Guide to Top Sites Texas Hold’em real money: rules and strategy

Check, Bet, Call, Raise, Fold … All In! No, I’m not giving the numbers: they are the typical terms of the Texas Hold’em, The most played poker variant in the world! In this guide I will tell you about the best sites to play, but also of the rules, strategies and “tricks” to win. + + +

The best Texas Hold’em online sites with real money

  1. 888poker (Best Texas Hold’em site in USA)
  2. Snai (Top app per Texas Hold’em mobile)
  3. Admiralbet (Best for texas hold’em poker tournaments)
  4. Digital game (#1 per tornei poker Texas Hold’em)
  5. eurobet (Best Texas Hold’em variants with real money)
  6. Bwin (Many payment methods for Texas Hold’em)

Top siti poker Texas in Italia

Sito Poker Texas Hold’em Assessment AAMS license
888poker 5.00 15014
Snai 4.90 15215
Admiralbet 4.80 15096
Digital game 4.75 15028
eurobet 4.70 15016
Bwin 4.70 15026
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5.00 ★ are 5
1.050$ + 5$ PC + 2$ mobile 6
  • all ItalIan brand
  • multIproduct brand
  • many freeroll tournaments
4.90 ★ are 5
1.000$ 9
  • best fast Poker
  • excelThent desktop platform
  • fast regIstratIon
4.80 ★ are 5
600$ + 25$ ticket per spin 7
  • app user-frIendly
  • Cash game top
  • suItable for begInners
4.75 ★ are 5
1.000$ 6
  • top per hIgh roller
  • best customer servIce
  • varIous payment methods
4.70 ★ are 5
300$ 7
  • Ideal for low roller
  • compatIbIlItà Ios & androId
  • great for Omaha
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As well as Best legal online casinos, even the platforms in which you can play Texas Hold’em real money are in possession of one regular Italian game licensenull In this in -depth guide you will learn to know them better, you will discover everything they have to offer, in addition of course to the secrets of Texas Hold’em himself.

First, I will tell you about the strengths and any weak points of the Italian Texas Hold’em sites, highlighting which one could adapt better to your needsnull Not all platforms are the same: there are those who excel in one appearance and those in another.

Of course, all these speeches lose meaning, if you don’t know the rules and strategies of Texas Hold’em poker. It is for this reason that I have dedicated ample space to these topics, with specific paragraphs on cards, points and tricks (let’s call them like this) to try to beat your opponents.

Le poker room Texas Hold’em per categoria

⭐ Best Texas Hold’em site 888poker
Best Texas Hold’em Mobile site Snai
Best bonus with deposit Admiralbet
Best fast poker bonus Digital game
A wide choice of variants eurobet
Best New Texas Hold’em site Bwin

Texas Hold’em is a game with a thousand and more facets, declining in ways and even very different times. I think it is important to pay attention to the main characteristics of the platforms that host it, so that you can make a choice as informed and aware possible.

For example, there are platforms that offer incentives in the form of bonuses that require a deposit; Others who accompany their offers with no deposit proposals. Generally, they all allow you to play Texas Hold’em real mobile money, that is, through the app in online poker are smartphone e tablet.

That of online poker, and more specifically of Texas Hold’em, is a constantly evolving market: Every year the developers launch new products, to meet users’ tastes. That’s why you should always keep an eye on this page, so as not to miss any of the incoming news.

As you can see from the table above, I respected the saying “to each his own”, offering you more specific choices. Below, however, other topics related to Best Texas Hold’em sites that may interest you.

Texas Hold’em: rules for playing poker

If you’ve never played Texas Hold’em, Basic rules and principles They must be your starting point. Only a perfect understanding of the game mechanics will allow you to fully understand all the dynamics, as well as the reasons for the great success of Texas poker in USA and worldwide.

The Texas Hold’em is played with a deck of 52 cards, free of Jolly: each player receives two private cards, which can use in combination with five municipalities. There are Four laps of episodes, at the end of which, if at least two players remained in the race, the winner is established.

The purpose of the game

The purpose of the game is form the best possible hand, by beating the opponents or inducing them, via bluff, to exit the plate. To do this, you can aim or relaunch, depending on the strength of your point and what you believe are the other players.

Always remember that in Texas Hold’em You can use the cards you want: both of your more three of the municipalities, or one and four, or even do not use any private card and all five those on the table and available to each player.


