The best casinos in USA: Guide to offers and top sites

Safe online casinos are the favorite destination of many American Gambling players.Read this guide to discover i Best online casino in USA, which offer interesting quality casino and bonuses. + + +

The best online casino in USA of 2023

Casino bonus Vote
Casino 777 100% up to USD 777 4.95 100% welcome bonus up to USD 1111 5.00
7 Melons USD 300 welcome bonus 4.90

The best 3 online casino sites for American players

  1. Casino 777 (top of American online casino site for welcome bonus and live games)
  2. (best casino site in USA for quality games with free turns)
  3. 7 Melons (among the best online casino sites in USA for customer service)

The top online casino sites in USA of 2023

Casino site Welcome bonus Games mobile live Casino vote Safe link
100% up to USD 777 96 96 N.D.
4.95 ★ out of 5
100% up to USD 1111 Welcome bonus 521 521 43
5.00 ★ out of 5
USD 300 Welcome bonus 61 61 N.D.
4.90 ★ out of 5
USD 300 + 200 free spin 65 63 N.D.
4.85 ★ out of 5

To make sure that you can fully enjoy the gaming experience, we only listed i American legal casino online casino, which can boast verified games and licenses attributed by the “intercantonal supervisory authority on cash games” (Jesus). We also secured that these online casino in USA owned valid SSL certificates, to guarantee the privacy of your personal data and money transfers.

Evaluating an online casino is not simple, but we will guide you with pleasure in this process. To summarize, the choice must be taken based on certain criteria. To begin with, you must assure you that the casino you have chosen has all the licenses and security certificates requested. Those who play from USA must check whether the particular “online casino Schweiz” (to tell the German) chosen to return under the aegis of the Comlot. In addition, you should make sure that the site has a valid SSL certificate, a guarantee of transactions safety.

What is the best American online casino?

⭐ Best online casino in USA
Best American Bonus casino Casino 777
Casino with the highest payout in USA 7 Melons
Best casino games in USA
Best American Slot site Casino 777
Best Roulette casino in USA 7 Melons
♦ ️ Best American Blackjack casino
Best mobile casino app in USA Casino 777

After checking the security, you can move on to the choice of games. Simply, you should take a quick look at the catalog to be sure you have one List of Games Wide enough from which to draw. Also make sure that your American online casino is mobile-friendly, so that you can play wherever you find yourself, if you like.

Last, but not least, you should evaluate the bonus factor. Being able to count on convenient promotions, with which to improve your gaming experience and your bankroll, badly doesn’t. To save you time, we already have controlled and compared All American online casinos available, to return only the best online casinos in USA.

We only selected the Americancasino in which playing is absolutely safenull We are talking about sites with a sufficient number of payment methods to deposit and withdraw. In a nutshell, the American online casino recommended by us have everything you need to satisfy the experience of any player.

You can click on the “Visit the site” button and open a new account. If you need more details before deciding, stay on this page and continue reading. We will deal with all the most important topics on the game industry in USA, and we will do our best to resolve your doubts. We hope that all these details can guide you in the comparison among the best online casinos in USA, paying attention to truly important elements.

How to choose the top online casino in USA

To choose the best online casino sites in USA, we took into account a series of important criterianull First of all, the portfolio of the games, which in the legal American online casinos must be large and varied; In addition, a good operator must offer the possibility of playing from Mobile and, why not, to live casino games. Finally, not to be underestimated the presence of attractive bonuses and various payment methods to choose from.

As in the Best online casinos in USA, even in online casinos in USA, registering is very easy. To open a gaming account, you need to enter a few personal data and make the first deposit. After that, you can start play real money, taking advantage of bonuses and promotions and leafing through the games portfolio on the operator’s website you have chosen.

Also in USA the rules on the online game are very stringent and aimed at protecting the population bands most at risk. Precisely for this reason it is necessary, in the registration phase, provide an identity document Valid, which attests to the major age of the player.

List of games and panoramic

According to American Gambling laws, the licensed online casino sites can offer Video slot and many RNG games Like Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Video Poker. If you are a fan of the live casino, you have probably noticed that, at the moment, many of the operators that we recommend do not offer games with live dealers. We expect casino777 to launch its live casino games soon, but in the meantime you can enjoy everything else.

To summarize, here is the complete list of Types of games that you can find online in USA:

  • Slot
  • games wIth jackpot
  • rouThette
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • vIdeo poker
  • games wIth dealer lIve

Do you want to play with real dealers?

