit N/a 150+ 96.35%
4.70 ★ are 5
www.snai.usTerms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
1.000$ on the first deposit 225200+ 98.40%
4.65 ★ are 5
www.leovegas.usTerms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.

From the table I added, you will notice several data on operators. Among them stand out The return rate to the average player of the games And the various welcome promotions, clearly reported in the left side of the box. Speaking of bonuses, know that these have had a decisive weight for the processing of the ranking.

In fact, among the first places found the operators who have developed a Welcome package with the best conditions of unlocking. However, it being understood that all these tributes are perfectly compatible with The Wolf’s Bane Slot and with the rest of the slot online in the proposal. I will tell you more: in most cases the machines offer un contributo al playthrough del 100%.

The Wolf’s Bane Slot Free: the demo in detail

Netent has also created a trial of this article, probably to entice those who do not know him to try it even with real money. It is no coincidence that the simulation of the official gameplay it is absolutely faithful to the truthnull I who know both can assure: the only difference that is found lies in the free credit of the demo.

I tested the game in person and I saw that there is not No blocking of the main bonus function and those that are proposed during the free spin. On the other hand, on The Wolf’s Bane Slot, the algorithm also paid with a credible rhythm of winning and others that ended with nothing done. In conclusion, the trial version is a precise preview of the game with real money.

Gioca subito

The possibility of using a practically unlimited credit puts you in a position to experience all the betting techniques you want. Just a refresh of the page to regenerate the Bankroll. Surely many of you will also square very high episodes and in fact it is good to see how the algorithm behaves with the top players.

Clearly the test sessions on The Wolf’s Bane Slot will not last long. As soon as you have acquired the right familiarity to face real matches, you will go to the official sites, ready to start with Adrenaline Money Sessions Sessionsnull I recommend the choice of the casino: go to one of the tops already recommended or directly on the best, or Netbet.

The Wolf’s Bane Slot: Discovering the Machine

The Wolf’s Bane Slot True Money is a casino article published in 2019 by the Netten Software House. The game is structured in 5 coils e 10 pre -established payment lines And it shows a graphic theme of clear horror declination. Mannari wolves are the most recurring figures on the rollers, opposed to different antagonists.

The left atmosphere is well highlighted by the dark colors of the interface, obviously tending to black pesto. The night scenario with fog and haze and a disturbing sound do the rest. But these characteristics do not divert attention from the range of random bonuses at all, high winning symbols, heat with free shots and other special prizes provided for in the regulation.

The Wolf’s Bane slot is a more than successful machine and has nothing to envy to vampire or the like competing items, features from successful thriller films. The configuration of the available tools is updated to the latest standard protocol of the provider. The episode level selector is missing, while Quick Spin and automatic laps are guaranteed.

Payment table and RTP rate

The most amazing data of this slot is the return rate to the player. According to the provider’s technical data sheet, the value The Wolf’s Bane Slot Payout is very high: Berri Al Cat. 87%null It is also to be believed because all the games that end up on the Italian casino circuit AAMS (today ADM) are regularly controlled by international caliber testing agencies.

Added that the percentage of RTP exceeds every best hope, we now see how to get the payments that justify this statistical data. We leave to analyze the paytable from the boxes to high win, as always. The figure that offers the maximum in payments is the man with the brace: Beccate 5 boxes in a payline and $ 250 are yours.

  • bonus functIons
  • specIal wIld
  • free spIn
  • rtp top Thevel
  • excelThent bet range
  • excellent graphIcs
  • Jackpot absent
  • complex regulatIon

The woman with her hands arrived and the red handkerchief in the head defends herself well (not only from the werewolves) with $ 150 of maximum sum paid out of 5 equal figures. They close the man with the baded and the other woman with the sail bottle, both stopped at a maximum of $ 100. Although outside the Paytable Standard, the “Wild” symbol However, he manages to earn you up to $ 250.

The Wolf’s Bane Slot is a product for everyone but that certainly adapts better to the players with experience. The rules can appear a little complex to beginners, but on the other hand the Bet Range satisfies anyone: the minimum episode is 0.10 $, the maximum one does not go beyond $ 100null However, there is no jackpot to make matches even more attractive.

How to accumulate winnings: bonuses and special heat

The high -winning symbols, which I listed in the previous paragraph, certainly play a role in the provision of important payments in the standard laps. But it cannot be denying that the most voluminous collections, with figures in the order of hundreds of euros, are carried out on the slot in the two bonuses who make up the skeleton of the regulation.

The first of them is called “Pick and Click” and occurs during the main shots through 3 “bonus” symbols. These can only be displayed in rollers 1, 3 and 5 with a frequency of non -high truth. The player is required to choose one by clicking on it. Each symbol contains a tokens. The amount varies from 5x to 50x the episode.

Paradoxically, it happens more often to come across free laps, operated by the full moon boxes. With 3 of them there are 10 free shots, but they can arrive up to a maximum of 50 with 5 moons distributed on the coils. Before leaving with the session, the player must stop a selector who defines the “feature” to be activated for free spin.

Free games can happen with “Wild Standard” but there are also other options: ”Expanding Wild”, “X2 Multiplier Wild” e “Spreading Wild”null The opportunities to accumulate payments with several zeros are absolutely lacking. Usually with maximum fully fully fulfilled episode, tens of thousands of euros can be obtained during the free spin.

