Omaha poker: how (and where) is played, rules and points

Have you ever heard of poker Omaha? No? Let it tell you by one who hangs out all the variants: You don’t know what you lost. In this study, you will discover the rules of the game, the points, the best sites that offer the Omaha and much more. + + +

The best online Omaha Poker sites with real money

  1. 888poker (Top poker site omaha in USA)
  2. Snai (Best Hamaha Poker App online)
  3. Admiralbet (Events of Omaha Poker Exclusive online)
  4. Digital game (Ideal for free Omaha poker)
  5. eurobet (Top payment methods for poker)
  6. Bwin (Poker Customer Service Number 1 in USA)

Top siti poker Omaha online in Italia

Sito Poker Omaha Assessment AAMS license
888poker 5.00 15014
Snai 4.90 15215
Admiralbet 4.80 15096
Digital game 4.75 15028
eurobet 4.70 15016
Bwin 4.70 15026
Sito Poker Omaha Bonus Tournaments Strengths ⭐ Evaluation ✅ SAFE LINK
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1.050$ + 5$ PC + 2$ mobile 3
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  • ItalIan company
4.90 ★ are 5
1.000$ 4
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  • punctual customer care
4.80 ★ are 5
600$ + 25$ ticket per spin 3
  • top per sIt& go
  • poker room low rolTher
  • Ideale per paypal
4.75 ★ are 5
1.000$ 2
  • layout eccelThente
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  • ottIma app poker omaha
4.70 ★ are 5
300$ 3
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  • Ideal for amateurs
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4.70 ★ are 5

Of course, all the game rooms where you can have fun with the online Omaha poker are In possession of a regular game license, issued byCustoms Agency and Monopoli (ex Aams)null I took into consideration only legal operators, for your tranquility and safety: avoid platforms without license, because you would run large risks.

Having made this necessary premise, I announce that in this OMAHA poker guide online I will take care to explain how to play, including points and hands, but also to show you, as done for The best legal online casinos, where to find this variant of the Texas Hold’em and how to try it for free. And it is precisely from the scores I want to start.

Omaha Poker: Hand scores

I immediately give you good news, especially if you already know Texas Hold’em: The value of the hands is the samenull This means that the strongest point is the royal scale, while the weakest is the simple high card. In the middle, a series of nuances that I present to you in this summary mirror.

Score in Omaha poker Image Explanation
Royal flush Ten, Jack, woman, king and ace, all cards of the same seed.
Color scale Five consecutive cards of the same seed, except the combination from ten to ace.
POKER A hand consisting of four equal cards a passed off.
Full A hand formed by a trio and a couple.
Color Five cards of the same seed, but which do not form a staircase.
Scala Five consecutive cards, but not of the same seed.
Tris A hand made up of three equal cards and two other passengers.
Double copy A hand made up of two couples, a passed off card.
Couple A hand made up of two equal cards, three passed off.
Highest paper A hand consisting of five passed, non -consecutive cards, not of the same seed.

As in any variant of poker, the Omaha poker scores also reflect the difficulty of obtaining a certain combination of cardsnull Translated: the higher the value of one hand, the less the probability of being able to form that type of point will be less. And now, let’s move on to some strategic advice.

Omaha strategy: useful tips

In the Omha, strategy and planning make the difference. We are talking about a Game of skill with luck elements: This means that your choices will influence the outcome of one hand in an important way. This is why I thought of giving you some basic strategic advice, just to have a general setting.

  • Play Omaha Poker online with the right cards in the omha, there are two very strong starting types of hands: couples and so-called rundown, i.e. four consecutive or in any case very close cards (such as a-k-q-10 or 8-7-5-4). hands are to be avoided that contain 3 cards equal or of very distant value with each other.
  • Fold without remorse low points unlike what happens in other games, such as in texas hold’em, in the omha it is quite easy to have points such as high couples or double couples. for this reason, falling in love with it is deleterious, because there is high probability that the opponents have stronger hands.
  • Playing Omaha poker aggressively even in poker omaha the watchword is only one: aggression. when you have a strong hand, you don’t have to fear of aiming and relaunching. in fact, the least experienced players often fall into the error of chasing the points or relying on not so solid hands: therefore, often they will pay large episodes.
  • Attention to projects since in the omnha it is played with four cards, it happens very often that we have scale or color projects that then materialize. but this also applies to opponents! so be careful of any better stairs or colors of yours: you may lose a lot of chips.

Omaha poker: basic rules for playing

Omaha poker is played with a deck of 52 cards, without joker. At the beginning of the hand, Each player receives four private cards And it will have to use two, together with three of the five common cards, to form the best combination of possible poker.

