The slots that pay the most (slot with high RTP) of 2023

When we talk about RTP slot, we refer to the metric indicating the percentage of payment of an online slot. Take a look at our list of 10 Best slots that pay the most. + + +

Top 10 online slot paying the most

  1. Blood Suckers (98%)
  2. Starburst (97.60%)
  3. Legacy of Dead (96.58%)
  4. Reactoonz (96.51%)
  5. Gonzo’s Quest (96.50%)
  6. Book of Ra (96.46%)
  7. Book of Dead (96.21%)
  8. Extra Chilli (96.15%)
  9. Dead or Alive (96.04%)
  10. Wolf Gold (96.01%)

RTP slot: the titles with the best %

Slot RTP alto Recommended casino Slot RTP % Her Free giri Slot evaluation Safe link to the casino
97.6% Space no
5.00 ★ are 5
96.58% Egypt Yup
4.95 ★ are 5
97.46% Egypt Yup
4.90 ★ are 5
96.5% Esplora­zione Yup
4.85 ★ are 5
96.51% Aliens no
4.80 ★ are 5
96.21% Egypt Yup
4.75 ★ are 5
98% Vampires Yup
4.70 ★ are 5
96.04% Far West Yup
4.65 ★ are 5
96.01% Animals Yup
4.60 ★ are 5
96.15% Mexico Yup
4.55 ★ are 5

An overview of the slots that pay the most

Slot with higher RTP Starburst
Miglior slot RTP Play’n GO Legacy of dead
Miglior slot RTP Netent Gonzo’s Quest
The slot that pays more than Pragmatic Play Wolf Gold
Slot RTP alto Big Time Gaming Extra Chilli
Slot RTP alto con free spin Book Of Ra

Finding the best slots with high RTP is not really a walk: many casinos indicate the percentage of payout, but they do not give you the option to order the games based on this parameter. Like all players, you too will have your favorite software house: NetEnt, Microgaming e Playtech They are the best known brands, but there are also other more niche studies that have churned out wonderful games.

In any case, even before thinking about the Art, it is important to play in a license with license, the only monitored and safe rooms in USA. Always check the presence of the ADM logo, before subscribing to a casino. Or, if you want to save time, choose one of the Best safe online casinos that you find reviewed on this site.

Below, you will find the online slots that pay the most and the connections relating to the casino in which the RTPs are verified and checked, and where you can take advantage of the Welcome bonus – If you have not yet opened a game account on those rooms.

As you can see, among the slots that pay the most there are titles that have made history, but also relatively new games. There is something for all tastes: games with and without free spin, with bonus functions, with progressive jackpots and with Various degrees of variance.

Of slot online They come out of newly continuously, but I try to keep our lists as updated as possiblenull I noticed the tendency of software house to propose significantly lower RTP slot, therefore our top 10 in the standings is basically the same for a long time now.

In any case, you must remind you that the RTP is not the only factor to consider when choosing an online slot. The most experienced slots players know well the detailed mechanics of the RTP slots, but they also be interested in other things, such as the variance of the game. A low variance, rather than high, can make the difference If combined with the slots that pay the most.

What is RTP and why is it important?

The percentage of returning to the player is the favorite figure by the slot players, but what exactly does it mean? If you like to hang out in terrestrial casinos, you will surely have heard of medium RTP often and Advantage of the housenull The RTP Slot Machine is a theoretical value showing which portion of the total episodes you will return to the form of winningsnull Given that The RTP is a value officially published, all slot machines must pass a series of very stringent tests, to understand if the RNG engine respects this value.

In all the reviews I have published, I have always spoken to the bottom of the percentage of return to the player of the various games, and I have always declared it in a frank way.

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RTP is the best measurement than a slot machine is potentially profitable. However, you don’t have to forget that we are talking about long -term value, which can only be measured On a large number of spinnull This means that an RTP of 98% means that for every $ 100 bet, the machine will return you 98 $ in winnings. But this can happen in a month of play or even longer. It does not mean that in a 100 $ game session you will surely win 98!