The popularity of Games with dealer live has exploded in recent years. The reason? Enjoy the experience of a real casino, but without leaving the house. Often requested by the players, Live Gaming is a must for the best online casinos in USA, and our recommended operators work hard to satisfy their customers.

As we have already said, however, not all American online casinos today have one Live platform availablenull Despite this, our recommended operators should launch their live casino section in the near future. In the meantime, if you want to try the fate in the available games, try ours recommended American online casino, to find what is most for you.

Types of casino apps: how do we evaluate them?

Considering the frenzy that characterizes modern life, it is not surprising that i mobile casino have become the future of online game. In general, the best American online casino sites offer mobile-friendly platforms, but not everyone guarantees optimal quality. For Choose the right casino app, you should consider these criteria:

  • safety
  • compatIbIlIty wIth Ios and androId
  • varIety of games
  • payment mETHods
  • InterfaccIa user-frIendly
  • settIngs and functIons
  • customer care
  • system requIrements

For your convenience, we have already checked our American online casino sites to make sure that their mobile apps were of high quality. Even if not all the game rooms we have told you about offer you native apps, you should still be able to play with your mobile browser. To facilitate the choice, we also selected ours Top Mobile Casino in USA:

Best mobile casino
100% up to USD 777
* 18+. Only new American players.
Casino vote 4.85/5
Bonus 100% up to USD 777
games 130+
Mobile 94+
Live 33+
Software Netent, Playtech
⚖ linguis license 516-008-01 della American Federal Gaming Board
Anno 2019

Visit the website The best bonus for American players of 777

Before continuing, we have to deal with some differences between the mobile game and the desktop game. To begin with, as you may have noticed, sometimes online casinos offer less games on the mobile platform than the desktop version. Unfortunately, since some games are not optimized for mobile, they will not be therefore accessible from the casino appnull Despite this, the software developers work hard to update the oldest titles, making them compatible with mobile devices.

Note, then, how the best online casinos in USA can also offer Exclusive mobile bonus, while trying to minimize the differences between mobile and desktop platforms. In case of technical difficulties, you can always the Customer Service of the American online casino casino you have chosen.

Online casino and bonus: how to get promotions

There is no doubt: one of the main advantages of American online casino sites is the opportunity to exploit excellent promotionsnull It starts with the welcome bonus, dedicated to attracting new players on the sites. The account opening promotions usually offer generous bonuses, linked to the sum of your first deposit. However, do not forget that the welcome bonus is an exclusive redemption once only and that unfortunately the American online casinos without deposit are very few.

Do you want to explore your options? here is the Best American American casino bonus at the moment:

The best online casino bonus in USA
Casino Welcome bonus Playthrough No deposit bonus Safe link
Casino 777 100% where is the Shafah 30X N.D. Visit the website

We must remind you that all online casino bonus They are linked to terms and conditions that we advise you to read. In a nutshell, almost all promotions of virtual operators provide specific episode requirements, which you will have to respect in order to withdraw the winnings. Usually you will be asked to play the bonus, or the deposit itself, a certain number of times.

You will have a time of time available: if you cannot comply with the requirements, the remaining bonuses and the connected winnings will be canceled. Therefore, sometimes I’m better lower episode requirements, rather than richest bonuses. Try to always understand if you are able to respect the legal American online casino playful player, before redeeming a bonus. Especially if you are beginner, better to go to simpler promotions to redeem.

The best payment methods for American players

American players can choose from numerous safe payment methods. Even if the safe online casinos that we present on this page currently do not support PayPal, you can still deposit and withdraw Through Visa, Mastercard, Paysafecard and many others.

Remember that regardless of the payment method you choose, the important thing is that the American online casino chosen by you is in possession of a valid license and the SSL certificate. For your convenience, we have listed the various here Payment methods available in USA:

  • vIsa
  • Mastercard
  • post -fInance
  • twInt
  • Paysafecard
  • skrIll
  • netelTher

Our advice is to use debit or credit cards, such as Visa and Mastercard. They are easy to use and deposits are accredited immediately. Both payment methods also support withdrawals, even if the timing can reach up to 5 working days. Paying by debit and credit card, however, gives you the right to claim the deposit bonus.