With so many possible combinations, the Omaha is a much more fluid and dynamic game than for example at Texas Hold’em, where there are only two private cards. The Omaha poker rules promote the action both before and after the flop (common cards): not surprisingly, among the poker variants, it is one of the most lively games.

Omaha poker: how to play

After talking about the basic rules, we get to the point: but to poker Omaha, how do you play? The trend of one hand is similar to that of Texas Hold’emnull There are basically two phases: pre-flop e post-flop, that is, before seeing the common cards and after the dealer revealed them. The goal is to win the dish, showing the best hand or making all the opponents fold.

Once this fundamental mechanism is understood, which clarifies how to play Omaha poker, the rest is pure consequence: you will decide whether to enter a pre-Flop dish, whether to get to the showdown or whether to stop at the flop, turn or the turn river, Based on the behavior of the opponents And to the value of your hand.

As I have already mentioned in the previous paragraph, in the Omha Poker online it is used A deck of American cards, free of Jolly. The cards range from two to the king, with the ace that can be worth as lower paper (to form a scale from ace to 5) or as a higher paper (i.e. of a higher value than the king).

At the beginning of the hand, the dealer (or the software, in the case of Omaha online poker) distributes the cards, one at a time, to all the players sitting at the table. It does Following the clockwise sense, that is, starting from his left. The first player to receive the cards is the Small Blind, while the last one is the player who has the dealer button in front of him.

Game phases and best hands of the Omha Poker

In this paragraph, I would like to further deepen how much I have only sketched so far, that is, the performance of a typical hand of Omaha poker. I summarized everything in Five fundamental steps, but I want to emphasize that in this variant you can get out of the plate at any time, fell your cards.

Poker Omaha Online: the game phases 

The performance of a hand of Omaha poker online in five steps.
Omaha Fasen 1
After the dealer distributed four cards to each player, one at a time, the first tour of episodes.
Omaha Fasen 2
He dealer gira him First three common cards, called flops. The players left on the plate make another turn of episodes.
Omaha Fasen 3
To three common cards It adds a fourth, called turn. Those who have not yet fled, face the third round of episodes.
Omaha Fasen 4
The dealer turns the fifth common card on the table: Now the board is completenull There is one last tour of episodes.
Omaha Fasen 5
If at least two players remained, proceed to establish who has the best hand: The winner takes home the dish.

As we have already seen, in Omaha poker the best hands are the royal scale and the color scale, extremely difficult to obtain, even playing with four private cards. It happens much more frequently, however, to be able to hit Full house, color or scale, while couples and double couples are on the agenda.

Omaha Online: the best poker rooms per category

⭐ Best OMAHA POKER site online 888poker
Best Site Omaha Poker Mobile Admiralbet
Best bonus with deposit eurobet
Best no deposit bonus Snai
A wide choice of variants Digital game
Best New Poker site Omaha Bwin

After the “how”, we try to understand the “where”. Let me explain: not all the game rooms offer the Omaha poker, and above all each has its own distinctive characteristics. For this reason, I collected below top poker room per categoria: choose according to your needs.

All the platforms I am talking about boast of youExcellent mobile version, optimized for the vast majority of devices, and above all they offer a rather large range of promotional offers, which includes bonuses with or without deposit. I’m sure you will find something for you.

I hope the table above has helped you to lighten your ideas and take a more conscious choice on Which Omaha Online site to choosenull To learn more aspects, I refer you to a series of other topics that you can jump directly by clicking on the various associated links:

The variants of OMAHA poker online

Fans of card games know: for each game, there are always at least a couple of alternative ways of interpreting it. Poker Omaha makes no difference: there are shades of the regulation that can changing the way to face the games incisively. So let’s see The most common variants of the Omhaha.

Omaha Pot Limit e Fixed Limit

Pot Limit and Fixed Limit are two versions that do not affect the Omaha poker regulation, but on way of managing the episodes: in the first case, it is possible to focus until the maximum of the dish; In the second, however, the episodes are fixed. This, in my opinion, is the best poker room to try Pot Limit and Fixed Limit:

100% up to 1.500$ + 8 $ Without deposit
  • best welcome package
  • satellIte events avaIlable
  • performIng sIte

In theory, in addition to the Omha Pot Limit there would also be the no limit version, but it is very not very widespread. Online, in particular, I never happened to find a poker room that would host this kind of variant, in which All the stack can be aimed.