The RTP tells us, in essence, our margin of victory in a game. Since all real money slot slot They must return their portion of winnings in the long run, a higher percentage of return to the player indicates greater chances of hitting a winning combinationnull But once again, there is no guarantee: the RNG engines today are becoming more and more complex.

In order to make predictions, we would need a ton of data that we do not have. In any case, knowing the slots that pay the most is the first step to influence the luck factor and improve your chances of beating! Furthermore, even knowing how to distinguish between high variance and low variance it grants us an advantage.

What is a good level of RTP?

Ok, now you know that the higher and higher RTP slot is better: but what do we mean by “high”? As I said, they are very subjective evaluations, but as a general guideline I must say that many slot players they discard any game with an average RTP less than 94-95%. Usually, slots have a percentage of returning to the player lower than board and card games. They are more related to luck, unlike the blackjack online, famous for its highest RTP.

If you find a slot machine with RTP over 97%, don’t miss it. How can you see from our list of top slot that pay the most, so high percentages are quite rare. Often there are Other things to evaluate In choosing a slot, so I would say that from 96% upwards it is already a good compromise, if you want better graphics, more engaging bonus functions, free spin or high limits. And you must always remember that progressive jackpot slots have totally different rules.

Advantage of the VS RTP house: are there differences?

It speaks of RTP and advantage of the house in the same sentence, and you will confuse many novice casino players. We are talking about completely different numbers, but which demonstrate the same thing. Effectively, The advantage of the house is the opposite of the Art, because it shows which slice of the total episodes will be retained by the car, and therefore by the casino in the form of profit.

For example, if an RTP slot reaches 97%, it means that it will pay 97% of the episodes in winnings and that the advantage of the house is 3%, i.e. 3% of the episodes will be retained by the casino. Therefore, unlike the Art, when you evaluate the advantage of the house the least is the percentage and the betternull As a general guideline, an advantage of the house greater than 5-6% should take you an alarm bell-unless we are talking about Slot con jackpot progressivo.

Is the online slot RTP the same everywhere?

You are a player, and I know the players and I know they are always eroded by the same doubt: “Isn’t that that they are screwing me?” In online slots, the percentage of RTP is the measure of the generosity of a game. We often choose the slots based on the Artp blocked, especially in the absence of other data. If the casino passed the necessary inspections, then theRTP of all games is accuratenull The operator, in fact, in the case of falsified RTP will be punished in accordance with the law.

For developers, the speech is obviously different, talking about RTP slot. Some games come created specifically with a high RTPnull By contrast, others instead focus more on the jackpots, or they still develop slots with a rather high volatility.

Remember that while casinos are obliged to publish the RTP of the slots they have, in some cases find this data is not that simple. The casino you find on our site, however, are all fired and controlled regularly, therefore the RTP of their games has been verified and listed clearly.

siti slot online Slot Bonus Total lock Mobile slot Jackpot Casino slot vote Safe link
500$ + 20 $ FREE 519 513 63
5.00 ★ are 5 Review 888Casino
100% up to 500$ + 350 Free spin 1.045 1.045 26
4.95 ★ are 5 Digital Game Review
1.000$ + 10 $ Without deposit 812 745 151
4.90 ★ are 5 Snai Review
300$ 3 bonus package 100 160 0
4.85 ★ are 5 Review Betway
1.000$ + 225 Free spin 599 603 13
4.80 ★ are 5 Levegas review
500$ on the first deposit 415 419 5
4.75 ★ are 5 Only every review
200$ on the first deposit 1.473 1.438 41
4.70 ★ are 5 Review
200$ + 100 free giri 115 81 8
4.65 ★ are 5 Netbet
200$ + 200 free spin 1.597 1.570 81
4.60 ★ are 5 Starcasino review
1.015$ + 30 free spin 237 208 77
4.55 ★ are 5 Eurobet review

As you can see from the table above, Free bonuses and laps are not lacking certainly. Among other things, in each of the operators reported above the slot that pays the most is usually highlighted among the recommended. There is no doubt about one thing: the reliability of the games and sites mentioned.