As already mentioned, the Texas Hold’em cards are 52: they go From ace to the king, including 8, 9 and 10. The ace is the strongest card ever, and can be used to form low stairs (from ace to five) or high (10, jack, woman, king and ace).

How to distribute Texas Hold’em cards

At the beginning of each hand, the dealer distributes two cards to all players, one at a time and clockwise, starting with the small darkness. The darkness in poker are two, small and large, and in Texas Hold’em are the only compulsory episodes before receipt of the cards.

What are blinds in Texan poker

By the term blind poker I don’t mean Texas Hold’em real money played blindly! Blind, in fact, is the term that indicates the “darkness”, that is, a mandatory episode. It is called this because you have to pay it before seeing the initial cardsnull There are two: the small darkness (small blind) and the large darkness (big blind), with a double value.

How do the Texas Hold’em game stages develop?

I have already mentioned it in another paragraph of this guide to the best Texas Hold’em sites, but it is also worth deepening Various game phases, which are substantially five: pre-Flop, flop, turn, river and showdown. Among these, the only one who always develops and in any case is only the first. The others depend on the performance of the hand.

Texas Hold’em: the game phases

Here’s how a typical Hand of Texas Hold’em poker takes place.
Step 1
The dealer distributes Two cards to each player, clockwise starting from the small darkness. First tour of episodes.
Step 2
The dealer positions the First three common cards, commonly called flops. Second round of episodes.
Step 3
Here she is Fourth paper shot by the dealer and positioned to the right of the first. Third turn of episodes.
Step 4
In the end, Fifth and last common card, who goes to support flop and turn. Fourth and final tour of episodes.
Step 5
If two or more players are still on the plate, The cards are revealed: wins those who have the best possible combination of poker.

Episode options

After analyzing the game phases, it is time to better understand what the tools are at your disposal to win the dishes in the Texas Hold’em online real money. Check, bet, raise, call e fold They are your options. We try to get to know them a little more closely.

OPTION Name Explanation
1 Check Check is an action through which you leave the word to the next player. It is not allowed if someone has aimed before you.
2 Bet Bet means pointing, that is, invested voluntarily a portion of their chips on the plate, respecting the minimum and possibly maximum limits of the table.
3 Raise Raise means relaunching, that is, raising the stakes after someone else has aimed. This game is also subject to minimum and maximum limits.
4 Call Call means calling, that is, equalizing the episode made by another player. If none other relaunches, the call closes the action.
5 Fold By the term fold, we mean the action of a player who renounces the continuation of the hand, returning his private cards to the dealer.

The variants of Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em can be played in different variations of the episode limitsnull The most famous is certainly the no limit, but it is not the only one. There are two others, much less common: the Pot Limit and the Fixed Limit variant (often indicated only with the term limit).

OPTION Name Explanation
1 No Limit You can point any figure, even all your chips, always respecting the minimum limits of the table.
2 I can limit When making an episode, it is not possible to exceed the current size of the dish. Instead, you can aim a lower figure.
3 Fixed Limit The episodes and relaunches are fixed. They are usually of two types: Small Bet and Big Bet.

Each of these variants imposes adaptations to the Texas Hold’em poker strategy. The bluff, for example, in the fixed limit loses much of the power that can instead exercise in the no limit, where to go all-in means putting at risk not only its chips, but also those of the opponent who must call. If you love the variants of the hold’em, take a look at the Best Omaha poker sites.

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The points in Texan poker

After talking about Texas Hold’em rules and variants, we come to the heart of the speech: the points in Texan poker. There are nine, the more one that is not properly a point, the more the absence of the same. The strongest is the royal scale, while the weakest is the simple high card.

Score in Texan poker Image Explanation
Royal flush Asso, Re, Woman, Jack and ten of the same seed.
Color scale Any scale not at the anxiety of the same seed.
POKER Four equal cards, such as four jacks.
Full Three equal cards accompanied to a couple, such as three kings and two 10.
Color Five non-consecutive cards of the same seed, such as A-9-4-2 of hearts.
Scala Five consecutive cards not of the same seed, such as 7-6-5-3 of different seeds.
Tris Three equal cards, such as three 6, accompanied to two passed off cards.
Double copy Two pairs of equal cards, such as two axes and two women.
Couple Two equal cards, such as two 7, accompanied by three passed off cards.
Highest paper Five non-consecutive and not of the same seed cards, such as A-Q-9-4-2 of different seeds.