Poker Omaha Hi-Lo

Another very famous variant is poker Omaha Hi-Lo, usually played in Pot Limit version. In the Omha hi-it The potential winning hands are two: the one as the highest possible (as in the classic Omha), but also the lowest one. If you are looking for a site that offers the Omaha Hi-Lo Online, I suggest you take a look at this:

300% up to 1.050$ + 5$ PC + 2$ mobile
  • marchIo made in USA
  • Poker veloce top
  • professIonal customer servIce

But what is meant by Fliese possible hand? In order for a hand to qualify for the point, it should not contain higher cards than 8, nor a couple or some more value combination, with a note: stairs and colors are not counted. If nobody has a hand that qualifies for Lo, the dish is not divided to 50% but everything goes to those who have the strongest point.


Do you prefer not to be bound to a PC platform? No problem: you can safely play Omaha poker online are smartphone to tablet, thanks to real money mobile apps or browser versions. You will be able to deposit and withdraw with the same methods that you were used to with The top casino apps for Italian players.

App Omaha bonus Operating system Judgement Safe link
1.500$ + 8 $ Without deposit iOS, Android
5.00 ★ are 5
1.050$ + 5$ PC + 2$ mobile iOS, Android
4.90 ★ are 5
1.000$ iOS, Android
4.80 ★ are 5
600$ + 25$ ticket per spin iOS, Android
4.75 ★ are 5
1.000$ iOS, Android
4.70 ★ are 5
300$ iOS, Android
4.70 ★ are 5

Omaha poker real money: all recommended payment methods

Since I mentioned them in the previous paragraph, I take this opportunity to remind you that to recharge your game account to Omaha Poker online, you can use a series of Safe and reliable payment methodsnull The same applies, of course, to withdraw the winnings – and I hope you will have many.

Where to play Omaha poker free online

This fantastic game with four private cards and five municipalities intrigue you, but don’t you want to risk? You can play Omaha poker free online in two ways: for fake money, or using the freeroll tournamentsnull In both cases, you will play for free, but in the second you can also win real prizes. I recommend this site:

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  • excellent promotIons
  • relIable app

Poker Omaha Online Live: can you play?

I would not like to create confusion in the less experienced reader, so I will clearly say it: the Omaha online poker live, at the moment, It is not a practicable gamenull There is no version of Omaha in Casino Poker games, that is, managed by Croupier in flesh and blood.

The discourse for the Omaha Live is different, instead very present in Italian and above all foreign terrestrial casinosnull It is not difficult to find Omaha tournaments or cash tables, especially on the occasion of Main competitive circuitsnull The live game certainly has a different, more “social” flavor, because it allows you to interact directly with the opponents. If you like real money game, but you don’t want to move from home, take a look at Best online cash game poker sites.

Omaha Poker, a crackling variant of Texas Hold’em

You like poker and you are looking for a new challenge, rich in action and twists and turns? Then OMAHA poker online is the answer to all your questions! In this deepening I told you about its rules, real money sites where to play it, its variants and the possibility of playing it even for free. Now the ball, indeed, the cards pass to you!


I ask you a last effort, before leaving you with The best online poker sites who offer the Omaha: take a look at more frequent questionsnull I am sure you will find some useful information that had escaped you, or that maybe you hadn’t fully understood.

What are the best sites of Omaha Poker by category?

I collected i Best OMAHA POKER SITES online per category to give you the opportunity to choose with greater awarenessnull Let me summarize them here:

Where to play Omaha poker online with real money?

Fortunately for fans of this variant, i Best OMAHA POKER SITES REAL MONEY They offer numerous tournaments, cash and sit and go tables on a daily basis. Not only that, these platforms also offer Welcome bonus attractive, many payment methods and a careful and quick customer care in the responses, as well as perfectly optimized mobile platforms.

⭐ What is the best strategy to play Omaha Poker?

In the Omaha poker, the winning strategy It depends on numerous factors: the type of variant, the number of players sitting at the table, the skill level of the same and so on. One thing, however, must be clear: in the Omha it is easier to close combinations of poker, therefore you will need a stronger point than the average to be able to be right than your opponents.

❓ How does the score in Omaha poker work online?

Il EMAHA score It is similar in all respects to that of Texas Hold’em: The royal scale is the strongest hand, while the weakest is the simple high card. But be careful of the Omaha Hi-Lo variant, which rewards both the best hand and the best possible hand possible, equally dividing the dish.

How do you play Omaha Pot Limit online?

The fundamental discriminant of poker Omaha Pot Limit is that in no case is it possible point more than the dishnull This rule is used to limit the volatility of a game that uses four private cards and five municipalities, thus preventing players who frequently risk their whole stack. In the Fixed Limit version, however, the amount of the episode and the relaunches is predetermined.

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