Different speech for electronic wallets, which do not always give this guarantee. However, we remind you to check that the American online casino chosen has one valid license and a SSL certificate, before making any transaction. In any case, we have prepared for you the most important information on our best American online casino and on the accepted payment methods:

Visa online casino for American players
Casino Visa deposits Visa withdrawals Other methods Safe link
Casino 777 Yup Yup MasterCard, bonifico bancario, Paysafecard Visit the website

Legal gambling in USA

online casino Lawful
Sports betting Lawful
Poker online link
Bingo online link
online lottery link

To date, in USA they are legal Both the Earth’s game and the online gamenull It should be noted, however, that following a new Gambling law, which entered into force on 1 July 2019, players can no longer access foreign casino sites. However, they can play on some American legal casino online casinos.

The Gambling industry is regulated byIntercantonal Supervisory Authority on cash games, also responsible for licenses and Supervision of American online casinonull In practice, authority is the American equivalent of our customs and monopolies agency.

As you can see from the table, USA has legalized a large number of activities of Gambling. In addition to online casinos, in fact, sports betting, online poker, online bingo and online lotteries are authorized. The situation is very reminiscent of the Italian one, even if the legalization of the online game has arrived several years earlier. For more information on the subject, you can refer to these paragraphs:

The current legal situation

The terrestrial gambling has been legal in USA since 1993, when the country has given the green light to Limited episode casino gamesnull Seven years later, in 2000, USA promulgated the “Federal Law on cash games”, allowing unlimited game in casinos. The same games were divided into two categories: luck and skill games. Initially, in casinos you could only play at the first.

Currently, in USA there are 19 casinos and 11 racecourse. As mentioned, all Gambling activities in USA are regulated by the intercantonal supervisory authority on cash games and the federal commission of gaming houses. The minimum age to play is 18 years old: At the entrance of the casino, employees must check identity documents to verify the age of the players.

The interesting thing is that until July 2019 in USA you could not play online, before one was promulgated New Gambling lawnull In the past, the players exploited the fact that the online game was not officially illegal, thus accessing numerous American offshore American online casinos open to residents in USA. Logically, the situation raised several concerns, primarily on the safety of American players and the possibility that they developed dependence.

Therefore, the government proposed a new law, according to which the residents could have played online without breaking any law, as long as they had done it only on American sites. As a result, all American online casinos should have obtained a license and pay taxes in the country. In addition, they should have equipped themselves with prevention measures against game addiction and part of their profits would have been used to contribute to American welfare.

Citizens had the opportunity to vote on 10 June 2018: the new game law in USA was approved and entered into force in January 2019. The Block of foreign casino sites He began in July 2019 and, currently, players can only have access to the best American online casinos. The government has also published a blacklist of all foreign online casinos already blocked. The list is constantly updated.

The responsible game in USA

As we have already seen, the Gambling topic comes treated with the utmost seriousness in USA. All American online casino sites are obliged to undertake specific protection measures against the risk of ludopathy. The laws contain clauses that protect minors, to whom the game is precluded. All potential casino sites must also develop social protection measures, reporting annual results to the authorities.

Furthermore, before guaranteeing a license, the Jespa evaluates how much a product can create addiction and, when necessary, requires Additional protective measures to the operators. All players with compulsive gambling can special entities such as CarePlay, which can provide help and support.

Alternatively, players can select one of the s provided by Jespa, to whom to in case of problems. We remind you that the American authorities can only control online casinos with a American license and for this We advise against playing on offshore sitesnull Remember to always play responsibly and ask for help when necessary.

The history of Gambling in USA

USA is mainly famous for its splendid landscapes, for its exquisite chocolate, for its neutrality and for its excellent banking system. However, the country also has a long tradition linked to the game. It all started in 1921, when the USA prohibited all form of gamblingnull Ban remained active until 1993, when a new law entered into force.

Despite this, the law did not completely remove the prohibitions, limiting itself to allowing the game in casinos within reduced limits. For many American, however, this was an opportunity to visit the New terrestrial casinos.

Seven years later, USA decided that the time had come for a more radical change, and in April 2012 he implemented the Federal law on luck and casino games, removing the limits on Gambling. According to American laws, the games are divided into two categories: Fortune Games and Games. For further details, you can consult the table below.

The history of Gambling in USA
Data Event
1921 USA prohibits any form of gambling
1993 The new law allows the game in casino, within certain limits
April 2000 The federal law on luck and casino games removes the limits
2004 The Lottery Society of American -speaking USA E Americanlos if UNISCONO A Euromillions
2006 The American Lottery and Betting Board (Comlot, today Jesus) was born
June 2018 Citizens vote for a new online Gambling law, which is approved
January 2019 The new Gambling law enters into force
July 2019 The American government begins to block foreign Gambling sites

Speaking of online Gambling, American players were used to accessing foreign casino sites, even if technically they could not. In 2018, however, the country decided to change the cards on the table by introducing a new law, to allow Gambling online on American online casino sites. From September 2019, players they can no longer access offshore operators.