I remind you that it is not strictly necessary to have one of these Texas Hold’em combinations, to win a hand of poker: you can also conquer a dish inducing your opponents to surrendernull But we will see it in the next paragraph, dedicated to the Texas Hold’em poker strategy.

Strategia Nel Poker Texas Hold’em

The strategy is a fundamental part of Texas Hold’em poker, which unlike casino games is considered a skill game, that is, a skill gamenull The strategic approach is not univocal, on the contrary: the best players are those who know how to adapt according to the table and opponents.

  • Play Texas Hold’em real money with high couples Couples are the best starting hand possible in texas hold’em and logically, the higher and the higher the chances that are winning. usually, high couples are played by aiming and relaunching pre-flop, in the hope of enlarged the dish and not having too much competition.
  • Folding with low value cards Unless you are absolute genes of Texas Hold’em, you shouldn’t enter a plate with low -value cards, because the probability of victory are very low. Unless particular circumstances, the most correct strategy is that of foldarle pre-flop.
  • Play Texan poker aggressively Poker players know it well: aggression is, more often than not, the key to winning in Texas Hold’em. Aim and relaunch, to maintain the initiative, allows you to win in two ways: with the best hand, or by folding an opponent too shy or passive.
  • Focus on low flops Usually, the low flops are the most harmless, because players hardly help to form a strong point. That’s why placing a bet can be a good idea: in all likelihood, Your opponent will surrender, unless you already have a solid hand.

Texas Hold’em tricks: how to be more effective

If you have searched for “Texas Hold’em tricks” and you have happened on this page thinking of finding illegal ways to win, I have bad news to give you: in poker There are no shortcutsnull However, some trick from old volpone of the two cards exists. Usually you learn with experience, but I want to burn the stages.

  • Use calm in Texas Hold’em The calm is said to be the virtue of the forts, a saying that also applies perfectly in Texas Hold’em. Stay calm and focus it can make the difference between a winning and a loser session. in poker, strokes of unrelated bad luck can happen: avoiding tilt in those situations allows you to minimize losses and maximize winnings. whatever happens at the poker table, staying calm is the best thing to do and the most profitable thing.
  • Observe the opponents According to many professional poker players, their cards are not the most important thing at the table: it is much more decisive Observe the other players, try to understand what kind of hand they have, what are the intentions that are hidden behind their choices and their current mood. if you think about it, once you understand what blends in your opponent’s mind, you can act accordingly and, at that point, the content of your hand will be almost irrelevant.
  • Recognize and learn to bluff Bluff is a real art. Learn to conceal your intentions, and consequently to identify which are those of others, it is a fundamental component in texas hold’em. but be careful not to abuse it. many beginners think they have to bluff a hand yes and the other as well, without realizing that, in this way, they make themselves completely readable in the eyes of their opponents. a good bluff works only if the story he wants to tell is coherent.

Tornei poker Texas Hold’em

Among the various game modes that can be used online, Texas Hold’em poker tournaments are the most famous. A tournament includes a registration fee and a number of chips equal to all participants: the goal is eliminate opponents, therefore remaining the last of the members in possession of all the tokens.

Types of tournaments in Texan poker

Exist Various types of tournaments, each with its own distinctive characteristics. The best Texas Hold’em sites are those who have a very large range of options, so as to meet the needs of all players. Among the most common types of tournaments we mention:

  • It holds Freezut: paid for the registration cost (buy-in), the player plays until his chips ends.
  • Tornei re-entry/add-on: for a period of time, players can buy additional chips or return to the tournament after any elimination.
  • Tornei shootout: the players are divided on multiple tables, only those who manage to eliminate all the other opponents of their table advances in the tournament.
  • Satellite tournaments: these are events that make the qualifying for more prestige or cost qualifying.
  • Tornei knockout: in these tournaments, each participant has a money “size” that is won by those who eliminate it. the sizes can also be progressive: in this case, their value increases according to the number of players eliminated by the same player.
  • Turbo tournaments: they are characterized by a higher game speed, that is, the dark levels increase more frequently.
  • Tornei heads-up: one play against one, whoever wins advances to the head with the next head.
  • Tornei freeroll: they allow you to play poker texas hold’em online for free, but with real money upside down.