Among other things, in almost all the top ten brands you can find, in addition to the slots that pay the most, also the Best online roulette is and siti in online poker more interesting. It goes without saying that these games have also been approved by the competent bodies And they are constantly monitored to guarantee a protected and safe game environment.

The other characteristics of the slots

To concretely evaluate a slot, there is a need for a amount of data that can only be collected after hundreds if not thousands of spinnull That’s why you can use a deposit bonus to test, without risk, the online slots that pay the most. Casino professionals keep track of the winning percentages and, based on those, try to determine the volatility of the slots.

Volatility describes the results that you can expect at the end of the individual game sessions, in a much more correct way, and gives you a better idea of How to manage your Bankrollnull United with Art, the variance helps us to choose the slots that pay the most according to our needs. However, despite this the unpredictable nature of the RNG modules causes individual sessions to deviate, even a lot, from our expectations.

RTP Slot Machine with progressive jackpot: why is it so low?

If you summarily know the RTP slot topic, then you will probably have already noticed that the progressive jackpot slots have always lower RTP than the other titles. For example, Mega Molah is one of the slot progressive most famous in the world: since he was developed he has made the fortune of Hundreds of slot fans, but also boasts one of the worst RTP percentages ever. It’s not a coincidence: it’s a choice.

Progressive jackpots work as follows: a part of each episode ends up in a prize pool, whose size grows to the exciting bets. This means that a progressive slot pays less, while the accumulated jackpot goes to a single winner lucky. In terms of RTP slot, the Jackpot defines itself as “progressive contribution”: a 91% RTP slot and a progressive contribution of 5.8% will have a real RTP of 96.8%, but precisely that 5.8 % will be paid only in the form of Jackpot.

Our guides on online game

The RTP is an important metric, but in recent years the slots have become increasingly complex and refined. If you want to learn Everything you need to know On online slots, but also on other interesting topics concerning the world of online casino, then you can take a look at the contents that I propose below.

FAQ su slot RTP

I spoke of the slots with high RTP, what volatility is, bonuses and other functions of virtual machines, but the time has not yet come to greet us. I would like to conclude with a couple of more frequent questions On the topics I have dealt with, but I would also like to remind you to always keep an eye on the episode of the bonuses on the first deposit, before redeeming them.

What are the slots that pay the most?

Finding the online slots that pay the most can be problematic. That’s why I restricted the field, proposing you The best 10 high RTP slotnull As you can see yourself, you have alone spoiled for choice: From Starburst to Book of Ra, passing through Gonzo’s Quest, Reactoonz and Book of Dead, there is really for all tastes and for all budgets.

Where can I play the slots that pay the most?

When you are looking for an online casino that houses the slots that pay the most, check that it has the ADM game license, that it is safe and has many promotions. To help you, I collected i Best casino sites which are 100%legal, reliable and able to offer all the best RTP slotsnull Take a look and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Why is a high RTP slot important?

The percentage of returning to the player is one of the most important metrics related to slot machines. In fact, it shows the frequency with which the game delivers a reward and how much, on average, you can expect to win. For this reason, the greater the percentage of RTP e the least is the advantage of the house.

Where is the slot RTP?

The percentage of returning to the player is public information, which must be shown for each game. You can find it easily By clicking on the “Help” button of the game in question, where you will find this and a lot of other information. To find out more about the subject slot RTP online, read the corresponding paragraph.

A 97% RTP considered high?

Yes, an RTP slot of 97% or higher is considered a Extremely high valuenull Furthermore, if the 97% RTP is accompanied by an adequate variance, you will have even more opportunities than center a winning combinationnull There are online slots with high RTP and low variance, but also the opposite (i.e. low RTP and high variance).

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