Mobile version: the Mini Machine

The world is whis ban away from the soer of the souls. It is very practiced by mobile usersnull Italian players love to bet on the game especially from portable devices. In this, the machine in fact follows a general trend that sees the gambling from PC Desktop in decline. However, the quality of the responsive adaptation is undoubted, given the wide use that the Gambler make it.

Judging from my tests, in fact, they don’t have all wrong. I launched the game on different devices that I normally use for this type of check. The results were excellent: no problem of access to the machine and its functions. No bugs or interruptions. The games go smoothly like oil both on iOS and Android devices, regardless of the used operator app.

Below is the best Mobile Casino Title Slot:

100% on the first deposit 1.000$ Bonus + 10 $ FREE
  • mobIle compatIble bonuses
  • sIngle machIne catalog
  • app browser e natIve
Terms and conditions are applied. Click on “Go to the site” to find out more about the bonus.

I am pleased to know that, in recent years, all the allybraons of a certain commercial caliber have implemented platforms dedicated to on-the-go gambling. The average quality of the proposed software is now very high and in several cases there is also the presence of native applications to download in support of that usable by browser.

A case above all is what I promptly reported in the box above, represented by Snai Mobile Appnull This undisputed quality must be combined with equally positive characteristics, such as the wealth of choice regarding optimized slot machines. Something to add then on the promotions provided by the Italian operator? Yes, that they are all Available also by playing on iOS and Android devices.

Conclusion and more info

With the Slot The Wolf’s Bane review I went back to talking about horror -themed games, however bringing up one of the most complete articles made by Netenh recently. In previous paragraphs we have seen together the characteristics of A very versatile product suitable for any player, also of different experience and financial resources.

I really liked the bonuses that are offered. The free spin heat is structured in 4 possible sessions characterized by different “feature”, while the “pick and click” on the main game is immediate e It can bring up to $ 5,000 to the cashier in a flash. A slot that can be defined as “precious” in summary also due to a not indifferent aesthetic impact: animations and sound are top level.

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Play on:
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Play on:
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Play on:

Novizi players always suggest not to become too attached to a single slot machine. It is clear: each of us has a favorite game on which he bets most often. But it is not the case to pretend to win on one machine, also because the probability calculation says that It is more convenient to change to spot the winning hand.

In the pits I give you a taste of what you can find out there on the portfolio dei Best AAMS casinos (today ADM)null It is 3 very different slots also for technical characteristics, year of launch, bonus game, graphics and feasible winnings. An heterogeneous glimpse to make you understand how composite the current scratch scenario is in USA. You can really find everything around. Take a look at the individual reviews!

Frequent questions

Once you arrive at the end of this Slot The Wolf’s Bane review, it’s up to pay some frequent questions that you asked me through mail . I made a sorting of the most important issues. In the following paragraphs Find 5 different faq accompanied by comments at the bottom of the undersigned. Don’t miss them, especially if you still have confused ideas on the machine!

✅ Where can I play the Wolf’s Bane slot?

To find the game you don’t have to go jumping. You just need to go online on the partner platforms of the provider Netent. You usually find it easily there, also because it is An article launched on the market recently and therefore still fully in vogue. If you want to shorten the times and do not miss in long searches, shake the page to the first paragraphs of this review and consult the mirror where I show the ranking of Best Casino The Wolf’s Banenull The ranking is reliable.

❓ How much is the RTP% of the Wolf’s Bane slot?

We certainly talk about the technical data relating to the slot that most impresses (positively) the players looking for news. We immediately hurry the practice ”The Wolf’s Bane slot payout” reporting A superb rate that touches 97% And which reduces the margin of the house to just over 3%. Although these are a statistics that refers to theoretical (and not guaranteed) winnings, it still signals a more magnanimous RNG algorithm than the norm. The value is certified by external control bodies. In this case the check is made by ecograpp.

The slot The Wolf’s Bane does bonus laps?

I giri bonus su The Wolf’s Bane slot They are basically two. The “pick and click” heat, which affects the standard game, and the free spins, operated by the symbols of the full moon during the main matches. The first special function requires the player to choose a box to get A multiplier ranging from 5x to 50x, while free shots can characterize each other in different areas each based on a particular type of “Wild” figures.

⭐ What are the best The Wolf’s Bane casino?

Consider that every legal platform, with the same security, shows specific qualities to differentiate themselves from the competition. There are Best sites for slot bonuses, others that promote a wider catalog or more performing mobile app. I have well described the situation in the paragraph dedicated to the list of Fpepal of the world the world band’s.null Not only the recommended gambling names, but also their strengths. I suggest choosing according to your urgencies and compatibility with the unique attributes reported.

Who developed the online slot The Wolf’s Bane?

To know the architect of this small horror masterpiece, moreover already widely mentioned during this review, just launch the instant player also of the demo version. The logo of the Software Netent And this will sweep all your doubts away. Many of you will know well the company fame of the Swedish brand, given that occupies a dominant position on the market Already for a full twenty years. Numerous international successes and games that made the history of the provider. On the reliability of his articles therefore, really nothing to object.

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