Famous resort casino

As we have already said, in USA there are 19 Casino and 11 Hippodromenull A wide choice that can disorient players, undecided on which structure to choose. In general, in USA there is at least half a dozen casino that stand out.

Everyone offers a lot of games, excellent services and lots of fun, but if you are in the largest city in USA, then the Zurich casino is the right place to try the fate. In the context of anElegant architecture and a sophisticated interior design, you can choose between 284 slot machines and 21 gaming tables, including blackjack, roulette, Banco Punto, Baccarat and Ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker.

Slot machines are open from 11 to 4 in the morning, while board games from 14 and up to 2 pm. If you need a break, you can eat something at the Save restaurant, or sip a drink at the Blue Bar. The casino di Zurich also organizes Gambling themed evenings, open and all players. In order to have access to the casino, you must have at least 18 years old and show a valid identity document.

Linus Loeliger, the American pokerist

The most famous American player

Although USA is not particularly famous for its Gambler, it boasts several excellent poker players. Linus Loeliger, better known with the nickname that he uses on PokerStars, that is, Linusllove, is one of them. Born on January 4, 1995, Loeliger became one of the young Most promising online poker players in the world.

According to our sources, he played more than 150,000 hands on PokerStars, winning over $ 1.4 millionnull In addition, he challenged some of the most famous professional poker players such as Otb_redbaron. Linus Loeliger’s career in online poker began in 2013 and is dotted with crazy results.

Over the years, the American player has also started playing live poker, participating in various tournamentsnull He is not the only American professional player, of course, but he is the most successful and the best known ever in the circuit.

Conclusions: the best safe online casinos in USA

As we have been able to ascertain, the Gambing Online is legal in USA: Just play it in the safe and license online casinos. Although they can no longer access offshore operators, players can still try many games in online casinos in USA. For convenience, we have cataloged those who are the Top American casino sites: You can be sure that you will have fun here.

To choose theoperator more suitable for you, however, we advise you to carefully evaluate which casino site meets your player needs most.

The FAQs on American casinos

Have you been able to learn everything there is to know about online gambling in USA? We have tried to include All essential information And many curiosities. Despite this, if you still have doubts, we are pleased to solve them, answering the most frequent questions about the game industry in USA.

What are the best American online casinos?

Choose the best American online casino depends on preferences of each playernull However, to make sure that you can play in a safe environment, we have selected ours Best American online casinosnull The operators recommended by us offer generous bonuses and a lot of games to browse.

✔️ Is Gambling Legal in USA online casinos?

Yes the Gambling is legal in USAnull You can currently visit numerous terrestrial casinos, and choose between hundreds of slot machines and dozens of board games. Also the American online casino sites They are perfectly legal: to have access, however, the law requires players to be resident in USA and are at least 18 years old.

Are American legal online casino compatible with mobile devices?

Our recommended American online casinos offer one working platform workingnull Available for both Android and iOS devices, mobile apps guarantee easy navigation and excellent gaming experience. You can discover more on the subject in our section dedicated to Best online casino apps in USA.

Which games can I find in the online casinos safe in USA?

The top American casino sites offer some of Most beautiful online casino games Absolutely. You can play slots, including the most famous titles, but also to many board games. In some cases you can also find games with high quality live dealers. But say Types of games There are many fun and engaging and engaging.

Are there American online casino without deposit?

All American online casinos offer Bonus generous casinonull Usually, these offers are dedicated to new players and can only be redeemed once. Take a look at Best American online casino offers To find out if there are also offers that do not include an initial deposit.

125% up to 500$ on the first deposit
Terms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
As far as 500$ + 300 free spin
Terms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
1st deposit up to 1.000$ + 10 $ Without deposit
Terms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
1st deposit up to 1.000$ + 10 $ per deposit
Terms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
1st deposit up to 1.000$ + 225 Free spin
Terms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
100% up to 500$ on the first deposit
Terms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
As far as 300$ 3 bonus package
Terms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
100 free spin + cashback 200$ + 200 free spin
Terms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
Triple Welcome Bonus Casino 20 $ immediately + 1000 $ + 200 free spin to verification
Terms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.
Bonus up to 500$ Welcome offer
Terms and conditions apply. For more information and details on the bonuses, click on “Visit the site”.