Poker Live

With the term live poker, they can be understood Two types of Texas Hold’em: the live game in a terrestrial casino, or the one with dealers in flesh and blood in a Poker casinonull Obviously the differences are substantial, even if we are talking about two very popular forms of poker.

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Whether you play it in a commercial exercise or in a live casino, live poker is certainly an exciting way to enjoy the Texas Hold’em, because compared to online game adds the element of sociality, allowing me to interact with the dealer and with the other players sitting at your table. If you want to play live, but without leaving the house, you can try the Caribbean Poker.

The best Texas Hold’em apps real money

Mobile technology, today, allows us to play Texas Hold’em real money wherever we are, and at any time of the day. As well as in Top Casino app for Italian players, even in the best Texas Hold’em apps you will have all the filing and withdrawal options at your disposal.

App Texas Hold’em bonus Operating system Judgement Safe link
1.500$ + 8 $ Without deposit iOS, Android
5.00 ★ are 5
1.050$ + 5$ PC + 2$ mobile iOS, Android
4.90 ★ are 5
1.000$ iOS, Android
4.80 ★ are 5
600$ + 25$ ticket per spin iOS, Android
4.75 ★ are 5
1.000$ iOS, Android
4.70 ★ are 5
300$ iOS, Android
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Texas Hold’em poker real money: all recommended payment methods

To play Texas Hold’em poker real money in USA, you will need a payment method. First of all to pay a sum to play with, and then – I hope so for you – to withdraw the winnings. Fortunately, the best Texas Hold’em sites can boast Numerous deposit and withdrawal systems.

Where to play Poker Texas Hold’Em online for free

Freeroll tournaments and Play Money modenull These are the two ways at your disposal to play Poker Texas Hold’em online for free. In the first case, we are talking about the aforementioned free events with (small) prize pool, in the second of a demo version similar to that of free online casino games.

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Brief Storia Del Texas Hold’em

It is not easy to trace a specific date for the birth of Texas Hold’em, but historians agree that this poker variant developed in Robstown, Texas (obviously), Around the beginning of the last century, and that it took a long time before imposing itself.

Until the end of the 1960s, in fact, the most popular poker variants, such as Stud e Draw pokernull Then came the World Series of Poker and the books of Doyle Brunson, which contributed to the explosion of Texas Hold’em first in the USA and then, thanks to online poker, in the rest of the world.


We have reached the end of our journey together, to discover the Best Texas Hold’em sites Where to play real money. We talked about rules, strategies, game methods, payment methods and history, and I hope that at this point you will have clearer ideas on the subject.


Before saying goodbye, I want to remind you that the Texas Hold’em is on Best online poker sites, but also recapitulate the salient points of this guide, through the more frequent questionsnull So I hope to fix the fundamental concepts in your mind.

What are the best sites of Texas Hold’em by category?

I collected for you i Best Texas Hold’em sites per category, in order to give you a more accurate and complete overview of the Features of each poker room and save you time. I find that it is very important not to waste money and resources on platforms that, in the long run, may not be right for you.

Where to play Texas Hold’Em Online with real money?

I Best Sites Texas Hold’em real money are those who, in addition to being in possession of a regular game license, allow you to choose between numerous payment methods, poker variants and game methods. In addition, these platforms boast top offers, but also promotions dedicated to the most loyal players.

What are the best apps to play Texas Hold’em?

Playing on smartphones and tablets has now become a habit for millions of players, in USA and in the world. The Best Texas Hold’em apps real money they are optimized for iOS and Android operating systems, they are easy to download and install and even easier to use, while not losing any of the characteristics of PC poker rooms.

❓ How does the score in Texan poker works?

Speak about Texas Hold’em score It is improper. In the Texas Hold’em, in fact, they exist Card combinations with a more or less high value. The best hand ever is the royal scale, that is, a sequence of cards from ace to ten all of the same seed. The worst point, however, is the simple high card.

Where to play Texas Poker free without registration?

If you want to play real money, you must necessarily create a gaming account on an Italian legal online poker platform. Here, you can play at poker Texas Hold’em online gratis, taking advantage of the so -called freeroll tournaments. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the Play Money mode, that is Play poker with fake money (but without cash prizes at stake).

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